Yomi Fash-Lanso: Don’t castigate Governor Fayose for not flying Moji Olaiya corpse to Nigeria

Nollywood actor and film director, Yomi Fash-Lanso, has condemned his fellow movie stars criticizing Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State for not coming to the rescue of late actress, Moji Olaiya’s family in the bringing home of her corpse from Canada.

The actor made the condemnation via his Instagram page where he also cautioned the burial committee of the late actress some of whom have criticised Fayose, adding that the attitude of Nollywood members towards the demise of the actress should be condemned as well.

He wrote, “What is condemnable here is the entitlement attitude of the committee and perhaps of very many sympathisers which are not only regrettable but unfortunate.”

The actor further explained that actors and actresses in the country are not different from the ordinary Nigerian and therefore needed no special treatment.

He said former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu’s move to fund the repatriation of Moji’s body to the country should not be used to castigate Fayose.

“Moji’s memory does not deserve this. What should be the norm? What should be the attitude of Nollywood to the rot in our system that has ensured several members and as a matter of fact, several Nigerians die daily for ailments that are manageable and for deaths that are preventable?

“Anyone using the occasion of the largesse of the Jagaban to create an unnecessary divisive and patronising narrative needs his or her head examined for not only being mischievous but out rightly missing the point.”



  1. abeg, people should allow the woman to rest in peace
    what is it with fayose this and that everyday.
    Is there a law that says, Ekiti state must be involved with the burial arrangement?
    If he accepts to do it or not, people will still talk
    Why would the governor be involved in the burial ??
    How many “ordinary citizen’s” burial has the governor attended or involved with ??

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