(Episode 21) The Bonny Island Massacre

Yvonne allowed the phone drop from her hand and clatter to the ground. She sat down heavily on the couch and held her head in her hands.

“Femi, why did you come to me if you didn’t really want me?“

“Why didn’t you go to Mira if you wanted her all along.  Why hurt me in this way”

The thoughts whirled in her mind like a tornado, she was too stunned to say a word, and the pain she was feeling, was indescribable.

Who did I offend, why is life dealing me blows at every turn” she thought, and then she screamed.

“Oh God, why have you forsaken me?” she cried. She flung herself on the bed and cried her heart out.

Yvonne: “Mother, if you were here, perhaps this wouldn’t feel so bad. But you are gone and I am all alone in this wicked world” she said aloud, her words reverberating off the walls of the room.

Then she thought of her impending court case, in her heart she wished that she would get the ultimate punishment, so that she would leave the world, for she was too tired to live anymore. If someone like Femi whom she thought she shared a bond with, could betray her this way, then she had no faith in humans or living.


Mathias, on his way to the airport stopped by his friend’s hospital and dropped the hair sample he had gotten from Yvonne. He told his friend that he needed to know, if he was the father of the owner of the hair sample, and he needed it expediently. From the hospital, his driver took him to the airport where he would board a plane to Port-Harcourt.

When he had seen the number that Yvonne gave him, it had taken him only a moment to realize that it was the same Femi, who was more of his mentee than a friend. He had gotten angry vibes from Yvonne when she was giving him the number, so he had gone to the internet to do his findings. He found out that the world was smaller than people thought, for the girl, whom he suspected to be his child, was engaged to his mentee, Femi. He also found out about the naked pictures and he knew he had a long talk to have with his friend, Femi.

As Mathias sat in the waiting area, he dialed Femi’s number, the latter picked up on the first ring.

Femi: “Hello sir Matt, I have been meaning to call you since I found out you are now in charge of my fiancé’s case” he said

Mathias: “Did you say fiancé?  Then what do I call the girl they call Mira?” he asked, he couldn’t control the anger in his voice, for he already felt protective towards Yvonne.

Femi: “Mira, unfortunately is my fiancé now. Sir Matt, I messed up big time. I don’t even know what is going on, this is beyond me”

Mathias: “We will have a long talk when I come, I don’t know how you are getting married to Mira because, I know even before I met Yvonne that you always loved her. You will need to fight to win her back” he admonished.

Femi: “Mira is pregnant, she says I must marry her if I want to see my child. There is no other way”

Mathias: “Pregnant?” he asked, befuddled by this new piece of information, “Well, if you went and knocked up a lady, you surely knew what you were doing, and don’t deserve Yvonne. I will see you soon, Yvonne wants her part in Coveteur sold” he said and hung up the phone. He shook his head sadly, thinking that Femi would have made a fine son-in-law, if he had not messed up.

Don’t get ahead of yourself man, You still don’t know if she is your daughter” a voice said inside of him.

“All passengers in the flight to Port-Harcourt, Boeing 746, please go to the boarding area” he heard the automated voice say over the P.A system. Mathias grabbed his duffel bag and walked to the boarding area, oblivious of a man that watched him, and spoke into a phone.


Somewhere in the Zuma rock, the seat of power, the president received a phone call. His face was grave as he pressed the receiver and put on the scrambler to remove anyone trying to listen in on the call.

President: “Is it confirmed that he is on board?” he asked and listened to the caller on the other end reply in the affirmative. The president removed his eye glasses, and rubbed his eyes wearily, it was a hard decision he was about to make, one that if found out, would not only end his presidency, but put him in front of the United Nations for crimes against humanity. But it was worth it, the end goal was worth it, or was it? He was not sure anymore.

President: “The operation is a go” he said and hung up immediately.

In another part of Zuma rock, a top security comptroller relayed a message to his agents, he said “Operation is a go, proceed as planned and leave no evidence”

Yvonne was listening to the news on television; these days she stayed glued to the television, hoping that by providence they would tell her that the real culprit had been found. Of course her news was on television, it was all anyone talked about these days. She also heard that the ruling party was in disarray as they were trying to run another primaries to get a candidate for the forth coming elections.

