(Episode 13) A Dish Best Served Cold

(Episode 13) A Dish Best Served Cold

Brume stared at Sabine in shock.

“God…what did she hear? I have fucked up o…” he thought to himself in fear.

Sabine: “Tochukwu wanted to pee so I brought him out. On seeing you, I thought it a good opportunity to introduce him to you. Tochukwu meet Mr. Brume Nikoro, an old friend. Say hi.” She said, looking down at her son.

Tochukwu: “Hi Mr. Brumi Ni…” he left off shyly, his left shoe digging into the sand.

Brume: “Hi Tochukwu. Don’t mind your mother, it’s Barrister Brume.” He replied laughing.

Sabine: “oh, my bad.” She replied, putting her hand to her chest in mock horror.

Tochukwu: “you are a lawyer?” he asked.

Brume: “yeah, I am. Have you a case you’d like me to represent you on?” he asked, smiling.

Tochukwu: “I want to shu Auntie Amaka. She called mummy a slut. She said I was a bastard. What is a bastard and a slut, i heard them? The words, don’t sound nice. Mummy slapped her” He replied, staring at Brume.

Brume felt his heart give. He looked at Sabine, her heard was bent to her son

Sabine: “It is doesn’t not don’t, Tochi. He means sue.” She said raising her head to look at him

He saw all the sadness and pain of the past five years. Shame and worry warred within him.

Brume; “was it that incident that gave you him?” he asked quietly.

Sabine nodded her head, too weak to speak.

Brume: “I am very sorry.” He replied then he walked away.

Sabine watched him go silently. “why is he apologizing? I thought he said i was having fun behind him, then?” she mused


Jude sat in his office staring at the complimentary card.

“Should I call her? And tell her what? What will such a woman, who has everything she needs from life want with a broken man like me? What do I have to offer her that she doesn’t have? And what she might want I can’t give. This is stupid.” He thought to himself sadly.

He opened a drawer and threw the card inside then rolled his wheelchair to the window to stare at the world as it lived another day.


Jessica was tensed all day. She waited for the call from Jude but it never came.

“I should have collected his complimentary card too. Then I would have had a way to call him. If I get his number from another source and call him now, I would seem desperate. Am I desperate? What do I need male company for? I have everything I want. God has been faithful. Abeg, let me focus on my life. He probably has a string of women on his speed dial.” She thought to herself, staring at the paper on her desk.

Jessica: “idiot, get back to work.” She muttered under her breath.


Brume read Chief Ogbonna’s will that Monday morning. The will read that Chief Ogbonna’s assets will be shared equally between his wife and only child. It went on to read that, at his wife’s passing, her share should go to his grandson under the trusteeship of his daughter until the boy came of age.

Some of Sabine’s in laws muttered their dissatisfaction with the will with Pa Okolie at the forefront but Brume ignored them and packed up his briefcase. He intended to be in Lagos that day. Sabine just looked at them blankly. She didn’t care about their opinions and there was nothing they could do about the will.

Pa Okolie, one dried up okra of a man stood up as Brume was preparing to take his leave.

Pa Okolie: “traditionally, since our brother did not leave any male heir. His properties will be given to his brothers to safeguard. When the daughter marries and gives birth to a son, then it will be handed over to him and that his when he comes of age. All this white man’s will something is rubbish. How can you give a woman all that wealth to handle? What do they know about making money? Is it Nkiru, who did not know how our brother made his money, only how to spend it or Ezinne that has been prostituting in America that will manage money? We will handle our brother’s affairs, oga lawyer.” He said, and then sat down.

His kinsmen hailed him for the words, he had spoken. He smiled sheepishly and broke a piece of kolanut with his teeth and started chewing.

Brume looked at the men with annoyance written all over his face.

Brume: “there is a clause in the will. A clause I was told to read if such a situation as this arose.” He opened his briefcase and brought out a piece of paper

Brume: “If any of my kinsmen should contest my will and in the process deprive my wife and progeny their rights to my estate, every of my property in their possession should be requisitioned and every loan given to them should be called by my bank with my legal representative, (that’s me) acting on my behalf. Every house, land and car should be confiscated with immediate effect and given to the community to build or sell as they deem fit….” He said staring smugly at them.

Brume: “and it seems most of the gifts your late brother gave to you guys, he bought in his name. He was smart enough not to change ownership. By rights, those things belong to his heirs. Now if you want to lose what you already have because you are fighting over what you will not get, be my guest.” He continued, coolly.

The room went silent then one by one, each man got up and left the house. Sabine burst into laughter, clapping.

Sabine: “that was priceless. You need to see their faces as you read the will. Those thieves… he paid their children’s school fees, built houses for them, started businesses for their children, gave them land but no, they want what is rightfully ours. Let them come and take.” She said, laughing.

