5 Next-Level Oral Sex Positions Your Partner Needs to Try on You ASAP

5 Next-Level Oral Sex Positions Your Partner Needs to Try on You ASAP

Cancel all your plans tonight.

When it comes to oral, you want a partner who’s a little #extra. (If they’re still doing the spelling-out-the-alphabet move, they’re beyond due for some new game.) Maybe accidentally leave your browser open to this page and see what happens.

1The Candy Crush

Yes, even a lazy partner can up their oral game. Sit on their lap facing them, then scoot up so your knees are over their shoulders and you’re accessible to their mouth. They suck on your clit, keeping the suction going while gently shaking their head from side to side.

2The Scissor Slide

Sit at the edge of the bed, lean back, and spread your legs in the international symbol for “now, please.” Next, get their fingers going down there. “Try two fingers on either side of the clitoris,” suggests sexologist Dr. Susan Block. “It’s a scissor motion while your lover is sucking the clitoris or licking the tip.”

3The Golden Triangle

Set up three chairs in a triangle shape, one for your butt, the other two for your feet. Your partner positions themselves on their knees below you, gently licking your clit. They can also slide a finger inside you, stroking the upper wall of your V about an inch or two in.

4Stop, Drop, and Roll

Lie on your back and lift your hips in the air, with your body weight primarily supported by your partner. (If this is too challenging, pillows will do the trick.) Have them try a rhythmic, predictable tease. Like this: a tongue circling around your clit for maybe 10 to 20 seconds, then a few broad licks up with a flat tongue, then a brief stop. (Brief!) Repeat ’til you’re whimpering.

5The Sex Pony

If your partner is game, sit on their face. Super immersive for them (to say the least) and lots of control for you. Pull back for less, move closer for more. Slide up and down, back and forth, avoiding genital asphyxiation by putting your hands on theirs so they can help guide you. It’s only polite, after all.



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