(Episode 10) Heart of Man…Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 10) Heart of Man...Thorny Path of Memories

She went to her sister’s place after leaving her husband’s house. She became restless, no matter how much she tried to convince herself that she did the right thing, she knew it wasn’t right for her to have left him all alone like that.

“Well if I stayed there doing everything for him, he will definitely remain on that wheelchair. He will never heed to the doctor’s advice” she kept trying to convince herself, she didn’t know when her sister entered the one room apartment. Patience was a spinster who was almost past her prime. She just started working at an insurance company and that was how she able to rent that one room apartment, so she could give her uncle a breathing space.

Patience: “What are you thinking so deeply about? Don’t tell me you are still worried about your husband?” she dropped her bag on the floor, sat down on the only chair in the room and started unbuttoning her shirt.

Abigail: “Oh! You are back?” she shifted uneasily on the bed, wondering how long she had been out.

Patience: “Uhnuhn…I am still at the office. What have you been thinking about all day?” she quizzed.

Abigail: “Nothing. I was just meditating” she replied and rested her back on the purple painted wall.

Patience: “You know I cannot be easily written off like that. What have you been meditating on? Your husband right?”



Abigail: “Well yeah. I am worried sick about him. What he is doing, how he is coping, wondering if someone is there taking care of him? I am so worried, I think I will go back sooner than I planned” she said looking to her sister for support.

Patience: “You will be a big fool if you go back elder sister. How can you even think of going back to a cripple, So he can finally ruin your life?” she paused for effect, she could get vehement when she was really passionate about something, “Do you want to live in poverty for the rest of your life? look here, don’t go back to him, our uncle’s house is big enough to accommodate you, if you think this place is not big enough then you should go back to our family house” she blurted out harshly.

Abigail: “But how about my children? When they come back, what will I tell them?” she asked looking more downcast and nervous than ever.

Patience: “They are grown up, they are not kids anymore. They will come find you when they come back so just put your mind at rest and enjoy yourself here. Thank God you have a business so once you gather enough money, you can also rent your own apartment and live peacefully” she patted her sister on the back.

Abigail: “But it’s not really as if Henry has not been good to me. He is just a stubborn man is all”

Patience: “So wait until he swallows his pride. Let him get himself back together again then come for you. That is just my own piece of advice though. You can still do whatever you want and don’t forget, I will be here to support you through it all” she said, leaned forward and hugged her slightly.


He thought she was bluffing, he thought she would be back in a day, when a day passed and she still wasn’t back, he told himself she would be back the next day again but when she still didn’t, he decided to call his sister like she had suggested but his sister was a busy person and so she couldn’t make it there but she had promised to send him a maid.

He sat on his wheel chair like he had done ever since she left and only wheeled himself to the kitchen to eat one or two things his hand could reach. He was able to pee while sitting on the wheel chair in the bathroom but he kept messing the whole place up real bad. That noon, he felt pressed and wanted to defecate real badly, he had been able to hold it in for so many days but that day, he couldn’t. He tried to stand up but the pain he felt in his joints was excruciating. He had to do something before he did it on himself and so he tried even again. As soon as he placed his legs on the floor and put his weight on them so he could walk, he fell face down, turning the table in front of him over when he tried to steady himself with it.

“Oh my God!” he began to weep silently not from the pain but for the fact that he felt so useless. “I can’t even stand on my own now? Is this how I will live for the rest of my life? Abuchi Nwokolo, you will surely pay for this, you have destroyed my life and family” he closed his eyes as the tears drizzled down to the floor. He opened his eyes when he heard the door squeal open and someone walked in without making a sound. He tilted his head to the side and saw that it was a lady, she walked towards him, helped him up and placed him on his wheelchair.

Henry: “Thank you very much. Thank you but can you help me to the bathroom please? I think I am about to defecate in my pant” he said without looking at the person. He was in his rush hour.

She complied and started pushing him towards the toilet, he was surprised to know that the person actually knew his house so well. He lifted his head up to check the person out and his breath caught in his throat. ”Patience!” he exclaimed.


He took the coconut rice which had an aroma that could wake a long throat dead man from the dead to the room. He met him alone, sitting on the floor and playing with one of Ada’s lingerie.

“It annoys me to death seeing him with her stuffs like that. What the hell is he doing with her lingerie? What shamelessness, when will he ever grow up? Bullshit idiot that calls me brother” he eyed him from the door way, took a deep breath then proceeded to the room with a fake smile on his face.

