Buhari paid 2million Euros for release of 82 Chibok girls – Report

Buhari paid 2million Euros for release of 82 Chibok girls – Report

The British broadcasting Service BBC, is said to have released a  report that the Buhari led Federal Government of Nigeria paid the sum of two million euros to Boko Haram to secure the release of the 82 school girls abducted by the Islamic terrorist group which were kidnapped in 2014 in Chibok, Borno State.

The report also disclosed that the five Boko Haram Commanders who were swapped for the girls alongside the alleged sum were specialist in bomb making.

The Federal government has, however, not denied claims that there was negotiation with the sect members for the release of the girls.

The report reads in part, “The release of the 82 girls came with a price. Five senior Boko Haram militants were moved from a high security unit to be driven to freedom. The details of the deal are sketchy.

“Our sources don’t want to be named and their version of events is hard to confirm, but they say the men were high-level Boko Haram bomb-makers, and that they were accompanied by two million euros in cash.”

Quoting one of its sources, the report said, “Paying a ransom as well as swapping prisoners was a sticking point that almost unravelled the whole deal, one source tells us. It should have happened sooner, but the president was hesitating about freeing the five – and especially about the money.”

The report further quoted the source as saying Persuading the President was “very, very difficult. It was the most difficult part of the whole negotiation. He didn’t want to pay any money. “The ransom was two million euros. Boko Haram asked for euros. They chose the suspects and they gave us the list of girls who would be freed.”



  1. Whatever it took to bring back happiness to those Nigerian families is very okay for Me, after all, in the past, a single individual pockets more than the amount and everybody,including the President, carrys on as if nothing happened! This govt has my 100% support to spend any amount, exchange anybody, to reunite the remaining girls and all other captives with their families.

  2. Each of the young innocent girl worth more than a thousand of condemned criminals in the cell. Nothing is greater than the life, even the Boko Haram personnel who take pride in suicide for a rousy thereafter still negotiate to regain life, Subhanallah (Glory be to God). Now talking about the money, if an individual is to exchange his/her life for any other materials he/she possesses, I don’t know any amount that will be too much, because without life, there will be nothing. When there is life, there is hope. €2million euro is less than what politicians wasted on campaign for comedians, if you like jokers. €2 million euros is less than what some people in power took for themselves. The happiness that followed the release of the 82 human lifes worth much more than release of the whole Boko Haram in the world. The fear being exercised by the cynics to my understanding include injustice to the enemies of humanity as well as the fear that they are being released to continue to perpetrate their evil tendencies. Rational fear I agreed, but if Nigerian security agents were capable of crushing the insurgency without collateral destruction to the innocent girls, there wouldn’t have been need for negotiation in the first instance. You cannot query who and why your father was killed, if you do not have capacity to revenge. The captured Boko Haram exchanged were already profiled, identified and for about two years in captivity might have been weakened physically and spiritually. If they have not woken up from the dream of braking or ^islamising* some part of Nigeria,(whatever that means) they may as well continue the dream till thereafter. Again, with every one Boko Haram in detention, there are hundreds outside it, continuing to wreck havoc. Otherwise who has been responsible for holding the girls in captivity while the just released commanders were in detention?
    May God grant our President quick recovery so that he can continue and complete elimination or reduction of all forms of criminality in our society, combat corruption and improve the economy. May God bless Nigeria and all the good people of Nigeria.

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