(Episode 23) A Dish Best Served Cold

(Episode 23) A Dish Best Served Cold

Jude sat in the car with Samuel. They had gotten to Sabine’s family house to meet it deserted. They stood debating on what to do as their calls to Jessica and Sabine’s phones had gone unanswered. Jude was very worried but Samuel had already called one of his contacts to get information. He ended his call and turned to Jude.

Samuel: “the police orderly attached to Sabine’s mother called in from one Pa Okolie’s place. He confirmed that indeed Sabine’s mother is dead but guess what? It is not through Femi’s handiwork but rather the Pa Okolie, who is Sabine’s paternal uncle. The police are already after the man’s son and his gang who had kidnapped her at his father’s behest over a supposed slight in the sharing of properties.” He said calmly, staring at Jude through the rear view.

Jude: “so we go to Pa Okolie’s place then, wherever that may be. What is Femi up to here?” he asked, worried.

Samuel started the car and they drove down the street. He stopped and asked for directions to Pa Okolie’s house from an old man riding a bicycle. He gave them directions to the house then he move on.


Tunde turned to the policemen by his side after the call, trepidation in his face.

Tunde: “was that okay?” he asked.

The policemen nodded and took him away. Samuel’s man placed a call to Samuel immediately. He informed him that Femi was in the vicinity and he was up to no good.


Femi strutted to where Sabine knelt on the ground crying. He looked at her and shook his head

Femi: “I don’t know how you did it but you managed to spoil my return to Nigeria. All I wanted was some money to tide me over until I get back on my feet. You let this dumb ass uncle of yours steal my thunder. All I wanted was some change?” he said, quietly.

Sabine: “Femi what more do you want from me? You want money, go and take the money. But please give me my son, I beg you in the name of God. He is all I have. What did I do to you?” she asked raising her head to look at him.

Femi: “you rich kids…you don’t know what it is to hustle. I have been hustling all my life. Everything I have or had, I hustle for. You were brought to my attention by your boyfriend. He paid me to do a job and I did it. I did not sleep with you but I could have. He posted the pictures online, not me. So what was my crime?  As for your son, I don’t know where he is.” He replied.

Jessica: “do you know you disappeared, leaving me pregnant?” she asked him coldly.

Femi turned in shock. He looked at her.

Femi: you have a baby for me?” he asked, excitement in his voice.

Jessica: “no, I removed the pregnancy and lost my womb in the process.” She replied sadly.

Femi shook his head.

Femi: “enough of this sober reflection. I want you, Sabine to do a transfer of whatever you have in your account to an account I will give to you now or I will start killing people here.” He said coldly.

One of his men looked up in shock,

Man: “broadly, na kidnap we come do o. you no say we go kill person. I no join to kill person.” The man said emphatically.

Femi: “Oya dey go na. Go back to Lagos. I am not leaving here until I get paid.” He whipped around and pointed his gun at Mama Onyedikachi.

The woman moaned in fear. Sabine looked at her and at the gun.

Sabine: “my token is in my car. I need to get it to be able to do any transfer.” she said quietly.

Femi: “Oya now, let’s go to your car. You watch them.” He said to one of his men.

He and Sabine stepped out and came face to face with a team of policemen.


The policemen ordered Femi to drop his gun or be shot. Among them stood Samuel, Femi saw that he had nowhere to run so he surrendered. He and his men were quickly handcuffed and bundled into a Hilux truck. On entering the house, they picked Pa Okolie as well and drove all of them to the police station at Umuahia.

Sabine turned to Jessica and hugged her then she burst into tears

Sabine: “My boy…my boy. Where is my Tochukwu? Jessica, where is my son?” she cried into her friend’s arms.

Jessica: “don’t worry, we will find him. Either your uncle or Femi will know where he is hidden. Just let the police do their job. We have done ours; Femi is finally in the police net.” She replied, holding her friend close and rubbing her back.

Anita walked up to them. She had been consoling Mama Onyedikachi who had been crying intermittently while Femi was in the sitting room. Her tears had only worsened when the police came in and arrested her husband.

Anita: “I need to get back to my husband. He would be worried for me now. I hope you find your son.” She turned to go.

Sabine: “tell Brume that he will never find peace in his life. He was the one that brought Femi into my life.” She replied hotly, tears streaming down her face.

Anita: “The man is sterile. He cannot father any child. How much worse can it get? He has already been punished, Sabine, what more do you want? Don’t let the pursuit of vengeance blind you to what is important in life.” She replied quietly.

Sabine: “And what is that?” she asked derisively.

