(Episode 3) Heart of Man…Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 3) Heart of Man...Thorny Path of Memories

At the dance club, she could do nothing much. Her students noticed immediately that something was wrong somewhere; they were the only close friends she had. She fell down each time she tried to do the spin she could do effortlessly on a normal day. No matter how much she tried, she still didn’t succeed. She sat down on the floor hopelessly with her face in her hands, feeling ashamed of herself as the children hovered around her.

Suzan: “Aunty, what is wrong with you?” she bent down while the rest of the children did same.

Adaeze: “I am okay my dearies. Nothing is wrong so do not bother yourself at all” she tried to force herself to smile but that too was mission impossible.

Flora: “You don’t look alright to me though. Something is seriously bothering you. Don’t think that because we are still small that we don’t have any sense o. We can be of help too so open up to us” she said innocently.

Suzan: “Yes she is right. You always tell us that a problem shared is a problem solved” she said with her eyes gazing intently at her.

Adaeze: “Hmmmm I said I am fine kids. You will not understand even if I tell you so let’s just get back to what we were doing before” she said and stood up, the children stood up too looking hurt. She felt bad knowing they only meant well, she shouldn’t have spoken to them like she did.

“Okay my parents want me to marry a guy I don’t like at all” she announced and they turned back excitedly. She wondered how come they all almost did the same things at the same time and agreed on everything. Flora and Suzan was their mouthpiece.

Suzan: “Oh my God! That is a real problem o. I thought it only happened in movies” she said looking at her with amusement.

Adaeze: “It is not funny. The guy acts like a child too because he is somehow sick. He is 35yrs but acts like a 10 year old boy. My dad said he’d disown me if I refuse to marry him” the tears welled up in her eyes and she tried as much as possible not to let them flow in the presence of the children.

Flora: “He is sick and your parents want you to marry him, why?” she asked with childlike innocence.

Adaeze: “I don’t know” she said casually.

Suzan: “I don’t know what to say o. this is adult stuff. I think you should probably listen to your parents since they know what could be good for you?” she advised unsure of herself.

Flora: “No! She said she does not love the man and he acts like a little boy. I think you should run away from the house”

Olivia: “If aunty runs away, I will not be able to see her again. Who will be teaching us dance?” she chipped in sadly looking down.

Flora: “Well that is true. Maybe you should just do what your heart is telling you to. This one is beyond us or you should seek advice from an elderly person. Maybe beg one of your uncles or aunties to talk to him”

Adaeze: “Not to worry kids. I will be fine okay?”

Suzan: “Hmmmmm…I sure don’t want to grow up. I want to remain fifteen forever”

Adaeze: “Growing up is fun”

Suzan: “No it comes with lots of responsibilities and marriage wahala. You should see what my elder sisters are going through. My parents just won’t let them rest with the talk of bringing a husband home soon. Every day you will see them on their knees praying to God for a husband. I feel sorry for them” she chuckled.


She decided to walk home that evening instead of taking cab. She needed some time to clear her head and to be sure on what she was going to do. She needed a breath of fresh air before she would go face her dad that evening again. She saw a group of teenage boys gathered together at the sharp bend which led to Bridge Quarters.

A tall man was at the centre of the circle they had formed and he was being pushed around while they laughed hysterically at him as he sulked childishly.

1st Boy: “Push him to me, push him to me Emeka” he stretched his hands in front of him like one ready to catch a baby in mid- air. The man was pushed to him while he pushed him to the person right opposite him.

Man: “Leave me alone o. leave me. I will tell my dad and you will all be dead. Leave me alone now”

2nd Boy: “You too why are you doing like a small boy? Why have you been lying on the floor in front of my house? A grown up man like you?” he said jeering at him as he was pushed towards him.

Ada walked closer to them to see what was happening properly and was taken aback when she saw it was Richmond; the man her parents wanted her to marry. She quickly rushed to the centre of the circle.

Adaeze: “It is enough now boys” she said looking at them menacingly while they scampered off still laughing. They seemed to have enjoyed themselves a lot.

Richmond: “It’s my wife. Yaaay!” he jumped on her excitedly and hung on to her shoulders.