Brume quickly locked his briefcase and rushed out of the house. Sabine rushed out after him, surprised.

Sabine: “hey Brume. You are leaving just like that?” she asked.

Brume: “I have to get to Lagos today. There are so many things I need to sort out.” He said looking at everyplace but at her.

Sabine: “I hope everything is fine?” she asked, worry written all over her face.

Brume: “yeah. Everything is cool.” He said, forcing a smile.

Sabine: “okay. It was good to see you again.” She said, smiling.

Brume: “yeah, it was. You look well. Take care of yourself, okay.” He replied, quietly.

She nodded and he turned and walked to his car. He got started and waved at her before driving away.


Brume drove out of the town in no time and was soon headed for the airport. He picked his phone and dialed Femi’s number. Femi picked on the first ring.

Brume: “we need to talk.”

Femi: “yeah, we sure do.” He said, chuckling.

Brume: “I am not joking. The guy you sent to Sabine, what did he do?”

Femi: “what sort of question is that? You wanted your girlfriend to leave you without you being held responsible for ditching her. I got the guy to sleep with her.”

“This could be good material o. I better record this. This combined with the video…Kaboom. Am a money making machine…” Femi thought excitedly as he tapped on the record button on his phone screen.

Brume: “you what! I said get pictures of a guy with her so it would seem like they had sex.” Brume said shouting on the phone.

Femi: “you can’t be serious. They needed to have sex. People needed to see the emotion on their faces, so they’d believe the pictures. I am not an amateur bro.”

Brume: “you fool, you sent a stranger to rape her. Jesus! I didn’t pay you to get her raped. Now she has a child from that rape and every time I look at that child, I feel like dying.”

Femi: “Thought you said she was barren? She has a child, how interesting. God is great.” He replied, his voice cool.

Brume: “you are a beast. I regret meeting you with every day that passes.” He replied, shouting.

Brume’s hand shook so hard that his phone fell off his hand. He held the steering wheel with his right hand and searched underneath his chair with his left hand. His hand touched the phone and he tried to pick it up but something had snagged the phone case. He struggled with it for a bit then he slowed down and bent his head. He heard a horn and raised his head. He quickly swung to the left but his feet jammed on accelerate pedal instead of the brake pedal and he headed straight into a tree.

“He ended the call on me? Just like that? It’s all good. We will see who will be begging who real soon. So Sabine has a baby? How sweet. Everything has a way of turning out right.” he smiled and stopped the recording.

Question: do you think Brume will survive the accident? Do you think Sabine’s uncles will let things be?

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  1. Brume will survive the accident Co’s he still have a lot of questions to answer Sabine uncle will try in a different ways to get at Sabine and the mother but God will prevail

  2. Brume will survive the accident Co’s he still have a lot of questions to answer Sabine uncle will try in a different ways to get at Sabine and the mother but God will prevail

  3. He will survive for sure. He has to tell the truth to her by all means but bfor then the so call femi wud hv found a way to locate Sabine. For those greedy uncles, with all their brother gv to them, they still wnt to hv all. Very good for them as Sabines father really did the right thing to protect his family’s right. They might still wnt to try collecting it bt will fail at the end.

  4. Brume will survive the accident and pay his due he owned Sabine.
    The kinsmen will not relent pursuing Sabine father’s wealth.

  5. Brume just have to survive cos he gotta say the truth. As for the family they will maintain their lane kudos ALC u are wonderful

  6. I hope he does cos he has to answer for his wicked act and he is the one that will help Sabine and her mother.

  7. Brume must survive, bcoz he must live to bear d nemesis of what he has done in d passed, I hope d kinsmen will stay off

  8. Brume will survive the accident as for Sabine her uncle’s will fine another means of coming for the properties.

  9. Brume will survive koz he still needs to confess nd as for those jobless nd ungrateful uncles, dy dnt have say

  10. brume has got to survive…as for Sabine’s uncles,they need to back out from what isn’t theirs.

  11. Brume will survive d accident, those greedy uncles of Sabine should better leave her nd her family alone

  12. Brume wud survive jst hope he won’t b incapacitated, sabines’ uncle wud let d slping dog lie but wit tym dy will.

  13. Brume cant die now,he has to confess and Sabine’s uncles will still come around but God will see them thru

  14. Brume will survive d accident Cz he has alot to do, Sabine uncles r greedy and ungrateful, dey shud better stay clear and stick to eat dey have or face d Law.

  15. Yes Brume Will Survive And For Sabbine’s Uncle, They Will Let Dem Be Bcos Dey Won’t Want 2 Lose What Dey Have Already.

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