(Episode 10) A Dish Best Served Cold

(Episode 10) A Dish Best Served Cold

Femi sat back at the cyber café. He had opened a Facebook account and was surfing through for old contacts in Nigeria. He smiled as Brume’s face appeared on the screen, looking dapper in his suit, his pretty wife smiling at the camera. He smiled when he scrolled down and saw that Brume’s present occupation was listed, his phone number and his firm’s name and address was also listed. He quickly copied it down in a piece of paper and logged out.

He stopped by a buka after leaving the cyber café to buy food. He had not eaten since morning. He was being careful with his funds because he knew it would run out anytime soon. He had managed to get a one room apartment in the slums but he wasn’t telling anyone that. He had spent some of the N200,000 on clothes.

“looking sharp is very important. Dress the way you want to be addressed.” He had thought the day he bought the clothes.

He got home after eaten then lighting a cigarette, he dialed Brume’s number.


Brume was at the office when his phone rang. His face showed signs of the insomnia that plagued him last night. He had not been able to sleep a wink when he got home from his meeting with Timi. He had barely touched his dinner, but he managed to assuage Anita’s curiosity when she asked him what the problem was.

He had barely done any work that day. His head still rang with Timi’s words.“how can I be sterile? No. will Anita understand? God what sort of temptation is this? Everything was going fine o. God please help me. What do I do? I need a second opinion before I go insane. Timi could be wrong. He might have misdiagnosed.” He thought, rubbing the sides of his head.

He looked at his phone screen. The number was not saved to his phone. He picked the call,

Brume: “hello, this is Barrister Brume Nikoro speaking.” He said, wearily

Femi: “Brume my nigga!”

Brume: “who am I on to please?” he asked, curious as to who would hail him so familiarly.

Femi: “bro, you forgotten all about me so soon. It’s me Femi na.” he replied jocularly.

Brume hitched a breath,“Femi…I thought he had disappeared from my life for ever. Where did this guy jump out from?” He thought, his mind racing.

Brume: “hey Femi how far na? Long time o. where have you been?” he replied, playing cool.

Femi: “omo na long story. I just entered the country. I said I should reach out to old friends. What’s happening now? I hear you are married to one really pretty lady like that? Nice one dude.”

Brume; “yeah. Things are good. We thank God. So what did you bring for us now?” he asked, relaxing visibly.

“if he had been abroad since, then he must have been making money. Probably wants to show off.” He thought with a smile.

Femi: “let’s hook up somewhere now, drink a bottle of wine or two and chat some, we have a whole lot of catching up to do.” He replied, excitedly.

Brume nodded his head.“I knew it, he wants to show off.” He thought.

Brume: “no problem. I will be busy this week. Let’s do it next weekend?” He asked.

Femi: “sure. No problem. I will call you then. This is my number.” He replied.

They said their goodbyes and ended the call. Brume sat back and thought back to five years ago. He shook his head and went back to work.


Jessica entered her shop, walking briskly. Her sales girl rushed quickly to collect her bag and greet her. She nodded her head and walked into her office. She had invested all her savings from service and working with a beauty spa into a boutique. With hard work and market savvy she had grown the boutique into three boutiques, a massage parlour and a hair salon. She was wealthy in her own right. She lived a stylish life but she had stayed single and never dated a man for too long. Her company which she had named Sabina’s Love was doing fine and that was all that mattered to her. Her choice of coming to Lagos had been a brilliant one and she was enjoying the proceeds.

She entered her office with the sales girl trailing after her. The girl dropped her bag on her desk and stood waiting for her to speak. Jessica waved her hand for the girl to leave. She brought out her phone and dialed a number.

Jessica: “is this the director of Baby Care Centre?” she asked quietly.

Director: “yes this is she. Who am I on to?” she asked, curiosity lacing her voice.

Jessica: “never mind that. I will be sending some items to you for the kids. You don’t need to know my name or anything of that sort. Just pray for me that’s all.”

Director: “oh thank you, madam. Thank you very much.”

Jessica: “no problem. Please take very good care of those children. They are a blessing.” She replied and ended the call.

She sat back and smiled to herself.


Jude sat staring at the city from the window of his office in the high rise building at Ikeja. He looked down at the pedestrians walking to and fro on the sidewalk, cars moving along the road, police men directing traffic… he watched them blankly. He turned round and rolled his wheelchair back to his desk.

He had made money. Right after his accident, a deal he had been pursuing together with his uncle for years came through. Now he was one of the big boys in Lagos but he was not happy. He was still single and wheelchair bound. He had to go home to his empty house at the close of work every day. He had taken to sleep in the rooms he maintained in his office for days when he had to work late. He had no friends, visited no one neither did he expect visits from anyone. He basically lived a lonely life.

He knew his staff pitied him and some of the girls were eager to find their way into his life as his wife but he didn’t think he deserved it.

“I have done shitty things in the past. What right do I have to expect happiness now? I should be thankful I am even rich. I should be a poor junkie living on charity.”  He thought to himself, his face a grim mask.

His assistant entered the office.

Assistant: “sir, the list of the winners of the bid for the oil and gas contract just came in. we won” the man said excitedly.

Jude nodded his head, absentmindedly rubbing the gold ring on the fourth finger of his left hand.

Assistant: “sir, I said we won the bid sir.” He said again, surprised at his boss’ cool reception of the news.

Jude: “Lanre, it’s just money. It doesn’t make you happy.” He said, smiling sadly.

