(Episode 12) A Dish Best Served Cold

(Episode 12) A Dish Best Served Cold

Sabine walked back into the sitting room alone. She had left Tochukwu behind with his grandmother; she didn’t want him anywhere any Brume until she had weighed him  properly. She looked around for him but couldn’t find him. She walked through the throng, ignoring the glances and mutterings made by the guests as she passed. She stepped out and saw Brume seated in his car, staring at her. He got out slowly and both of them walked towards each other.

Brume: “hi Sabine.” he said quietly.

Sabine: “hi Brume. It’s been a while. Five, six years, I believe?” she replied smiling.

Brume: “yeah… about that long.” He chuckled uncomfortably, looking at everyplace but at her.

Ssbine: “you cleaned up good. You must be a senior advocate by now.” She replied, smiling.

Brume: “not yet but am working on it. What about you? What have you been up to?” he asked, laughing.

Sabine: “I’ve been out of the country. I just got back in for my dad’s funeral.” She replied.

Brume: “so Chief Ogbonna is your dad? But on the obituary notice, it is one Ezinne Ekweremadu that is mentioned as his daughter, I don’t understand. I knew your dad was a commissioner of Justice but you never told me who” He asked, curiosity in his face.

Sabine: “oh..Ezinne is my Igbo name. Ekweremadu is our family name. My dad said to bear that surname so as not to draw attention to myself. You know kidnapping and stuff. He was paranoid like that.” She replied smiling.

Brume: “jeez, I never knew.” He said, shaking his head, surprise written all over his face.

Sabine: “if you had known would it have changed anything?” she asked, staring at him.

Brume sighed and turned to look at the musicians playing. Sabine nodded her head and turned to look at the musicians too,

Sabine: “I see you are married now. Got kids?” she asked, pointing to the ring on his left hand.

Brume: “yeah. We have not been blessed with kids yet.” He replied, turning to look at her.

He looked at her hand and saw no ring. She saw him looking at her left hand. She wriggled it for him

Sabine: “I am single.” She smirked.

Brume looked at her face fully for the first time.

Brume: “well I understand its difficult getting a good man these days with…”

Sabine: “no…it is not that…hahahaha…I have everything I want. I have beautiful boy whom I love completely. What do I need a man for?” she asked smugly.

Brume: “you have a son?” he asked, disbelief spread across his face.

Sabine: “yes, I do. Even after all that abortion I did for you, God still saw it fit to bless me with a beautiful son.” She replied brightly.

Brume: “that’s wonderful. I am glad for you. You better find a good man and settle down o.” he replied with effort.

Sabine smiled. Brume turned around, thinking of what to say next but he had lost all concentration.

Brume: “I should get back to the house. It was nice seeing you again.” He said smiling.

Sabine: “the same here.”

Brume walked away, his shoulder slouched in despair.

“Sabine has a son. That is impossible. Something is wrong here.” He thought to himself.

Sabine watched him leave, the forced cheerfulness peeling off her face like old paint.

“Brume Nikoro…it is indeed good to see you again. I sense unhappiness within you. I guess your dreams didn’t come true too? Well, welcome to my world. Tochukwu would be looking for me now, let me get back to him.” She thought and hurried back into the house


Jude loved Sundays. It was a day to serve his God and spend time communing with him. He didn’t do any work on Sundays. He always went for first mass at Saint Andrew’s Catholic Church close to his house but on this Sunday, he had been invited by one of his staff to their harvest. He had not wanted to go but he later thought of it and decided that a change of scenery would be nice. At least, he would meet new people. So, he was seated at the back of the church. A space had been created for his wheelchair as he had refused to be moved from it to one of the pew.

The mass was splendid and the priest did a good job of dissecting the word of God during the homily. During the offertory, the church warder in charge of his side of the church was kind enough to meet him and take his offering from him. He watched the lady as she walked back to put his envelope into the offering basket. He admired her rear as well as the way she walked.

“Beautiful lady… walking with so much poise. Probably works in bank. Some of these bank tellers are snobs. Their nose always in the air like every other person stinks. She looks nice sha and well-dressed too.” He thought to himself.

During thanksgiving, he gave her a bigger envelope and she thanked him with one knee bent. He was surprised. He looked closely at the lady.

“Respectful, humble and smart. Hmm…there are no girls like that anymore o. maybe she knows who I am and wants to play a fast one.” He thought, staring at the lady speculatively.

At the close of mass, Bazaar started and to his surprise, the church warder, whom he had been admiring was called to the high table with him. She refused to come though, protesting shyly that she had work to do. His mouth hung open when they introduced her as Jessica Otite, CEO of Sabina’s Love.

“She is the CEO of Sabina’s Love? So humble…unbelievable. I must get to know her.” He thought to himself with a smile on his face.

