We don’t know when electricity crisis will end in Nigeria – Senate

We don't know when electricity crisis will end in Nigeria – Senate

Senator Ben Murray Bruce, Senate Committee Chairman on Privatization, has given a shocking revelation on Wednesday that there was no solution to electricity crisis in Nigeria for now.

He was reacting to a motion raised by Senator Dino Melaye representing Kogi West Senatorial district over epileptic power supply and exploitative activities of some power distribution companies.

Dino explained: “Mr President, distinguished colleagues, I want to draw the attention of the Senate to the exploitative activities of some power distribution companies by over-billing the citizens for energy not consumed.”

Saddened by the unfortunate development in power industry despite huge resources government had invested, Senate Ben Bruce explained that, “there was no solution in sight,” to the epileptic supply of electricity in the country.

He also pointed that the private investors never envisaged the free fall of the nation’s local currency, a situation he said had contributed to sustained epileptic power supply.

He said apart from lacking the capacity to run power company, the investors came into the business erroneously, assuming that government would subsidize the power sector.

The DISCOs according to Bruce are “technically bankrupt” and as such cannot afford to pay for millions of meters needed for accurate billing system.

“We have a catastrophe in our hands and there will be no electricity in the current arrangement,” he said while asking that Nigeria revisits the entire privatization process.

Melaye had in his motion urged the Senate to mandate the committee on Power to look into the astronomical electricity billing by DISCOs across the country.

He also asked the Senate to urge the National Electricity Regulatory Commission to call DISCOS to stop forth with the practice of estimated billing and alive in their regulatory role of protecting electricity customers.

Chairman, Senate Committee on Power, Eyinnaya Abaribe told the senate that a report on the matter is waiting to be laid; requesting it to suspend further debate on the matter until the details of his committee findings is considered.



  1. Hopeless people that are very clueless. They should have invited the Hon minister for power and let him update the house. Now the Senate has downplay it to house committee report. With corruption at its peak, only God knows when the report. I remember the Hon Minister told us that 6 months is enough for him to solve power. So what is holding him – OLOSI, CORRUPTION.

  2. It’s the role of the Minster of power to address the public on the issue of electricity supply and not that of the senate
    It’s so unfortunate that the senate committee on power and many senators do not even know the scope of their roles
    The senate needs to focus on their role of making people oriented laws for the nation
    They should leave the roles of the executive for the appropriate ministries

  3. The Senate has over sight functions on all Federal activities, it also includes power generation, I say this
    so those who write comments would have some understanding. But the truth is the entire Senate are incompetent. They all should resign, with this incompetent administration. Steady Power is possible in Nigeria because steady power is the engine of development for small as well as big companies. Nigeria cannot develop the way it is today and in future. With the amount of stealing and corruption within the system. Nigeria is a failed contraption. I am a Biafran, in Biafra we have the know to make power steady. Long live the Republic of Biafra!!!!

  4. But these Discos are operating under the framework of the laws made by this same Senate, does it therefore not follow that if these Discos have failed, the laws under which they are operating are defective,weak,bad or even all of these? The Senate should therefore bury their empty heads in shame for not making strong enough laws that would have ensured that these business organizations deliver,at least,nobody has told Nigerians that these Discos broke any known laws of the land or if they did, why were they not sanctioned!

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