He turned from the table and rolled his wheelchair away from it back to the window. He stared down at the people moving about in a hurry. “they are not as rich as I but I can guess they have love and are happy.” He thought sadly.


Mrs Ogbonna was excited to see her daughter after five years. She welcomed her home with tears in her eyes. Sabine quickly introduced Tochukwu to his grandmother. The boy stared wide eyed at his grandmother as the woman hugged him to her hefty bosom. The house help and the driver quickly carried their luggage to the room kept aside for them.

The house was filled with people; friends of her father, business partners, government officials, family members living in Lagos; it was a market. Sabine took Tochukwu upstairs to their room and helped him bath then she tucked him in to sleep. She had her bath and was getting ready for bed when the room door opened and her cousin, Amaka walked into the room

Amaka: “the prodigal returns with her slut baby.” She said, looking her up and down, a derisive smirk on her face.

Sabine’s breath caught on her chest. She looked at the woman quietly for a minute

Sabine: “what did you say?” she asked, a smile slowly spreading on her face.

Amaka may have noticed that something was off or not but she had already started it, she had to finish it.

Amaka: “I said you brought that bastar…” the deafening slap cut short the words she was going to say.

She held her cheek in shock,

Amaka; “you bitch, you slapped…” Before she could react, two more slaps sent her reeling to the floor. She held her cheek in surprise.

“Sabine slapped me. Sabine, meek, quiet Sabine.” She thought as hot tears spilled out of her eyes.

Sabine: “all of you can say what you want about me, I am cool with that but if I hear a single insult directed towards my son, then you guys will know that I might look like her, dress like her, even speak like her but am not the same person that left here five years ago. Now get out of my room.”

Amaka got up and scampered out of the room as fast as her heels would let her.

Sabine looked at the open door. “I am home. Oh yes and you guys have no idea how far i have come. None of you do.”  She thought within herself, smiling.

She walked to her son’s bed to check on him. He was already asleep. She smiled.

Question: Do you think it is fair that Jessica is wealthy despite her actions in the past. Do you think it is right for Sabine to hold a grudge this long?

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  1. Anyone could react the way Sabine did!, Jessica has atoned for her sins by naming the business After her friend.

  2. am sure Jessica regret everything that happen and she has even pay by losing her womb, if she is poor she ll av kill herself out of frustration…both Sabine and Jessica are strong woman

  3. If you truly want peace,let there be war,Sabine,don’t settle for war,settle for peace….
    Jessica has already repented, no wonder she found favour with God, Sabine should forgive her friend&others,then move forward.
    God will help Sabine,it is not easy but with Jesus,she will scale through…..

  4. Amaka asked for d slap by calling Sabine son a bastard. yes Sabine kept dt grudge for 5 yrs bt she will get over it with time. for Jessica, she confessed before climbing d ladder of success. she tried.

  5. Jude forgive yourself,look for the people you have wrong&asks for forgiveness…so that you can move forward….I pray Sabine,forgives you,because you are part of her woe…but sha with God all things are possible…

  6. Jessica made a mistake ignorantly and was truly sorry about it. She never meant to harm Sabine and shouldn’t be crucified for it. She deserves a second chance as i’m sure she’ll give anything to change time.
    For Sabine still being angry or holding a grudge, it’s only God that can heal her

  7. do u think its easy for one to go through that challenge and not want to do something,serves amaka right,Jessica already had her punishment,and as for Femi if he thinks he can use that pictures to blackmail Sabine he must be dreaming

  8. It is hard to judge Sabine since ave not been thr what she went thr. What really got her angry is d video dat went viral. When d secrets are open, everything will ease up on her

  9. Its fair in jessica’s wealth since she has confessed to d person in question, and reap d ignorance she sow n also a fighter for survivor and hard working girl,I wish sabine will forgive her n dey will reunion their friendship while dey will both find a man that will care 4 dem n stand by them. I think jude is d same guy that femi gave d contract to rape sabine. I think that’s d most regretful past he is talking abt. Only him can recognize sabine,I dnt think sabine’s can since she is not herself back den.

  10. I think sabine’s grudges is right toward amaka, and towards anyone that think dey can ridicule her or her son 4 wot happened 5yrs ago.

  11. Jessica has a right to be rich because riches comes from God’s grace with little hard work
    Sabine have to be brave to face the society that doesn’t consider victim of rape with offspring trialling behind. She is not vengeful but she has to put on a brave face, stand against those that are already condemned her without trial.

  12. Sabine will heal wit time and she’s not vengeful she jst had 2 put up a strong defense especially cos of her child. Jessica has d right to b rich as 4 Jude, u hv to 1stly 4giv urself.

  13. Jessica has has already asked for forgiveness and it is normal for Sabine to be that way,with time she would get over it.I think Jude is the guy who actually raped Sabine

  14. Despite what she did, she have every right to make wealth as long as it’s legitimate. Sabine, has every right to protect her son.

  15. What you did in the past shouldn’t stop you from getting rich.Sabine should try to forgive it is not good for to keep it for too long.

  16. Jessica deserves it.What she did was done ignorantly. As for Sebina,she was badly hurt…don’t blame her.

  17. Yes is fair. And Sabine is right…is not grudge but proving to them what she can do and who she is.

  18. Anybody can be rich despite the type of life he or she leaves in the past, it is up to God to bless who he want to bless.

  19. even though jessica is rich, she”s not a happy person.
    Sabine gave amakka wat she desrved but she shouldnt b holding grudge

  20. God forgives our sins. I don’t think Sabine is going to take nonsense from no one and that’s the best actions to take to move on with her life.

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