Truly, whoever planned this, did it at the nick of time. The person hit them where it hurt the most” She thought, and clenched her fists when she thought of the person who had destroyed her own life to achieve their sinister goals. Who could be so wicked, to use my birthday party as an arena for political tug of war? She pondered, her mind had already gone away from the news she was watching, to the events that had ruined her life, and broken all her dreams.

Yvonne: “Life sha, vanity upon vanity. All my degrees, money, cars, wardrobe is not going to save me from the executioner’s guillotine, or even follow me to the life beyond. Chai!” she soliloquized as a single drop of tear dropped from her eyes.

She quickly whisked it away, she had promised herself that she wouldn’t cry anymore, it was past time for crying, it was time to set her house in order. She thought of the stocks of Coveteur that she was going to sell, it would bring her nothing less than 300 million naira, Coveteur was that big. Yvonne also knew what she wanted to be done, she had already discussed with Mathias that part would raise up a foundation that would fight for innocent victims of the justice system, and part would go into building a shopping mall, with state-of-the art equipments, that would be sold for free to women, as a way of alleviating poverty and empowering women.  She hoped that God would have mercy on her and allow her into heaven.

The mention of Mathias’ name pulled her from her musings, her eyes moved to the television, where a plane crash was being announced as breaking news. She stood up abruptly as she listened. They were saying that the Boeing 746 flying from Abuja to Port-Harcourt had crashed. The names on the manifest were being read and Mathias’ was among the names.

Yvonne: “No! no, no, this is not true. Who did I offend oh” she cried, pulling her hairs out, it was like she had gone mad. Mathias was the only friend she had, since she was charged for the Bonny Island massacre, and now he was gone. She wailed so loud that even heaven wept with her, as it began to rain outside.

It was a gloomy day in Nigeria, as the 100 passengers flying to Port-Harcourt were declared dead, with no survivors.


Mira sat down in a couch and held her head in her arms. What her father’s documents had revealed, chilled her to the bones; it had given life a whole new perspective. How was it possible that her father could do this? It was his child for God sake! Was she to be grateful that he had chosen her. What kind of man would take his own child to the orphanage home, just because he didn’t have the means to cater for twins.

She raised her head and looked out into space, her twin brother was somewhere in the world, and she was going to look for him. First she would start from the orphanage home where her father had taken him to. She wondered if she would ever see her twin brother again, and if she did, what he would be like.

Question: So Mira has a brother somewhere, who could it be, could it be someone in her life? Also, what would the DNA test reveal, would Mathias turn out to be Yvonne’s father? Is he really dead? So many questions, what do you think?

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  1. GdAM ALC&Fs,

    I really have enjoyed the twists in this story depicting the many unforseen cases in the real world.

    Femii sure

    Happy week!


  2. By share miracle Mathias will be a life. Mira twin brother is Femi period, next episode please

  3. Mathias didnt board dat plane and yes femi is mira’s twin brother…..mira get ready to wear d same shoe dat yvonne is wearing rite nw bt of course urs wil be worse…gudmornin ALF

  4. The Lord is good ooooo.They want to silence mathaias but he will manage to survive for Yvonne and femi is Mira twin brother shame shame to them.femi is not a strong will person he does not deserve Yvonne at all

  5. Hmmmm ooooooooohahahahahahaha almighty Mira guess who your twinny is”FEMI”, he feels disgust by you. Mathias either dint climb the plane or something but he is fine and kicking. Good morning Adelove and family

  6. Mira being a desperado won’t take you anywhere, you just slept with your twins and planning to marry him.
    Mattias wasn’t in the plane, he had running stomach

  7. Femi Is Mira’s brother, Yvonne is Mathias Daughter, and Mathias did not die because he didn’t bord the flight again because of the Man that was listening to his call.

  8. Hmmm, this is interesting, I am sure that mattias won’t be dead and come to think of it I was thinking that Femi might be mira’s twin brother pls I can’t wait for the remaining episodes

  9. Femi is Mira’s bro and Mira is definately not pregnant..Mathias got down frm the plane due to some reasons And is not dead

  10. Femi is mira twins brother, c life oooo….. Mathias did not board the plane… So a whole country president is beyond the massacre…. Na was o

  11. Femi is Mira’s twin brother.
    By years of practice, Mathias should be able to take care of himself.
    Yvonne is Mathias’ daughter…

  12. Wow, this is really good, femi is Mira’s twin brother, Yvonne is really Mathias daughter, Mathias must survive this plane crash oh n reunite with his daughter

  13. Femi is Mira’s brother. Mathias didn’t board the plane for some reasons and the test will prove yvonne to be his daughter.

