Late actress’ baby reportedly now with her brother in the UK

Late actress' baby reportedly now with her brother in the UK

There is a report that the baby girl of late actress Moji Olaiya is now with her brother in the United Kingdom.

According to blog, Moji Olaiya’s brother Femi travelled to Canada to get the baby.

“…her brother has picked up the baby from her friend’s place in Canada since the week she was supposed to be buried according to Muslim rights but left with the baby when the burial did not hold,” a source told the blog.

It seems there is a communication gap between the family of the deceased actress and the organising committee set up to bring her remains back to the country.

Yesterday, May 23, 2017, actress Funke Adesiyan criticized celebrities she has called ‘social media mourners’ over the death of actress Moji Olaiya.

Adesiyan spoke out against certain celebrities who only mourned the death of Moji Olaiya on social media but have not contributed a kobo to her funeral arrangements.

“Life is funny. People are really not worth the trouble. The essence of being part of an association, group et al is so you can be there for one another in matters related to you all” she wrote on her Instagram yesterday, Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

The remains of Moji Olaiya will be brought back to Nigeria by top Nigerian politician Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Earlier reports stated that it would be Governor Ayo Fayose that would bear the cost but the story turned out to be false


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