UNIBEN student stabs roommate severally in the head, leaves her to die

A 200-level student of Uniben, Becky, stabbed her recently bereaved friend Heritage on her head severally and left her to die.

According to an Instagram user, Tushspot he wrote;

‘This photo is of two undergraduate students of University of Benin in the Ekewan campus of the University. Becky is said to have stabbed Heritage in the head and Heritage is at the moment battling for her life. While some say it is over a boy, others say it is over a wrapper.

Please say a prayer for Heritage!’

A comment from a student of the school apparently, implied that Becky did the stabbing and calmly went into the bathroom to cleanup herself, leaving Heritage in a pool of her own blood.



  1. haaa
    wolf in sheep clothing…..am v.sure ba ciz of guy
    she shud b sentenced to life imprisonment
    diz 1 fit b serial killer

  2. Such a lack of value for life that she cannot create!! If Heritage dies, she should be charged for murder and sentenced to be hanged as it is premeditated and it has grievous body harm and death results!! The three ingredients for murder charge. She calmly washed herself and left her for dead!! How cold blooded!

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