David Luiz reveals two big sacrifices he made to rejoin Chelsea

Chelsea defender David Luiz has revealed he took a pay cut to rejoin the Blues from Paris Saint-Germain in last summer’s transfer window.

The Brazil international also feels his return to Stamford Bridge was a risk, considering his poor reputation in England from his first spell at the club.

Luiz seemed to have an easier time of things in France, but is glad he took the chance to prove his critics here wrong by taking on the bigger challenge of playing for Chelsea again.

He admits that in doing so, however, he sacrificed both his own finances and comfort at his previous club.

‘I was ­winning in Paris. I went there for two years and won all the titles in France. I had a great life, I had a great credibility with the club. I had ­everything, and then I took a risk to come back to a country that was not that happy with me,’ Luiz said.

‘They always criticise me a lot, even with (helping Chelsea win) the ­Champions League and ­Europa League. That’s why it was a risk – and I love the risk.

‘I think, in your life, if you don’t take a risk, you’re not going to taste something new. Not just in your ­professional life, it’s every day. I’m very happy, because I took the decision and it was the right decision.

‘If you want to know about the money, I cut my salary to come back here. But it’s OK, God has given me a lot so I’m happy with this.’


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