(Episode 20) A Dish Best Served Cold

(Episode 20) A Dish Best Served Cold

Jessica got to Hush, the bar Femi had asked her to meet him. Jude had been nice about what she had told him but he had been a bit reserved after. She was not surprised; he was a man after all; children are very important to the African man.

“Well it was good while it lasted. I won’t die. “She thought to herself as she walked into the crowded bar. She stood around unsure of where to go until she saw Femi beckoning to her from upstairs. She climbed the stairs quickly. “Let me get this done with and move on with my life.” She thought determinedly as she approached Femi.’

Femi: “looking stunning as usual. This racket must be paying you well o.” he said, looking at Jessica from her head to her toes.

Jessica: “Femi why do you want to see me? I am busy woman.” She retorted sharply.

Femi: “straight to the point, no foreplay. I like that. I want some of the cheddar that cripple is doling out on you. You wouldn’t want me to spoil a good thing for you now, would you?” he asked, smiling slyly.

Jessica: “ha! Femi, you used to be smoother than this. What happened to you? You need money, is that why you jumped out of the dark and spoiled a reasonably great evening with your scrawny self?” she asked sarcastically.

Femi grew angry “what does this slut think she knows? Has she been raped every day for a year then forced to give blow jobs and fucked in the ass every day for four years? She thinks she has seen pain?” he thought, his eyes flashing with pain and anger.

Femi: “you think you are strong now, right? You are throwing words around, right? You’d better cough up N300,000 before I go to your sugar daddy and spoil your business. You should know better than to dare me.” he replied hotly.

Jessica opened her purse and brought out an envelope and gave it to Femi. Femi smiled then his face clouded as he looked up. Jessica turned and saw Sabine standing behind her, her hair in disarray, venom in her eyes

Sabine: “rapist! What did you do with my mother? Kidnapper! Kidnapper!! You better bring my mother from where you kept her or I will give you so many problems you will wish you had stayed hidden in whatever hellhole you crawled out from.” She said, breathing hard with the effort of controlling her anger.

Femi stared at Sabine in surprise. Jessica turned to Femi

Jessica: “you kidnapped her mother? What is wrong with you sef? What mother gave birth to you? You can’t do good in your life? You mean the damage you have caused before is not satisfactory?” she asked, jumping up and grabbing Femi’s shirt collar.

Femi: “I don’t know what you are talking about o. why will I want to kidnap your mother? Jessica here, is willing to give me a stipend to help me along. I had wanted to also plead to your kind heart to help me too. Kidnap your mother? I have done a lot of things but kidnap? No…never.” he replied, his eyes moving from the entrance to Sabine to Jessica and back to the entrance.

Sabine looked at him and at the envelope held tightly in his hand. She turned to Jessica

Sabine: “let him go, Jessica.” She said weakly. “I have no proof. But i no that he will soon walk his way into trouble and i will be waiting.

Jessica: “Sabine this man is not innocent o. we can’t let him go like this o. he is as slippery as a catfish.” She said, looking at Femi piercingly.

Femi wriggled within Jessica’s grasp then suddenly he punched Jessica in the face and ran out of the bar. Jessica shouted while Sabine rushed to Jessica’s side. Jessica’s lip was bleeding. She brought out a handkerchief and gave it Jessica, who placed it gingerly on her lip.

Sabine: “he has run away. We need to get the police involved.” She said, her eyes searching the crowd for signs of Femi.

Jessica shook her head, gently negating the idea.

Jessica: “Let’s go to Jude. His driver is ex-military or something and he knows people.” She lisped through her swollen lips.

Sabine: “who is Jude?” she asked as they rushed into Jessica’s car and drove away.


Samuel’s man was a skinny runt of a man with a nondescript face. He always walked with a slouch like there was a weight on his shoulder. He sniffled continually as he sipped his iced tea and scrunched his eyes at the TV screen. He had been at Tunde’s bar for an hour now. He watched Tunde attend to a customer,

“Well he does know how to serve drinks. I will give him that.” He thought to himself as he watched Tunde pass a glass to the pretty lady. The lady smiled her thanks and Tunde winked, “But he’s no good, that’s for sure.”  He thought as he observed Tunde’s dimpled smile.