Dave: “Hey Richie. Check out what I brought for you? It is your favourite dish; coconut rice with a biiiiig fried chicken” he said and dropped the food in front of him but he ignored him. “Richie now… I will not play with you again o” he said sitting on the floor with him.

Richmond: “Leave me alone. I am not playing with you either” he said and turned to the other side.

Dave: “But I am your brother now. Okay I am sorry for hitting you like that. Will you forgive me?”

Richmond: “No I will not!” he yelled as he always did when he was throwing a tantrum

Dave: “I am sorry, I promise to take you to amusement park tomorrow”

Richmond: “Yaaaaay! I like amusement park but coconut rice is not my favourite, it is Indomie and egg” he said, through pouty lips

Dave: “Oh my bad! I will buy Indomie and egg for you there. So will you manage this rice for now? Hurry up and eat it before Ada will come and eat it with you o” he sounded urgent.

Ada stood at the doorway, watching the two of them with a smile on her face. She felt happy seeing Dave make such efforts to reconcile with his brother by apologising. Immediately she heard his last word, she thought to act naughty for once and ran towards them like a flash of lightening. She grabbed the food from Richmond and ran to the far side of the room scooping spoonful upon spoonful into her mouth laughing at the same time.

Ada: “So you guys were planning to eat this food all alone right?” she said in between mouthful. She kept dodging them as they both reached for her…

Dave: “Ada no! Oh my God! Drop that food please” he pleaded desperately.

Richmond: “Give me the food Ada!” he dropped agonisingly on his knees and for once, he looked like he actually wasn’t acting childish.

Adaeze: “Why? So you can eat it behind my back? No…” she held her tummy all of a sudden, the ones in her mouth came pouring out as she fell down clutching her stomach. Within seconds, she had started spurting blood from her mouth…

Question: What do you think Patience is doing at her sister’s husband’s house? I guess this is Ada’s end, do you agree?

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  1. patience is jealous of her sister since she could find a man to call her own, am sure she would badmouth her sister
    Abigael better wise up
    Ada will not die

  2. I think Richmond is ok n pretending to be odawise. Ada would nt die. Patience wants a hubby 4 haself n itz her sistas she wants. Bad sis. Next please.

  3. It’s not Àdà’s end.
    Âs for Patience what else will she be doing there than to appreciate what the sister couldn’t appreciate. At her age she isn’t married and her sister is giving her the opportunity to take over hers

  4. I think patience has a Hidden and BAD agenda……. And I believe Ada will survive. This is not the End for her.


  5. Patience wants to seduce and take over her sister’s husband ,because she has no hope of getting her own again..Ada will not die because she will be rushed to the hospital..

  6. It is not d end for Ada. She will survive d poison. As for patience she is up to no good.what do we expect from a person who cannot give her sister good advice as to how she will settle her home

  7. the question is…. what explanation will Dave give about what happened to Ada. she will survive, and it is obvious that Patience want her sister’s marriage to ruin

  8. oh my!what a world. why now David? though Ada will not die but everyone will be suspecting David in the house now. And i think mr Nwokolo used that Richmond for rituals. it is well.

  9. Are you sure it’s not Rechie that raped Ada in the first night ? may be he is faking the moron………well time shall tell. I’m not surprise about Patient’s action old (cargo) what do U expect of her type. Ade cannot die now, she is the messiah in that family.

  10. hmmm igbo and money!!! how can a man b so hrtless to his own daughter cos he needs money God will help us. i hope she lives

  11. Ada won’t die, Dave myt confess. maybe patience was sent by her sister to cum check on her husband…….. Dave u r going to extreme and u might loose it all. b warned

  12. Noooo,it can’t be her end…it is just a means to an end of selfishness, arrogance,pride,jealous&hatred,Dave have for his brother, the incident will change everything for them to leave a happy life…
    Patience, hummmmmmmm.. Your sister husband,oh my God,you want to continue from where your sister stopped, madam Adviser,I pity you…ole.

  13. Patience want her sister husband. Nothing will happen to ADA.I think she is pregnant for Dave father,so the poison will spoil the pregnancy

  14. patience is trying to get her sister’s husband hmmmm na wah oooo….That is not the end of Ada am sure of that….my mind tells me that nothing is even wrong with Richmond

  15. I think Pat is in love secretly wit henry n wanted to be there for him wen he needs is wife most so that she will see favour wit him wen he is well so she believed and also come btw her sis n children. It can’t b d end of Ada I v faith. Dave nw u see ur gain. Mtchew

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