(Episode 2) Heart of Man…Thorny Path of Memories!

(Episode 2) Heart of Man...Thorny Path of Memories!

She could not contain her anger, if she could, she would have spat in his face and walked out but she knew better than doing that. She just shook her head and walked out angrily.

Henry: “Look at her walking out on me. Have you seen what your daughter has become now? Did you see how she eyed me just because I want the best for her and for this family?” he asked looking disapprovingly at his wife who stared back at him with a look of puzzlement on her face.

Abigail: “So why are you looking at me like that? Am I Ada? You should have taken it easy on her too. How can you talk of disowning her over something as trivial as this?”

Henry: “You call this trivial? Now I know the kind of wife I married- a double faced human. Just some minutes ago, you were asking me to look for money to send to the boys. I got a very good offer and now you are calling it trivial? Do you know what it means to be an in-law to chief Nwokolo? Are you so daft?” he shot at her.

Abigail: “I am just saying you should have spoken to her with love. Besides the chief has another son hasn’t he? Why can’t he be the one to marry Ada? Why must it be Richmond?” she asked, still puzzling at her husband’s words.

Henry: “If you were the one, would you allow your second son to get married before the first son? Besides, I don’t care whom she ends up marrying, all I care is the person must be Nwokolo’s son. Do you get it?” he replied, angrily.

Abigail: “I will go talk to her now” she said and walked past her husband who stood staring at her retreating figure.


She laid on the orthopaedic bed her dad had gotten for her from one of his visits to Germany back then when things were still going smoothly for them, thinking of what he had said to her. She could not believe her beloved dad, her very first love, could talk so harshly to her just because of marriage. Marrying Richmond was not the issue but knowing her parents cared more about wealth and position than they cared about her well-being made her want to choke to death with disappointment.

“I can’t believe this. I’m sure I’d wake up from this terrible nightmare soon. Dad did not talk about disowning me just like that. It is all a dream” she thought as she buried her head in the fluffy pillow which was in deep contrast with the bed she laid on and cried herself silly. She heard them talking from the sitting room but hadn’t bothered to pay attention to what they were saying. She knew doing that would do her no good but would only add more firewood to the flames threatening to erupt into a blazing inferno inside her.

Her mother opened the door quietly, stood by the door for some minutes deliberating on whether to go on with her mission or to let the girl be. She admired the neatness of her daughter’s room; everything was where they were supposed to be. Her bed occupied most of the space in the room, the wardrobe stood opened right beside the bed. Her clothes were neatly folded and placed on top of each other while some were hung. In front of the bed was a mirror stand where she had her cosmetics neatly arranged on the table which came with the mirror. She hardly used make up so her cosmetics contained mainly of cleansers, different kind of cream for legs, hands and ankles; then some other stuffs her mum did not take her time to find out what they were for. She smiled at her daughter satisfied that she knew where her priorities laid at least. She stopped hovering around the room with her eyes and walked stealthily towards her, perched on the edge of the bed and laid a hand on her shoulder.

Abigail: “My dear…” she began but Ada did not even as much as stir from her position. “Please try to understand what your dad is driving at”

Adaeze: “Mum I can’t believe you are also in support of his actions. How can you even come here asking me to understand what he is driving at? What mother does that?” she said looking up suddenly with tear-filled eyes at her mum, who looked away unable to withstand the hurt she saw there.

Abigail: “I am sorry dear but there is nothing I can do about this. He is my husband and the best I can do is support his every decisions. This is for the best of the family…”

Adaeze: “For the best of the family? What about me?” she cut in sharply, beating her chest. “What about my happiness? What about my life? Are you guys going to sacrifice me at the altar of wealth? Why can’t you encourage dad to get something else to do since he lost his job? Why me, mum? Why?” she buried her head in the pillow again, weeping profusely.


Abigail: “I really don’t seem to understand all these rhetoric of yours. What do you mean by we are sacrificing you on the altar of wealth? Are we the ones going into a wealthy home or you? You should be happy we are doing this for you.

Get ready to get married; it is for your own good. You can thank us later” she said and stormed out of the room. Patience was not one of her best virtues. She went there with the intention of making things right only to compound it all. She felt bad but she kept walking anyway without looking back.


