(Episode 8) Heart of Man…Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 8) Heart of Man...Thorny Path of Memories

As he walked home, he didn’t even know why he was there, he didn’t know why he felt so downcast since he had seen it coming. What daughter would forgive so easily after what he did? Besides he knew that if he still had the money, he wouldn’t have thought of returning it. He had lied to his wife about thinking of returning it so she wouldn’t hate and blame him. The truth was that he felt messed up and betrayed. He knew without doubt that Mr Nwokolo was the brain behind the robbery. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t know when he started crossing the road, he did not see the car coming, and he did not hear when it got very close to him. The only thing he knew was that he found himself knocked out of his breath and flying in the air…

Two Months later

They become closer as each day passed. She found out that she loved being with him more than anyone else. He brought out the best in her no one else had ever seen before. He made living in that house bearable for her. Every night, she waited for him to return so they could go up to the balcony to talk about how their days went. Immediately she heard his car pull up inside the compound, she ran up to the balcony and pretended to be reading a novel. She knew that the first place he was going to check was there.

Dave: “Hello my chocolate sauce. My very dark-skinned water melon. How are you doing today?” he said as he bent down to place a light peck on her cheek which she dodged.

Adaeze: “I am fine. Welcome dear. How was work today?” she asked scrutinizing him from head to toe. He always found a way to look good and polished even at night after a long day at work.

Dave: “Stressful my dear” he slumped down unto the arms of the cushy upholstered club chair she sat prettily on, exposing those hot legs of hers in the mini shirt she had on.

Adaeze: “You sure don’t look tired or stressed at all” she said and pretended to lose interest in him but she was more than aware of him, his strong masculine scent, the fact that his armpit was directing on her shoulders making it seem like she was in his arms or leaning on him. She felt adrenaline rush through her veins, she swallowed hard trying to calm her racing heart.

Dave: “Well, you are my strength baby. Once I see you I forget all my troubles. You are just my adrenaline push water melon” he said trying to sound as cheerful as he used to be. He could not deny the fact that he wanted her real bad and that was making him think of really silly stuffs. He wanted to fully embrace her that he felt he might run mad if he didn’t soon. “Can you dance with me please” he stood up in front of her and outstretched his hand towards her.

Adaeze: “Dance to no music?”

Dave: “Richmond come out here!” he ordered with an instant change of tone.

Adaeze: “Richmond? Where is he?” she asked looking frantically around.

Dave: “He has been hiding behind the door since. I just decided to ignore him thinking he’d decide to come out of his hiding on his own”

He dragged himself out from his hiding. Somehow, he didn’t like that his wife and his brother were becoming too close but because he didn’t want to offend his brother, he decided not to say anything. Yet, he was jealous to the core and he kept sulking each time he saw them together.

Richmond: “Hello my wife” he said beaming a smile at Ada.

Dave: “Wife? I told you not to call her that in my presence Richie. Can’t you see it makes her uncomfortable? What on earth have you done to deserve her as your wife? You are just a small and innocent boy who doesn’t even know what to do with a woman. How can you have a wife?” he snapped, all the anger he had been trying so hard to keep bottled in went surging forward.

Richmond: “But she is my wife. Dad said she is my wife” he said unsure of himself.

Adaeze: “Why are you talking to your elder brother like that Dave? That is unfair, do you know that?” she stood to her feet staring him in the eye. His resolve melted immediately.

Dave: “But…”

Adaeze: “Richie let’s go” she held his hand and they both walked out on him.

He stood perplexed on one spot.


Abigail: “Can you see what you have done to yourself Henry? You have ruined our lives in this family. You have become a cripple. Do physical exercise which the doctor advised you to be doing, you wouldn’t agree. Go for rehab, you still won’t go. Who asked you to go to that house in the first place even though you were drunk?” she paced around in a frustrated manner. “The little money Humphrey is making, he is using to sponsor himself and his brother’s education and still using it to pay for your hospital bills. Why don’t you ever make the right decisions in your life?” she let out an exasperated sigh and sat heavily on the sofa opposite him. He sat on a wheelchair.

Henry: “I went there to bring my daughter home” he said with his head bowed. That was the first time he had ever said anything since the accident.

Abigail: “Who sent you? Weren’t you the one who gave her out in marriage?”

