(Episode 4) A Dish Best Served Cold

(Episode 4) A Dish Best Served Cold

Brume went through the pictures and laughed.

“Look how real it looks…there’s no way anyone will not believe that she actually had sex with the guy. Now, I have enough reason to get her out of my life. This will suffice. I need to make the anger real.” He thought to himself.

He steeled himself in front of a mirror, then dialed Sabine’s line. It was switched off. He shrugged and went on WhatsApp. He copied about three pictures that really showed Sabine’s face during the sexual act and sent it to Sabine on WhatsApp with a message,

“so this is what you do when am not around. You have become a whore for any Dick and Harry, right? I don’t blame you. I have not been gone for a year and here you are with men. Whether you are shooting a porn video or something I don’t know or care but if I ever see you around me, or anybody related to me, what I will do to you, you will regret ever knowing me. Harlot!”

He read it again and again then, satisfied, he sent it.


Sabine went to her phone after PHCN took power and put it on. Immediately it came on, she tried Brume’s number. It rang and rang but he did not pick. She was worried now.

“why is he not picking his calls? I hope he is okay o?” she thought to herself.

She tried his line one more time and he picked.

Sabine: “Hello boo, I have been trying to reach you for some days now. What is going on?” she asked, her voice filled with worry.

Brume: “I sent you a message on WhatsApp.” He replied coldly and ended the call.

Sabine quickly put on data and opened her WhatsApp application. Messages came in with constant beeps but she ignored the flood and clicked on Brume’s message. She read it quietly then looked at the pictures. She dialed his number again. He picked.

Sabine: “will you let me explain?” she asked quietly.

Brume: “there’s nothing to explain. Continue with your fun. Please don’t call me again if you don’t want trouble.” He ended the call.

Sabine’s heart beat hard in her chest. It felt like it was going to pull out of her chest. She held her hand to her chest and silently her heart broke. There was silence and then, a piercing scream filled the night. A scream that carried pain and sorrow; fear and horror in its arms and flew out. No tears came this time; she had wrung her tear ducts dry when she wept for her rape, now her heart bled but there was no tear. She sat on the floor, numb all over. No thoughts, no movement, just a still monument to love shattered in the wind of circumstances.


The next day, Jessica called on Sabine. She knocked again and again but no response. As she turned to go, she heard the scrape of slippered feet on the concrete floor, and stopped. The door opened with a click and she saw the pain ravaged face of Sabine peering at her from her doorway. She walked close to her,

Jessica: “Sabine! What happened to you?” she exclaimed, shock written all over her face.

Sabine smiled and opened the door for her to go in. Jessica entered the room and Sabine shut the door quietly. The room was neatly arranged but it was stifling hot and dark.

Jessica: “open the window na. are you not hot? Its dark here o.” she complained.

Sabine put on the fan and went to the bed to seat. Jessica stared at her with her mouth open

Jessica: “Are you sick? i have not heard from you since the party. Boss asked about you several times today. Your line has been switched off. I came here to check up on you and your neighbour told me a weird story of somebody dropping you off at night. What happened?”

Sabine: “I obviously got bored watching you and Mr. Femi kiss and cuddle on the dance floor and decided to get my own groove on.” She replied sadly. Her eyes glittering in the dark.

Jessica: “you! Went out with a man? What happened to Brume and the love you professed for him?” she asked, surprised.

Sabine: “obviously am a slut. What would you expect a slut to do?” she replied quietly.

Jessica: “I don’t understand. This is not the Sabine I know. What happened? I know you will not do something like that.” She replied, resolute.

Sabine: “well, maybe you can explain this for me because I certainly can’t.” She replied, throwing her phone to Jessica.

Jessica saw the pictures and gasped in shock then she read the message.

Jessica: “Jesus! No…no…this is wrong. This is very wrong. What were you thinking?”

Sabine looked at Jessica quietly. She got up from her bed and went to the door. She opened it and turned to look at Jessica.

Sabine: “tell Boss anything that comes to your mind when you see him. I never want to see you again. You invited me to the party, you are the reason I am in this place. I will never forgive you for destroying my life. Please leave.” She said, her face blank of all emotion.

Jessica opened her mouth to speak, she looked at Sabine’s eyes and realized that the girl in front of her was in too much pain to listen. She got up.

Jessica: “if you change your mind, you know where to find me.” She whispered, her voice shaking with the effort to speak.

She cleared her throat and walked out of the house.



Sabine walked into the hospital and told the nurse she was here to see a doctor, preferably a female doctor. The nurse put her through all the formalities of getting a card and registering with the hospital. Once that was done, she fixed an appointment for her for the next day. Sabine nodded and left the hospital. At the door to the hospital, she saw the hospital ambulance speed into the hospital. The vehicle stopped abruptly and orderlies scuttled out of the ambulance carrying a stretcher with a man on it. Sabine looked at the bleeding man without any emotion. The man was moaning in obvious pain. As they passed by her, the man’s eyes opened and saw her. For that instant, the man’s eyes cleared and she felt as if he recognized her. The man stared at her until the pain clouded his eyes over and he passed out.

She walked to one of the orderlies getting out of the ambulance.

Sabine: “What happened sir, to that man?” she asked, curious as to the man’s weird look.

Orderly: “It was an accident. He and another girl. The girl died on the spot. All these young men, they think they are made of iron. Even if he survives, I doubt if he will ever walk again not to talk of drive….” The man said.

Sabine turned back to look at the entrance of the hospital.

The man had acted like he knew her or maybe she reminded him of someone, possibly his girlfriend? Maybe it is my imagination sha.” She thought to herself as the man talked on and on.

She thanked the man and walked on.


Jessica tried to reach Femi to no avail. She was in panic mode now.

“this was not what I agreed to. I did agree to this! God! Who will believe me? N200,000 was too much money; I should have been suspicious of his intentions. If I tell Sabine what I know, I might end up in jail for this o. The idiot is nowhere to be found sef. God! See me o….what do I do now? Well what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I will have to keep what I know to myself. God please forgive me.” She thought herself, wringing her fingers.

The doctor walked into the room, smiling.

Doctor: “congratulation Miss Jessica, you are one month pregnant.”

Jessica fainted immediately; the doctor called for the nurse as he rushed towards her.

Question: Between Femi and Brume, who is the guiltier party? Will Femi accept Jessica’s pregnancy as his?

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  1. Femi will never accept the pregnancy, for whatever reason. Jessica didn’t know Femi”s plan otherwise she wouldn’t have agreed to take Sabine to the party, so i think Femi should be blamed more.

  2. Brume is a bastard if he doesn’t want a relationship again he should’ve told her sheet will heal from the pain with time he has gone too far Democratic will not accept the pregnancy he didn’t plan for it

    • Both of them are guilty but what I know is that nothing is hidden underneath the sun Brume will regret at the end

  3. Poor girl she was a pawn in a dirty game
    The thunder that will fire that her ex will be specially invented….

  4. Dey r both guiltier jere. I think femi will b more bad since he still kept d pics wit him to strike wen he needed money. U gat ur reward jessi, I guessed femi will either agree or tell u to abort it bt I know he knew he is d father.

  5. Brume is guiltier as the architect of evil plan, Jessica should live with the fruit of her betrayal, safe delivery girl.

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