  14. Mira’s twin brother is femi.d DNA will reveal that Yvonne is Mathias daughter n he’s not dead.i believe he did not later board d flight he meant to, kai Mira nawa for u ooooo, Yvonne, don’t worry God will fight for u

  15. FEMI is Mira’s brother,the DNA test will reveal that Mathias is the biological father of Yvonne, Mathias is not dead, I think he changed his mind from travelling

  16. From is Mira’s twin brother. I reiterate, Yvonne is definitely Mathias’s daughter. Mathias, by some stroke of fate and intuition, did not board the ill fated flight so he is alive, hale and hearty.

  17. Femi is Mira’s twin brother.
    The DNA will reveals that Yvonne is Mattias
    Mattias is still alive.

  18. Mira twin brother is Femi. dtz interesting, I can’t wait to hear ow she will feel Wen she hears dt Femi is her twin brother. d DNA will show dt Yvonne is Mathias daughter. Mathias is not dead, Dts certain as he is smart, maybe he didn’t board d plane or he survived d Plane Crash…….. d President has something up his sleeves, Wat is he up to. next episode. Gud morning Adelove.

  19. Who is a murderer now? Yvonne or the President?…the ruling party&Daisy planned the birthday mascara,that is why the presidency is involved, useless people…wolf in sheep clothing…
    Almighty Mira see your life outside, you are such a useless&good for nothing girl,lazy bone,thief,prostitute….continue to search for what is not lost,idiot,desperado, you are so desperate to have sleep with your own brother, if you have been patient enough,&support your friend along with Femi,instead of been thorn in his flesh,you would have been an hero…idiot,you did not see future yet you destroy it with your own hand,I pity you.
    Matthias, is not on board&so he is not dead…Yvonne is Matthias daughter….
    This story is replica of what happened in the corridor of power in the country, God will help us &deliver us from the hand of wicked leaders… Plane crash here&there…Capital Nonsense…. Bunch of Rubbish…

  20. Mathias changed his mind in the last minute and he didn’t board the flight, he is Yvonne father

    I said it right from beginning that Femi and Mira were sibblings

  21. mmmmmm,see twist of fate.
    Femi is Mira’s twin.
    DNA will confirm Yvonne has Mathias daughter.
    Mathias is very well alive,cos he very smart to know how it works in this kind of case.

  22. Femi and Mira are related,Mathias is not dead,Mathias is definitely Yvonne’s father and I’m sure the D.N.A will reveal that.

  23. #smiling , this epi really got me smiling after reading it. Back to d questions now. Yes, mathias will survive d plane crash,thou may sustain sm injuries or even he isn’t on board somehow self and abt d DNA,it will reveal yvonne has d daughter he has long abandoned. Also femi is mira’s twin bro,no much on that.

  24. Femi is Mira twin brother…. Am sure Mathias is not dead and he is Yvonne father….Morning to you all and Adelove and crew have a blessed week ahead

  25. Let it nt b wat am tinking o,dat Mira & Femi are twins. Yvonne is mathias daughter. Mathias is wel & hearty. As 4 d president let me reserve my words……..

  26. Matias is vry much alive he missed his plan. Femi is mira’s twin brother dat serves her right. D result wll come out positive.

  27. Femi is Mira’s twin, Mathias is alive n the DNA will reveal that Yvonne is his child. Life is indeed a twist.

  28. hmmmmmm!!! Mira see what you have caused for self because femi is your brother, I don,t think Mathias boarded the plane

  29. Femi and Mira are twins. Am not sure Matthais was on that flight. As for the DNA, it will confirm Matthais’ suspicion.

  30. Femi is Mira twin brother,Mathias is not dead i tink he change his flight, DNA will reveal that Yvonne is Mathias daughter

  31. Femi nd Mira are twins, hnnnmmm…. What a coincidence! I don’t believe that Mathias was on that plane, Somehow, Mathias is still alive.

  32. Hahaha.. l no fit talk.. the most wanted bachelor Femi is definitely a twin brother to the desperate Mira….. The DNA test will reveal that Yvonne is Mathias daughter…. Mathias is not dead… God will see you you true Yvonne..

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