(Episode 5) A Dish Best Served Cold

(Episode 5) A Dish Best Served Cold

Sabine came back to the hospital the next day. She met with the doctor in her office. The doctor was a motherly looking woman with wisps of gray hair showing among the others.

Doctor: “what can I do for you, child?” she asked with curiosity.

Sabine: “I want an abortion.” She said without mincing words.

Doctor: “dear why would you want that? Did the father reject the pregnancy as his? Or is it something else?” she asked, peering at Sabine from above glasses.

Sabine; “the spawn in my womb was not gotten from an act of love, doctor.”

Doctor: “even so, do you think it right to kill a child before it has been given the opportunity to live and prove his or herself?”

Sabine: “I have done abortions for lesser reasons than this. If I can pull out a seed because the father said so, why can’t I do the same because it is the spawn of a rape?” she asked bitterly.

The doctor stared at Sabine sadly.

“such a pretty girl…so much pain, so much bitterness. Where did all the joy go?” the doctor thought to herself.

Doctor: “well, you never know this could be the child that would make your life perfect. He or she could be the star with which you will be able to find home again. Don’t throw it away.” She replied sadly.

Sabine: “doc, are you going to help me or not. I didn’t come here for a sermon. If I want that I will go to a church.” She answered back hotly.

Doctor: “am sorry I can’t. I am not convinced that being raped is enough reason to kill a child. Everyone deserves the right to live; the right to prove themselves. Don’t deny this unborn child that.”

Sabine hissed, got up and walked out of the office. As she walked towards the waiting room, she observed that different curious glances were being thrown her way. She looked at the nurses looking at her curiously. As she got to the door, her phone rang. It was her mom.

Sabine: “Mummy, good afternoon.”

Mrs Ogbonna: “this girl, do you want to kill me? We gave you everything, everything! How can you bring such disgrace to your family? You have destroyed your father’s political career. What is your problem? Was it money? What!” her mother’s angry tirade drowned the conversation going around her.

Sabine: “mummy, why are you shouting? What did I do?” She asked, curiously.

Mrs Ogbonna: “you are asking me questions abi? The news of your sexcapades is all over the place. If you know what is good for you, don’t come to the house after that your NYSC. Your father will just kill you. Stupid ingrate.” Her mother ended the call.

A cold hand had gripped Sabine’s spine when she heard ‘sexcapades’. She put her hand to her head to steady herself, then she walked forward. Some women looked at her as she walked past.  A woman with a cast on her leg looked at her with disgust,

Woman: “some girls no get shame o. Dem no dey hide dey do again. Dem go snap pinshure join. Dis world go soon end o.” the woman hissed.
Sabine turned and saw everyone staring at her. The doctor she had just left was out of her office and staring at her in a strange way. She bent her head for a moment and turned back to meet the doctor.

Sabine: “the pictures are on the Internet?” she asked calmly.

The doctor nodded her head, unable to speak.

Sabine: “can I see.” she asked, her voice shaking.

Doctor: “it’s on a news blog, adelove.com. They are known for the veracity of their news, so people are definitely going to accept it as true. Besides other news and gossip blogs are sharing it all over the place.” She spoke fast, showing Sabine the web page.

Parts of her anatomy and that of her rapist had been blocked out but her face was clear enough for all to see. She read the caption on top ‘Daughter of Abia State Political Heavy Weight and Former Commissioner of Justice caught in A Sex Romp with Lover.’ She sighed and returned the phone to the doctor.

Sabine: “they won’t know the truth, if it hit them in the face.” She said, weariness enveloping her.

Doctor: “you could correct the report. I heard Adelove.com is a reliable news blog and your story can be shared there or you could try other news media outlets out there.” She replied, with pity in her voice.

Sabine: “to what purpose ma? Will it remove this evil seed growing within me? Will it bring me the good will of my parents? Will it change the fact that the man I had loved for most of my life had believed pictures and broken my heart?” She was screaming by the time, she got to the last statement.

The doctor stepped back at seeing the anger in her face.

“this girl is hurting. Whoever did this better be far away from her.” She thought as she stared at the fiery light in Sabine’s eyes.

Sabine’s shoulder slumped and she turned and walked away.


Sabine sat outside her room. Her phone in her hand. She was debating a decision in her head.

“Aunty Chidera was always on my case back when she was in Nigeria. Will she understand?” she thought to herself as she stared at her face on the dark screen of her phone.

“no risk, no reward. The highest thing she will say is don’t come. I will not die.” she concluded in her thoughts.

She dialled Aunt Chidera’s number.

Chidera: “hello baby girl.” Her laughing voice floated over the phone to embrace Sabine.

Sabine; “auntie am in trouble.” Her voice shook as her composure fell apart.

Chidera: “I know. I read the story.”

Sabine: “you read the story from the States?” she asked in surprise, her tears freezing.

Chidera: “yes. I love that blog, adelove.com. Their Adelove Stories is what I use to relax after a long day.” She replied, chuckling.

Sabine: “what they wrote was not what happened Auntie. That man was raping me in those pictures o. and I can’t remember anything of that night. Another thing, how did they know that my father was a former commissioner of Justice? Despite the precautions dad took to hide me.” She replied, sobs clinging to her throat.

Chidera: “never mind that. What can I help you with? Do you need me to help talk to your dad? I know my elder brother is knuckle headed o.”

Sabine: “I am pregnant ma and everyone seems to have read the story. I need a place to stay until I can decide what to do about this child growing inside me.” She replied despondently.

Chidera: “hmm…that’s no problem. After all, your dad wanted you here anyways. When are you passing out of NYSC?”

Sabine: “in two months time ma.”

