Attention Guys! 6 Interesting Health Benefits of Sucking Breasts

The female breasts often referred to as ‘the twins’ or ‘the girls’ are one of the most sensitive organs of the female body. Men both old and young are fascinated by a woman’s boobs and many would do anything to suck and touch it. Women also love these part of their body being stimulated and as such they try all they can to package it well  and make it appear attractive.

Some men however stop sucking their wife’s breast anytime she is pregnant or breast feeding a child for fear of taking in breast milk. However, there are some advantages attached to sucking a woman breast.

1 It serves the biological function of providing food and nourishment for babies.

2 It is also a major source of sexual attraction for men and as such sucking breasts helps put a man in the mood for sex.

3 Sucking a woman’s breasts has also been proven to put women in the mood for sex.

4 The fact that breasts come in different shapes and sizes add to their uniqueness.

5 As a sexual organ, sucking the breasts have been known to give immense pleasure to men and women during sexual intercourse.

6 Sucking the breast has been alleged to help fight breast cancer in women.

So, women,, go ahead and allow your husbands do this to you because at the end of the day, it is going to be a win-win situation.



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