(Episode 18) A Dish Best Served Cold

(Episode 18) A Dish Best Served Cold

Jessica looked at Sabine, and then nodded her head to her secretary, who quickly left the office, closing the door behind her. Jessica turned again to Sabine, and cleared her throat.

Jessica: “Erm…please sit.” She said, her voice sounding hollow in her ears.

Sabine smiled and sat down. She looked around the office then her eyes latched on to the cooler kept close to photographs of herself and Jessica back in Port Harcourt. She got up and walked to the pictures and looked at the cooler.

Sabine: “you still have this after all this time?” she asked quietly.

Jessica: “it’s the only thing I had that was yours.” She replied simply.

Sabine looked at her and then back at the pictures. She nodded and walked back to her seat

Sabine: “did you know that Femi knew Brume?” she asked suddenly, her eyes cold.

Jessica: “No! I didn’t. I didn’t know Femi that well.” She replied, shock all over her face.

Sabine: “it seems Brume, my beloved, had a hand in my rape. It seems the three of you decided to destroy my life. My question is why? What did I do to you, Jessica, which offended you so? I never showed any interest in Femi, so it cannot be jealousy. What did I do to you?” she asked, fixing a piercing gaze on Jessica.

Jessica: “I do not expect you to believe me but what I did was invite you to the party because Femi said he wanted to be friends with you. I was surprised when he dragged me to the dance floor and ignored you. I didn’t know he planned a rape. I didn’t know he knew your boyfriend. I have never even seen the Brume once. I am willing to do anything for you to forgive me for my mistakes. I truly am sorry, please Sabine.” She said quickly.

Sabine: “say what you will, you are as guilty as the rest of them. I will give you a chance at redemption though. Not because I am in a hurry to be your friend but because of two things; one, Femi also hurt you and two, because you made something out of your life despite that hurt. You are not married yet, why?” She suddenly asked.

Jessica: “and face the mockery of a mother in-law when I can’t bear children? No, my church, my business and my charity work is enough for me.” She replied smiling sadly.

Sabine: “I read that too. That’s nice of you. Do you know where Femi is?” she asked again.

Jessica: “as a matter of fact I do. He accosted me last night. I think he is up to no good.” She replied. “She is this angry, even after all this time?” she thought to herself.

Sabine: “that is good. I need to get close to him. He has some explaining to do.” She said quietly.

Jessica nodded her head.

Jessica: “can I get you anything?”

Sabine shook her head and stood up. She fished in her bag and took out a piece of paper, which she dropped on the table.

Sabine: “that is my number. Give me a call when you see him.” She said then she turned and walked out of the office.

Jessica sighed audibly. She didn’t know that she had been holding her breath while Sabine was there with her. She picked the piece of paper and stared at the phone number written on it. She jumped as her phone rang out, jangling her already frayed nerves. It was Femi. She got up and rushed out, holding the phone. She got outside as Sabine was starting her car. She rushed to it and raised the phone up, mouthing the words ‘Femi’ to her as Sabine’s windows were wound up. Sabine stopped the engine and came out. She motioned to Jessica to pick the call. Jessica picked the call and put it on speaker phone,

Jessica: “Hello.” She said coldly.

Femi: “hello beautiful. You know you deserve a man not that crippled vegetable you were crawling with that night. Why not come around let’s fuck for old times’ sake?” he said, his words hitting her hard.

Jessica: “where are you?” she asked, mustering strength to speak.

Femi gave her the name of a bar and they fixed a time to meet. Sabine took down the name of the bar and left hurriedly. Jessica watched her leave, her heart beating rapidly.


Pa Okolie got to his late elder brother’s residence quite early that morning. He had thought long and hard about what he was going to say. He knocked at the gate and pushed it open. The gate man accosted him but withdrew when he recognized him as a member of the family. Besides, who would dare to rob Chief Ogbonna, after everything he had done for the community? He nodded his head and walked to the front door. He knocked and got no response. He pulled aside the curtain and entered the sitting room.

Pa Okolie: “who is at home o?” he asked on the top of his lungs.

Mrs Ogbonna replied him from inside the house. Some few minutes later, she came to the sitting room.

Mrs Ogbonna: “ha…good morning Okolie. What brings you out of your house so early? I hope there is no problem o?” she asked, wondering at his presence.

Pa Okolie: “I want to discuss a serious matter with you.” He replied, taking a seat in one of the chairs spread around the sitting room.

Mrs Ogbonna took a seat as well and waited patiently for him to speak.

Pa Okolie: “where is your daughter, this concerns her too?” he asked, looking around.

Mrs Ogbonna: “she has gone back to Lagos. Anything you tell me though, I will relate to her.” She replied

Pa Okolie: “Okay. I am here concerning the will. My brothers and I sat down to deliberate about it and we saw wisdom. We saw that it would not be right for us to deprive an old widow and her daughter, who is a single mother, the benefits of our late brother’s wealth. We therefore agreed that the assets of our brother should be shared 30% and 70%. 30% of my brother’s assets will be for you and your daughter, while 70% goes to the rest of the family. You know we are more than you and we have more responsibilities.” He said smugly.

Mrs Ogbonna looked at him quietly for some minutes. She then stood up and walked towards the room.

Pa Okolie: “you didn’t say anything. This is a good plan. There will be no fighting.” He said, his voice rising in irritation.

