(Part 2) I wanted Sex On My Birthday but Got Something Else

He called himself Bali, the way he pronounced it; rolling the letters around his tongue, with his American and Nigerian accent colliding to form a rich intonation, made her wet.
“Lotanna, get a grip. We know you haven’t had sex in ages” she said to self, as she looked at the hunk of a man before her, from under long, dark eyelashes.

“You are Nigerian” he quipped, staring intently at her.
“Am I that obvious?” she retorted.
“Typical Naija, replying a question with more questions. Just so you know, I am Nigerian too, so we dey know ourselves” he replied, in a mix of pidgin and American English.
As he spoke, Lotanna couldn’t take her eyes off him, there was this look in his dark eyes that she couldn’t put a finger on, it was like he knew the effect he had on her.
“Lets hang out tonight” he said as the big breasted Latina waitress brought his order. She sashayed in front of him, bending to her waist just to drop the food on the table, giving Bali a full view of her huge watermelons.
“Por favor” Lottie intoned, giving the waitress a full glare, which got her scurrying off.
“What do you say?” Bali asked.
“I have a busy day tomorrow, got work and then boo is taking me out to celebrate my birthday” she replied. She knew there was no boo, and that she had no friends in Brooklyn; her birthday was going to be celebrated alone, but of course she couldn’t say that to Bali, she had to make him believe she had a life. It was one of the rules she learned in the “Why Men Marry Bitches” book she was currently reading.
It was also because of the book, that Lottie got up abruptly and told Bali that, she was leaving, her meal was still untouched, but her coffee mug had been refilled twice. She expected that he would run after her and ask for her number, but he didn’t.
“See you when I see you” he said and winked at her. Lottie grunted under her breath as she left the diner.
Lottie went home, with the thoughts of Bali in her head. She could not understand why he did not ask for her number. She decided he was just a flirt that was not worth her time. After her night time rituals, she tossed in bed until late into the night, wondering when Mr.RIGHT would finally show up. Tomorrow she would be 30.

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