Chidera: “okay, leave everything to me. I have to go, I have customers. Love you.” She said ending the call.

Sabine sat on the veranda of her room feeling elated.

“At least in the States, nobody knows me. I wonder how that blog, adelove.com, knew that i was Chief Ogbonna’s daughter? I don’t bear my given name or my father’s name o. Well time will tell.


Brume walked out of the toilet, his legs spread. He could not seat down or walk around properly. There were sores all over the tip of his penis. He sat slowly on his bed then he moved aside his boxer short. The tip of his penis was leaking mucus as he watched. He groaned in pain.

“this girl has killed me. This stupid girl has given me gonorrhoea. Fuck!”  he thought to himself as he stared at the yellowish liquid staining his boxer short.

“I never got infections from Sabine o. What rubbish is this na? if I catch that girl, I will kill her, I swear!” He thought angrily.

Question: do you think that Sabine’s decision to abort the baby is right or wrong? What are your reasons?

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      • g.mawning to u all
        its very wrong
        say no to abortion
        NOTE: happy birthday Adelove stories
        Just as u make pple happy u shal have HAPPINESS nt only on ur birthday but always,u shal be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of ur house,nd d lord shal make u drink from d river of pleasures – yours shal be a fountain of life.HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIGGER U I PRAY

  1. Well it’s wrong someone gave her life to live she should also give someone a live to live maybe that’s the only child she will ever have in her life she shouldn’t go for abortion

  2. Hmmm! It’s wrong, but how is he going to know the father of the unborn baby, Chaii, may God help her out.

  3. I wonder why someone will allow a pregnancy to occur out of rape. But, can people be this wicked? If she goes to any length to find out who’s rubbishing her and decides to deal with the person nobody will remember the shame and agony she’s going through now, all they’ll be saying is this girl is wicked.

  4. Aborting is wrong for her now cos it might be dangerous as she had done severe abortions for brume. She shud kip it. Brume good for you. This one you hv is small.

  5. I wonder why someone will allow a pregnancy to occur out of rape. But, can people be this wicked? If she goes to any length to find out who’s rubbishing her and decides to deal with the person nobody will remember the shame and agony she’s going through now, all they’ll be saying is this girl is wicked.

    • At least the causes of her dilemma have started suffering for it. I suspect the accident victim was the one who raped her and Brume is visited with gonorrhoea

  6. I think Sabine decision to abort the baby is wrong because she has done several abortions already and it might damage her womb. Abortion is a sin and it can leads to death.

  7. It good and wrong but sabrine should not abort it… It have several abortion for brume…. That good for brume …… Yur downfall is near…. What about femi and Jessica???? Hbd to adelove, age wit grace…. Go slap soldier m solid behind you…….

  8. Abortion is wrong,I strongly believe something good will come out of it.
    While all d culprits will be dealt with seriously.

  9. As much as I don’t support abortion cos is sin b4 God n humanity bt any1 in her shoe will do xame cos no one wanna have a child out of such circumstances

  10. It is wrong for her to abort the pregnancy. Let the child live she can even give it out for adoption if she cant love it

  11. Sabine is in a messy situation but i know she can come out of it as women usually do. This is the prize women pay for loving one stupid idiotic man that does not deserve to be loved.

  12. No matter what the reason might be Abortion is WRONG…
    I feel for the poor Sabine.
    I have been Away for too long and now am FULLY-BACK.


  13. She shouldn’t abort d child…..derez light @ d end of d tunnel for her… Happy birthday Adelove….. ur new age is blessed. continue flourishing.

  14. when God decides to punish man this is the outcome for brume,he thinks he can do that to Sabine after faithfully aborted 3 pregnancies and go Scot free,in your dreams bro,Sabine should just go abroad and plan for a revenge,even Jessica sef

  15. Its wrong to abort the baby, but how will she cope with someone’s seed growing inside her,someone she don’t even know.. The shame no be here o

  16. Abortion is not a solution every child has d right to life its jst a phase in her life dat wll definitely pass. She sud kip d child.

  17. Let her nt abort ds one so dt she wnt damage her womb… D child myt turn out to b a blessing to her in future

  18. I will implore her not to get rid of it,reasons are 1. She may not b able to give birth again after dis abortion.
    2. She my die during d process due to some common complications.
    3. The child may b her source of happiness in d future to come.
    4. The disgrace n shame she felt won’t go 4 nothing.
    5. Its jus her cross, so she should abide solemnly in it, afterall auntie cindara is wit her n v offer to hlp her out by coming to d state.

  19. Happy birthday adelove nd to d crews. U shall continue to grow n expand in love,sound health,long life,wealth,grace n mercy of d Lord. Thanks 4 being d epitome of inspiring pple,we kudos u all. Enjoy ur day as we alwz do wit ur stories #onelove

  20. It’s not right, aside from scriptural or moral reasons, what the doctor said is right. That child might end up being her joy

  21. Her decision is right because she didn’t even know who impregnated her but I fear she may not get another baby again

  22. Wow, Brume is reaping what he has sown, she should not abort the pregnancy because she has done some 3 abortion before and no one can tell weather this is her last child.

  23. Sabine should not abort the pregnancy, as the doc rightly said, everyone has the right to live. One cannot tell wot the child will be in future.

  24. Sabine’s decision to abort the pregnancy is wrong for any reason because of the risks involve, she may die, she may not be able to conceive again all because of useless people like Brume, Femi, Jessica etc, it does not worth it.

  25. Good for Brume, he thinks he can eat his cake and have it back… This is just the beginning, I thought he said he is missing a lot from not enjoying other women… Now we shall know who is enjoying..

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