Mrs Ogbonna; “please shut the door when you leave.” She replied and walked into the interior of the house.

Pa Okolie pointed to himself in shock, “me, shut the door. She acted like I was a boy. A whole me! Ehen…okay…we will see who will shut the door for who.” He thought to himself as he left the house in anger.


Sabine called Femi as soon as she got home. Femi picked up the call on the first ring.

Sabine: “Femi good morning, this is Sabine.” She said, not waiting for him to speak.

FemI: “Sabine? Ha! Beautiful Sabine, how are you? It has been a long while.” He replied, enthusiastically.

Sabine: “I just wanted to ask a question. Who told you that my father was a former commissioner of Justice in Abia State?” she asked quietly.

Femi: “hmm…well I don’t know what you are talking about. Why don’t we meet to talk about it?” he asked slyly.

Sabine: “Okay. Where do I meet up with you?” she asked.

Femi: “I have an engagement by 7pm this evening. Let’s make it 8pm. I will at the Hush, the club at Ikoyi. By the way who gave you my number?” he asked, suddenly curious

Sabine: “Brume did.” She replied quietly.

Femi: “that backstabbing nitwit. I will be expecting you.” He said and ended the call.

Sabine quickly called Jessica.

Sabine: “I just finished talking to Femi. We are to meet after his meeting with you. I need a favour from you.” She said.

Jessica: “anything. Just say it and it is done.” She replied quickly.

Sabine: “I need you to get someone who can watch Femi. I want to be able to know his where about at any given time from today henceforth.” She said.

Jessica; “no one comes to mind now but I know someone who can get such a person to do the job.” She replied.

Sabine: “good. Talk to you later.” She said and ended the call.


Jessica, after her conversation with Sabine, quickly called Jude.

Jessica: “hello Jude, please we need to see and talk.” She said quickly.

Jude: Okay…I hope no problem?” he asked, worry tingeing his voice.

Jessica: “there’s something about me that you don’t know that I feel the urge to share with you and also an evil from my past is back and I need help to fight it.” She said calmly.

Jude: “let’s meet for lunch then. My driver will come pick you up. I know a good place where we can sit and talk in private.” He replied.


Sabine strutted into the offices of Sule Lamido’s Chambers, her heels clattering sharply on the linoleum floor. Barrister S.O. Lamido was not yet back from his medical leave, his secretary informed her. She demanded to see a lawyer with the firm, someone with some authority. The secretary returned after some minutes with a woman, who introduced herself as Barrister Halimat Sadiq. Sabine nodded her head and plunged straight to what had brought her to the firm’s offices, refusing the seat offered her

Sabine: “there’s a lawyer working with your firm, one Brume Nikoro. It seems he is the one handling my family affairs on behalf of your chambers. If that man is not removed to another client or even removed from this law firm, I will take my business elsewhere.” She said, hotly.

Barrister Halimat: “Madam, what happened? Did he offend you in any way?” she asked, surprised at Sabine’s vehemence.

Sabine: “he got me raped. He also went ahead and shared the pictures to the world. When I am done with him, he will never practice Law again.” She replied coolly, turned and walked out of the office.

Question: Do you think what Sabine did to Brume was fair? Do you think whatever plans Femi has in the works will be successful?

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  1. choi! Brume trouble is loading, nice one. that Femi will definitely get drawn in his own pit. nonsense man.

  2. Femi wont be successful in his plans, Sabine is under punishing Brume, just the tip of the iceberg, ride on girl, am solidly behind you,good luck.

  3. What Sabine did is just fair enough, in fact she is even being lenient. but why is my mind telling me that Jude was the one who raped Sabine?

  4. Huummm, the evils men do hurt after them, nothing campared to the anger of a heart breaking wounded woman just like a wounded lion on rampage. I pray Brumme survives this.

  5. Revenge is best served cold….hummmmmmmm, Yes,Sabine is really serving it cold…just be patient girl,careful you need to be careful..though…
    Haa Jude,I pity Jude.. But God will help him.

  6. Sabine did the right thing concerning Brume, cos you can’t allow your enemy be in charge of your affairs. If allowed to remain in the coy, he can still do harm to Sabine’s family. I love Jessica’s repentant spirit. Jude was the rapist. I hope the family in the village will not do any harm to Sabine’s mum and son o.

    • abi ooo which kind revenge z ds Sabine z tkn it too far as for Femi dah one s in big trouble even if she strip brume of his work will dah relief her pain or wah
      hmmmm it’s well

  7. Sabine has just started, Brume deserves D stomp Dts about to hit him. Demi has no idea wats coming for him, he will get d part 2 of wat he got overseas. Jessica head is working fine dt she wants to open up to Jude. so anxious to c d end of Ds story

  8. I think its fair n femi won’t b successful in his plans anymore since sabine’s n jessica will work in hand.

  9. I don’t blame Sabine for her actions. Brume needs the feel the pain of the bad seed he planted years Ago. Because he is not even yet sorry for them. What if he damaged Sabine womb. He would have left her Damaged and married another person. And as for FEMI his experience at the prison is just morning tea compared to what awaits him.


  10. Sabine should leave vengeance for God, What she is did to Brume is act of anger.
    Femi is day dreaming not knowing that surprise awaits him.

  11. Brume deserves anything Sabine can do to him and more. Femi’s plan may work to an extent but he’ll not succeed.

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