Anita: “that as long as you are alive, there is hope; there is a chance for change, for improvement and for growth. Let go of the past and move on. I am not saying this because of my husband but because of you. Your friend Jessica is an embodiment of that fact. You are shackled by a memory Sabine, save yourself. Bye. Goodbye Jessica.” She said quietly, and then she walked out of the house.

Sabine and Jessica watched her go. Jessica sighed

Jessica: “Brume is lucky.” She muttered to herself in admiration.

Samuel entered the house. Jessica looked out to see if Jude was out there.

Samuel: “I didn’t drive into the compound.” He said interpreting her searching look.

Samuel: “I think we should head to the police station and hear what those miscreants will say about Tochukwu’s whereabouts.” He continued.

Chidera: “what will they have to say about Tochukwu that I don’t know?” she asked, walking into the house.

Sabine stood still, her mouth wide open. The tears ceasing immediately.

Sabine: “Auntie when did you enter Nigeria?”She managed to gasp out.

Chidera walked close to Sabine and gave her a hot slap. Sabine held her face in shock. Jessica gasped in shock, while Samuel leaned against the door and decided to clean his nails with a toothpick.

Chidera: “I remembered a phone conversation during which I advised you not to go to Lagos. Well you did, now your mother is dead. How do you feel?” she asked quietly.

Sabine: “I know. I will never forgive myself. That is not the worst of it. Tochi is missing. Pa Okolie or Femi has him and they are refusing to speak. I am afraid.” She replied, tears welling in her eyes again.

Chidera: Oh…but Tochukwu is in Lagos.” She replied, settling down into a sofa.

Sabine looked at her in surprise, sniffling back a stream of catarrh coming out of her nostril.

Sabine: “I don’t understand. Tochi is where?”She asked, in a surprised voice.

Chidera: “when I realized that you are going to be an idiot, I decided to come to Nigeria. I got here just after your mother’s disappearance. I watched him play then I called him over. Boy, was he glad to see me? I took him to Lagos and left him in the custody of a family friend.” she replied calmly.

Sabine: “you left him alone with strangers?” she asked, unable to believe that her son was safe.

Chidera: “now she is worried.” She replied and she hissed.

Jessica burst into laughter and Samuel smiled.

Question: Do you think Anita’s advice is a good one? Do you feel that Brume deserves Anita?

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  1. Datz a very gud advice 4rm Anita,nd also femi doesn’t deserve Anita but like she said,u have 2 let go off d past.

  2. I have made my comment already in episode 22..what Anita said is right&very correct..what is left,he can not father a child,she is barren,one is cripple, so…what next?Sabine, have hope,she is a fertile ground, marry good man&give birth again & again….what else,she has what others did not have,HOPE!!!!!!!she should move on&leave revenge for God….

  3. Brume doesn’t deserve Anita at all,but God knows how to place people, He give us wife&husband based on different abilities, husband&wife are the best for each that is why God pattern it that way…they are both helpmate….

  4. Brume dsnt deserve Anita cos she is homely and nice despite all that she hrd him do. Well Sabine shuld let go of the past and move on. Now is the time to let it go

  5. Anita’s advice is a gud one. Brume doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s husband let alone a gud woman like Anita. it will be nyc if everyone hurt in one way or the other can forgive n forget n move ahead freely

  6. or u mean Brume deserves Anita, well, we are not God who has a way of forgiving and robbing off ones iniquities, God has mercies on whom He deems fit to be merciful to, God can prevail on Anita to stick with Brume and still bear children for him, THAT IS GOD. WE HAVE HEARD OF WOMEN WITHOUT WOMB WHO STILL WENT THROUGH PREGNANCY TO BEAR CHILDREN. But the contention now is who is Tochukwu father, Tochukwu’s father is Jude, Tunde will reveal everything in police station and where will Jessica begin now with her heartthrob Jude. Am sure Jude will not leave his son for someone else more importantly Sabine has a stake in changing him. That Sabine self, na special breed. HUUUMM SEE DESTINY, OR IS IT KARMA WE WILL CALL IT. JESSICA STARTED IT SHE ENDED IT AS WELL.

  7. Anita’s advice is in the right direction, leave vengeance for God.
    Sabine should get herself together and take care of her son and wealth her father left for her.

  8. Her advise is a good one, judging Brume with his past he didnt deserve Anita, but everybody he deserve a second chance.

  9. Hmmmm,jus reading bt am happy to hear abt tochi. Anita advice is right n brume doesn’t deserve her bt all is well

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