Henry: “So I wanted her back” he put his hand under his jaws like a man in despair.

Abigail: “The funniest part is that you aren’t even remorseful for everything you have been doing. You feel I don’t know why you want her back? Isn’t it so you can offer her to the next highest bidder? Guess what? I have decided to leave this house for you. You can call one of your sisters to come and be taking care of you. I think I have had enough of your lazy ass and mediocrity. I didn’t come to this house to slave away. When you are ready to improve on yourself and take responsibilities for your actions, please call me then” she said and stormed out of the sitting room.


Richmond: “Dave please what did I do to you? Please leave me alone” he struggled harder under his brother’s iron fists.

Dave: “No! I am going to kill you. I will surely kill you today, you should have died a long time ago, I just don’t know why you are still alive” he dragged him on the floor, cursing under his breath. The knife in his hand shone in the darkness.

Richmond: “Why brother? Why?”

Dave: “You keep taking everything away from me. You took most of our parents’ affections, you took away the woman I am in love with. Why must you have everything Richmond? I am always fighting to keep up with you, to at least share a little of their love. Now I have to watch you take her away from me too? Never! Today, one of us must die and it’s going to be you” he said in between clenched teeth, raised the knife up and plunged it into his stomach…

Question: Does Henry getting abandoned by his wife the right thing she should have done? Will Richmond survive his brother’s misplaced wrath?

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  1. i said it… no member of that family has no intention. Abigail should have done that a very long time ago.

    good night ALC.

  2. Abigail did not do right by abandoning her husband now that he is crippled..After all she is as wicked and greedy as the husband…Richmond’s attack must surely be in dream…I wonder why Dave is jealous of his brother..How i wish that the spirit of imbecility will possess him for him to feel what Richmond is suffering..

  3. Abigail leaving her husband is not the right choice but she had to take a risk on that inorder for her husband to brace up on his responsibility and act like a man.

  4. Dave!!!!why???eeeeeeeeeeeee because of a woman,anyway your father bargain for it…I pity your family,that is death in the family,because you will kill yourself one by one,you kill your brother, then your father will kill you all because of Adaeze…it serves you right,your family will pay dearlybfor ruin her life…
    Woman,you better go to your husband,don’t be a foolish one…

  5. Nightmare i guess but if it’s nt Richmond might survive it slightly, might even gain his health back.

  6. Abigail didn’t do right by abandoning her husband, I want to blv it’s a dream Dave attempting murder on his brother.

  7. Is not right for her to leave him.
    I pray that of Dave and his brother is just a dream and not reality.

  8. Abigail shouldn’t have abandoned her husband… tout they planned it 2geda…. as 4 Dave and Richmond. ..itz just a dream…

  9. Abigael should have fought for her daughter, it is too late for her drama. Richmond and Dave its just a dream.

  10. Thou they r in it 2geda but serves him right so that he will get his head correct as she said. It should b a dream n if not, richie should b able to survive it 4 his innocent way.

  11. D wife should not have done that at all, Infact she is wicked too. I expected her as a mother to have hidden her daughter somewhere when d father had such intentions but bcos she wanted part of d money too….she could not think. As for Dave dt is not d right way to go about it.

  12. I don’t see anything wrong in Abigail leaving d house..henry needs help nd he has refused 2 get it,her leaving might b an eye opened 4 him ,its a dream dat will come 2 past

  13. I don’t see anything wrong in Abigail leaving d house..henry needs help nd he has refused 2 get it,her leaving might b an eye opened 4 him ,its a dream dat will come 2 past

  14. I hope dis is not real at all…Dave can’t just do dat naw……hhhhhmmm Abigail thank God u are now awake…I guess dat proud and lazy Henry will find something meaningful to do with his life now….weldone Adelove crew

  15. I don’t see anything wrong in Abigail living d house but she should have done dat wen her husband was bent on given their daughter out cheaply. They are both greedy. It serves mr Henry right. He deserve more than dat for ruining his daughter’s life. Richie will survive.

  16. Abigail pls don’t leave your home and husband now that he needed you most. Richie will survive, but it’s all a dream.

  17. hmmm abigal shouldn’t aff left her hubby cuz dz z d tym he needs her d most she shud aff done wen he greedily sold ada.
    .and as for Dave it’s a dream n if it’s nuh he will survive it. cuz of his innocent hrt

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