Suddenly, a phone rang. The man heard it but he acted like he didn’t. He had been acting like a half deaf man since he entered the bar. Tunde brought out the ringing phone then looked at the lady suspiciously. He moved towards the man.

Tunde: “Femi how far? How did it go?”He asked watching the deaf man by his side.

Femi: “Omo level don cast o. I got lucky and got away o. We have to move our plans forward. I am going to join the others. No worry, we will still get paid.” He said quickly and ended the call.

Tunde: “He didn’t tell me if he got the money from Jessica and Sabine o? This guy sef…” he muttered to himself.

Private Investigator: “you say what?” he asked, speaking loudly.

Tunde: “Oga i didn’t talk to you.” he replied turning to look at the man.

Private Investigator: ehn, you say?”He repeated.

Tunde: “here’s more iced tea for your deaf ass.” He replied sighing in exasperation as he poured him another glass.

The man smiled at Tunde . “He’s smart but not very smart.”  He thought to himself. He brought out his phone and sent a quick text to Samuel.


Jessica and Sabine got to Jude’s offices in flurry of clicking heels and flashing skirts. Samuel opened the door for them. They met Jude seated behind a desk, wearing a bathrobe. Jessica looked at him in surprise

Jessica: “why are you wearing a bathrobe in your office?” she blurted out without thinking.

Samuel chuckled, Jude turned to him with a wicked look then he turned to speak but stopped. Sabine had just entered the office.

Jude: “you! You were there!”He shouted, shock in his voice and a shocked look on his face.

Sabine: “Me, where?” she asked, touching her chest, looking at Jude then at Jessica in surprise.

Jude: “the day I was rushed into the hospital after the accident that destroyed my legs, you stood at the hospital entrance and watched me rolled in. The look on your face that day changed me. You made me pursue a better life. So you are Sabine? It is a small world.” He said as he rolled his wheelchair towards her and grabbed her hand in his hands, his eyes filled with gratitude.

Sabine turned to Jessica, uncomfortable at such attention. She withdrew her hand from his grip.

Sabine: “I remember that day. I was in turmoil then. I guess am still in turmoil. You heard Jessica on the phone, what do we do? I want to go to the police.” She replied, turning around for a seat.

Jude: “I have sent a message to some business partners in Abia State and they have placed pressure on the Commissioner of Police to get results and get them fast. Don’t you worry we will get her back safe and sound.” He replied, rolling back to his spot behind his desk.

Samuel: “Besides this Femi, do you know of anyone who has it in for you and would stoop so low as to kidnap your mother?” he asked quietly.

Sabine: “It is Femi, I tell you. He is the personification of evil. He destroys lives. That is what he does for a living. I am not sure that man has done a legitimate job in his life.” She retorted hotly.

Samuel nodded his head and placed a call. He spoke for some minutes then he hung up.

Samuel: “Femi is leaving the state. We do not know where he is headed but that information will come soon. I think madam you should head to Abia State, to your son, madam. He needs you. We will handle things from here.” He said quietly.

Sabine nodded and got up. Jessica got up with her

Jessica: “I am coming with you, Sabine.” She said, determined look on her face.

Before Sabine could reply, Samuel’s phone rang again. He raised his hand and listened then he covered his hand over the mouthpiece.

Samuel: “You better book a flight for four. Femi is on his way to Abia State.”

Sabine: “I told you.” She shouted and rushed out of the office.

Question: Do you think Femi kidnapped Sabine’s mother?”

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  1. No, I don’t think its Femi. Its d greedy, lazy, slothful pa Okolie dat can’t make his own money dat kidnapped Sabine’s mother. won’t be surprised if he ask for d documents as Ransome.

  2. Am beginning to believe that FEMI is guilty of the kidnapping oooh.


  3. I hardly think so. It’s more likely to be her uncle.
    Femi would be more interested in kidnapping her son, unless he’s collaborating with the uncle

  4. I don’t think its his hndiwork. He is jus planning to do his own kidnapping. Maybe jessica or sabine ssunming tinz dnt went wrong.

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