Adaeze: “Leave me alone, I am not your wife” she tried shaking him off but he held on to her tightly. Her phone rang just then, it was her dad…”Hello dad” she greeted grumbly.

Henry: “See Richmond is missing. His dad just called me now saying he ran off to go look for you. Please look around just in case you see him. The media must not know he is still alive” he said in haste.

Adaeze: “He is with me now, I saw him on the street on my way back” she replied with her voice lacking lustre.

Henry: “Oh really? Then you should escort him back home” he said and ended the call.

Adaeze: “What are you doing out here all by yourself anyway?”

Richmond: “I was looking for you. I think I lost my way. Thank God I found you at last, where have you been?” he asked still unable to meet her gaze.

She looked at the boyish man still hanging on to her arms and shook her head. She didn’t know whether to scream or cry and throw him inside the gutter. He looked so innocent when he looked up shyly into her eyes briefly before taking his eyes away. He seemed to find it difficult holding people’s gazes for long.

Adaeze: “Okay, I will get a taxi for you now. You will have to go home by yourself okay? I need to be home as soon as possible” she said and tried unhooking his arms from hers but he held on even tighter than before.

Richmond: “No! We are going home together. I will not leave without you. You are my wife. We are going together, I will not leave without you. No! You are my wife. Let’s go together” he kept repeating everything he said.

Adaeze: “Hmmmmmm…I am in trouble of course. Okay I will take you home, let’s go get a cab, shall we?”

Richmond: “Yeeeees! “He jumped up excitedly without letting go of her arms. He was all clingy as she led him back to the main road.


Mrs Nwokolo: “Oh my God Richie!” Where did you run of to? We searched for you all over the place” she said when she saw him. He was still clinging to Ada tightly. She ran to hold him but he shrugged her off.

Richmond: “I went to bring my wife and she is here now. Nobody will touch me again” he said proudly and Ada shifted uneasily.

She noticed Ada’s discomfiture and knew she had to do something.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Thanks dear for bringing him back home. What would you like to eat?”

Adaeze: “Do not worry about that ma. I want to take my leave now, it’s getting late” she said and finally unhooked his arms from hers.

Richmond: “Mummy, she is not going anywhere. She is my wife, I want her to stay with me forever and ever” he said hopping to his feet.

Mr Nwokolo walked in with phone in hand, his belly protruding from the singlet he wore. He looked funny with his balding front head and the wrapper he had knotted tightly under his belly.

Mr Nwokolo: “My dear, you are welcome to our house. I just finished speaking with your dad now and he has agreed for you to become our wife from now on. I have transferred a million naira to him as your bride price so from now on, you will remain in this house and be my son’s wife”

Adaeze: “What?” she was bewildered.

Question: Oh God!  How will she get out of this trap now? Do you think her dad did right by letting her marry Richmond in order to rebuild his crumbled empire?

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  1. What kind of father does that, even if he wants to sell his daughter off, 1m is too poor. that’s to show how cheap and desperate the man is, with this economy, what can 1m do

  2. That’s very bad of him. He doesn’t v right due to d opportunity he sees. I feel 4 Ada bt I trust she will sort herself out wit d hlp of richmond. That means if she use sweetened mouth to him as if she is her wife,then she can escape for anything richie wants will b granted

  3. dt man is a coward, he just sold her like a fowl. I bet she will escape. I can’t imagine a literate, a doctor will do dt his his only daughter. oh God!

  4. The man is so stupid to hav sold his daughter out for a million naira. I pray he does not do anything good with dat money, so annoying.

  5. Her dad is just behaving like an illiterate, all her cares about is money n he wouldn’t go out there in search of one instead of using his only daughter as a yardstick. What nonsense

  6. Selling off his daughter this way in the name if marriage is not right. I hope she will later like this Richmond of a man

  7. What Adaeze’s parent did was very wrong, God knows best. Ada take heart and be prayerful, i believe God will sees you through this ordeal.

  8. He’ll still squander the money and live to regret it.
    A whole man selling off his daughter instead of looking for job

  9. Idiot the same foolishness that reduce him to poverty is still controlling his sense of reasoning want to sale off her daughter can’t he go out there looking for work like every other men

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