Relationship Corner On Adelove:  with Amy Glee and Grace

Due to the kind of relationship stories we write, we have been getting alot of questions concerning relationships from our esteemed ALF, and this is what birthed Relationship Corner.

Relationships are sometimes a mess, and sometimes we wish we had someone we could talk to about our relationship issues, in an anonymous way without anyone judging us or our choices. Our lives are riddled with questions like ‘I love this guy, do I approach him?’ and so on, and we just want answers. This is what Relationship corner on is all about.

Do you have a question that is bothering you, do you need a fresh view on that relationship issue that has been plaguing you and putting you in a state of confusion?  Worry no more, your favourite ALC, Amy Glee and Grace, are here to give you answers from the Good Girl and Bad Girl view.

Did I hear you say, what is that? Let me explain. Amy Glee is a lover girl who believes in Love and good people, she is soft hearted and does not know how to throw a punch (Don’t tell her I said that) and she is going to give you answers based on her good girl attitude to Love and Relationships. On the other hand, Grace is a bad, bad girl who has never been caught doing something bad (Her heart is not hard oh, it is just wiser). She has a hardliner’s, practical view about Love and Relationships, and she will give you answers based on her bad girl view. So it is left to you to decide which to follow.

This is going to be fun and you know the beauty of it, you can ask the most outrageous questions like ‘I want to snatch this girl from her man, what do I do?’ and no one will know it is you because, we are going to keep the identity of those asking questions anonymous. So drop your shyness and get solutions to your relationship problems.

So then, our lovely Adelove family, Ashafa Tomisin, Abisola Balogun, Seeker, Angelsteve22, and the rest of our Adelovelies, start sending in your questions to, and let us get this ball rolling.

Waiting for the first question…



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