After several hours of bids and sales, laughter and merriment, Jude signaled a church warder to come to him. He informed the man that he wanted to leave and would love to have a word with Miss Jessica before he left. The warder quickly rushed to Miss Jessica and whispered into her ears as she shared biscuits and groundnuts to the kids milling about her with outstretched hands. She paused and looked at his direction. She beckoned to a young lady seated quietly and spoke to her briefly. The lady went back to her seat, then rummaged through her purse and came out with a complimentary card which she gave it to church warder

Jessica: “tell him that I am very busy now as he can see but he can call me tomorrow and we can talk then.” She said smiling at a kid with catarrh rolling out of his nose.

She brought out her handkerchief and asked the boy to blow the mucus into it. The boy did then, she gave him biscuits and groundnuts.

The church warder returned to Jude with the card and message. Jude nodded his head and wheeled himself to his car.


Brume woke up that Sunday with aches all over his body. He had not slept well that night. He didn’t feel like going for the thanksgiving service held for Chief Ogbonna but he had no choice. He got dressed and drove to the church premises. He found a seat in the back and sat down. He looked around for Sabine and saw her at the front with her mother.

Sabine looked resplendent, even in her mourning clothes. She didn’t look like she had given birth at all. Her stomach was still flat and she still had the stunning figure he remembered from their school days.

“She is pulling my legs. That boy is not her son.” He thought to himself, studying the little boy seated by her.

He brought out his phone and scrolled through until he found the number he was looking for. He stepped out of the church

Brume: “am I on to doctor Gabriel?”

Doctor Gabriel: “no longer a doctor. Who is this?”

Brume: “you might not remember me. I was a law student at AAU about six years ago; you helped my girlfriend procure abortion several times back then. I used to call you Authentic Gynaco. You remember me?”

Doctor Gabriel; “Yes I remember you. What can I do for you? I don’t do abortions anymore o.”

Brume: “it’s not that. I don’t want an abortion. You see after the last abortion, you did for my girl, you called me and told me that due to the constant abortion, my girl had been rendered barren and could no longer be a mother.”

Doctor Gabriel: Ehen, so?”

Brume: “well I am looking at her now and she has a son. A five years old boy. How is that possible?”

Doctor Gabriel: “my brother I don’t know. Anything is possible. Is that why you called me? Abeg…” he ended the call immediately.

Brume stood dumbstruck.“Fool, Fool. You should have done a check. God, you are a big fool, Brume.” He thought to himself staring at the silent phone.

He turned to go back into the church and standing behind him was Sabine and Tochukwu.

Question: do you think getting an abortion from a quack doctor or any doctor at all is right? Do you think Sabine heard Brume’s conversation?

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  1. Hummmmmmmm fortune will soon smile on Jessica, is good to serve Jesus, irrespective of the past, with Jesus broken pieces can be mend again….I hope it will be a lasting one..
    Brume the player,can you see your life,she did several abortion for you,yet you left her despite knowing she won’t be able to give birth again,without her knowledge,can you see????that is God in action, God bless her to shame you….Brume,Shame on you…
    Whether she had you or not,Brume,your problem….

  2. Abortions should not even be considered at all
    If you cannot you protection then no sex
    Nah am sure she didn’t hear and if she did
    Brume is about to get fire and brimstone

  3. Probably she might hv heard him quite clear…. hmmmm how sweet is it to laugh last.Good night Everyone

  4. Abortion is not good let alone the Doctor that will do it.
    I think she heard the conversation.

  5. The human life begins at the very moment of conception,thus the dignity of human life ought to be respected from the moment of conception to natural death ..it is painful to let a baby die wen so many women out there desire to have a baby.. Abortion is not the right option ..Sabine might ve eavesdrop on brume’s conversation

  6. The human life begins at the very moment of conception,thus the dignity of human life ought to be respected from the moment of conception to natural death ..it is painful to let a baby die wen so many women out there desire to have a baby.. Abortion is not the right option ..Sabine might ve eavesdrop on brume’s conversation

  7. The human life begins at the very moment of conception,thus the dignity of human life ought to be respected from the moment of conception to natural death ..it is painful to let a baby die wen so many women out there desire to have a baby.. Abortion is not the right option ..Sabine might ve eavesdrop on brume’s conversation

  8. Abortion is destructive especially having it done with quacks. It capable of making a woman sterile even kill her in the process.
    Sabine might have heard Brume or…….

  9. i said it,it was because of what the doctor said that was why he did what he did,he is a big fool and the joke is on him,ntoor brume,guess she heard him,no need for revenge Sabine God is already dealing with him

  10. I don’t think getting an abortion from a quack doctor or any doctor at all is right. I think Sabine heard brume’s conversation

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