He looked around his parents’ lavishly furnished living room but didn’t see anything in particular. His mind was somewhere else; where Ada was- his bride to be. He could not understand why it was taking them so long to bring his bride to him. He wanted nothing but to look at her day and night, have her serve his food, play with him, and bathe him. He just couldn’t wait. The first time he saw her was on Television when Adelove.com’s media team went to interview her at the dance club. He saw her dance briefly and took to her immediately. His parents were enthralled because it was the first time he ever indicated interest in any lady.

He waited patiently in the living room after throwing endless tantrums which the housemaids that littered around the house found very difficult to calm down. He sat by the window at last, waiting for them to come back so he could throw another bout of the tantrums he had in store for them. As soon as he saw their car enter through the gate, he stood up excitedly and hid at the back of the door. Something he always did whenever his parents were out. They stopped being taken aback each time he did that so that noon too, his mum just smiled at him when he jumped out in a bid to frighten her.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Richie baby. How are you doing this evening?” she asked walking on. She took her seat on the leopard skin settee and breathed out tiredly.

Richmond: “Mummy where is daddy?” he asked without much ado.

Mrs Nwokolo: “He is on his way. I arrived before him today, thank God o. only God knows what they are talking about in their meeting till now. Have you eaten my dear?” she asked looking sadly at her thirty-five years old first son. She loved him so much. He was the one who wiped away her tears and shame due to her years of childlessness. Though his illness brought another cause for shame, but at least, she was no longer seen as a barren woman. She was ready to give him whatever he wanted. She and his father spoiled him silly.

Richmond: “Mummy when is my beautiful wife coming to this house? Please I want my wife. Come lets go and get her together” he stood up and started trying to drag his mum off but she shook him off gently.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Do not worry dear; we will talk about it properly when your dad comes back. We will surely get her here soon enough” she tried to cajole him but he wouldn’t have any of that.

Richmond: “No mum! I want her here today. I want her here today… today. Please follow me to her place so we can bring her here together” tears started dripping from his eyes.

One thing that wearied his parents was whenever he was been stubborn, he got whatever he wanted by any means possible. She knew she was in for one of such times at that moment.

Mrs Nwokolo: “I said we will get her when your dad comes back. Just relax okay? Your wife will be here soon”

Richmond: “No! That was what you told me yesterday and the day before and the day before the day before. You don’t love me because I am not like Dave right? He is in London and is handsome and doesn’t act like a baby. That is why you love him and give him anything he wants but not me. You guys cheat me every day just because I am not handsome. I will leave this house for you and go search for my wife myself”

His mother was still trying to digest all he had said, she was apparently shocked by his utterances. Before she could open her mouth to say something else, he had already dashed out. She thought since the gate was locked that he wouldn’t be able to run out but just then, her husband’s car horn hooted outside and she knew she was in trouble. She ran out and saw Richmond dodge the gateman, running out of the compound as her husband was driving in. “Stop him!” she barked at no one in particular but it was already too late.

He kept running without looking back unsure of where he was actually going to. He neither knew his bride-to-be’s place nor had he been out on his own before. He felt lost and hopelessly handicapped.

Question: What do you think is going to happen to him now? Is Ada’s mum supposed to support her husband’s decision in this instance too?

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  1. The mum should have soft pedal a bit being a woman. Nothing will happen to him, they can meet him up with a car. In this age nd time, no parent decides who their children get married to.

  2. Ada mum shouldn’t av agreed wt her husband decision. Ada happiness is also important. As for Richie, next episode will tell us. Gud one Adelove.

  3. wahala..he can be knocked down by a car. mama ada should stand by her daughter and not support the husband of her decision… haba!!! how can they be trading their daughter, s happiness with wealth

  4. She is not a good mother at all.Hw can she even think of that?..giving out her only daughter to someone not normal.

  5. What a mother! Abigail is a good wife supporting her husband, forgetting her role as a mother. Ada, God will sees you through, all things work together for good, you know.

  6. Ada’s mum is very wrong to support her husband in this kind of issue and as for Richie. He is just going to a place he don’t know, without a destination without a compass. Am so Sorry for Richie I feel for Him.


  7. She’s not supposed to support her husband in such condition.
    He might ran into a coming vehicle.

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