(Episode 11) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 11) Heart of Man... Thorny Path of Memories

He had his suspicion as to the reason she was there but he had to finish in the toilet first so he could hear properly. When at last he wheeled himself out of the toilet, he went straight to the point.

Henry: “Patience what are you doing here? Where is my wife?” he asked as he wheeled himself closer to her, she sat cross-legged on a chair facing him.

Patience: “Shouldn’t you be saying thank You first? I just did you a favour, right?” she flung her hands in the air.

Henry: “Just answer me first” he replied impatiently.

Patience: “Well, I have been pleading with your wife to come back home ever since she came to my house but she has refused…” she paused.

Henry: “So?”

Patience: “So I decided to come check on you instead”

Henry: “Why did you decide to come see me?”

Patience: “Because I still love you and you made a mistake marrying my sister instead of me” she looked away from him for some seconds and turned her gaze back to him.

Henry: “When will you grow up Patience even after all these years?” he asked with a tone of frustration.

Patience: “I told you back then that I was never going to stop loving you. Did you think I was joking?”

Henry: “Hmmmmmmm” he sighed heavily.


Dave: “Oh my God Ada!” he rushed towards her and without even sparing a second, scooped her up in his arms and bounded for the door.

Richmond: “She is my wife so give her to me” he outstretched his arms in front of him but he kicked him out of the way.

Dave: “Get out of my sight. All these is your fault” he yelled. “What do you know? Do you even know how to drive? Or where a hospital is? You are just a boy, a boy” he yelled even louder.

His brother’s words made his knees weak, he crumbled on the floor and began to weep. Thinking of Ada in that state made his heart hurt even more. The servants crowded near him, wondering what was going on in the house. He suddenly stood up and went straight for his room.


After a long wait at the Ugwoken Memorial hospital reception area, the doctor finally resurfaced from the emergency room and summoned him to his office.

Doctor: “Please have your seat Dave” he beckoned for him to have his seat but he remained standing instead.

Dave: “So how is she? Is she okay?”

Doctor: “You did well in bringing her here immediately she took in the poison and yeah, she is fine but there is a little problem though” he replied adjusting his glasses as he fingered through the pile of textbooks on the desk.

Dave: “What is it?” he asked nervously.

Doctor: “She lost her pregnancy or should I say the pregnancy saved her life?”

Dave: “Pregnancy? She was pregnant? How manage?” he combed his fingers through his afro styled hair, looking lost.

Doctor: “Aren’t you her husband or fiancé? Haven’t you been having sexual intercourse with her?” he asked with a raised brow.

Dave: “But doctor are you sure she was pregnant?”

Doctor: “Yes!” he replied impatiently.

Dave: “Hope that is the only problem? Is she out of danger zone now?”

Doctor: “She is stable now. You can go see her in ward 18 if you want to. It is a private ward like you requested”

On his way to the ward, he kept thinking how it was possible for her to be pregnant.

“How come? I have been keeping tabs on them ever since I came back from the States and I am very sure nothing has happened between them ever since. How come she is pregnant? Could she be seeing someone else? No! She hasn’t even been allowed to step out of the house even once. Does it mean Richmond had sex with her before I came back? God! I will surely kill that guy, what would have happened if she hadn’t taken the food, she would have had a child for that idiot?” he kept thinking and soliloquizing until he got to the door of her ward.


Patience: “The two of us were very good friends until my sister showed up and stole you from me…”

Henry: “Yes we were but we were just friends and nothing more. I did not have any feeling of love towards you. I loved your sister and I still do” he interrupted her.

Patience: “So where is she now? Didn’t she abandon you in the time you need her the most? Haven’t you been rotting away in this room all alone for days now? She refused to see you despite all my pleas. When will you wake up Henry?” she blurted out angrily.

Henry: “She must have her reasons”

Patience: “Just say the word my dear, say it and I will remain by your side come rain, come cold or the sun, I will be by your side until eternity. It is I who truly loves you. I have loved you since day one” she stood up to touch his cheek, they stared into each other’s eyes for some seconds before he broke his gaze away from hers.

Henry: “I am a married man now, I have nothing to offer you”

Patience: “Okay! If you say so but you just sit tight, you will soon receive divorce papers from her lawyer. Maybe then, you will realise who among us truly loves you” she said and stormed out of the house.

Henry: “Wait! What did you mean by divorce papers?” he shouted after her but she was long gone.


Mr Nwokolo: “Bring the cook here!” he bellowed in that voice they recognised too well. Someone was in trouble. His staff started trouping into the sitting room one after the other, looking at each other questioningly but no one seemed to have an answer as to what was going on. The cook was dragged in by Dave who hurled her to the floor.

Dave: “Here she is sir” he said and stepped back, giving the cook a warning look.

Mr Nwokolo: “So it was you who tried to poison my son and in the process making me lose a child?” he stood up from his Klismos chair, flung the newspaper in his hand on the floor and squatted down in front of her.

The cook who was fifty-seven years old quivered under his hard gaze. She could hardly find her voice.

Cook: “I…I…am inno..cent sir” she stammered.

Dave: “Innocent? What did you tell me at the hallway just now? Didn’t you tell me it was your doing? Sir, when I went to collect the food from her, I saw her adding something whitish to it but I thought it was just salt. Didn’t even give a thought to it cos my mind was focused on how I’d make Richie happy again. You are wicked woman and you deserve to be punished”

Cook: “No sir! I don’t know anything about it, please pardon me for the sake of my children” she pleaded, remembering fully well Dave’s threats. He had warned her not to mention his name come what may. He had advised her to confess to the crime and if she did that, he was going to help her regain her freedom.

Mr Nwokolo: “So how come there was poison inside the food you gave to my son which his wife unfortunately ate?”

Cook: “Please call Richie and ask him, he is just like a son to me, I will never try to harm him in whatsoever way” Just then, she saw Richmond appear from the corridor. “Richmond, please come and tell them I will never harm you, come and tell them how I take you like my own son. Please sir, it was not me” she wept bitterly unable to even cast a gaze at where Dave stood hands akimbo.

Richmond: “I know who poisoned my food daddy” he said and stood in between the cook and his dad who was obviously about to pass judgement on her.

Mr Nwokolo: “Who son?” he was surprised at the tone of his voice. It sounded sure and even angry.

Dave: “How come you know the person Richie?” he said fidgeting with the collar of his shirt.

Richmond: “I saw the person…”

Question: Should Henry consider Patience’s proposal? Did Richmond really see the person? Will he expose his brother?

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  1. Are u sure dat Richie is not really OK,cos am really suspecting something here which is in connection with father & son.

  2. I don’t think Richmond is such of the answer he’s about to say. Patience is a devil in sheep clothing

  3. Henry shouldn’t dare make another mistake by accepting patience proposal.

    is Richmond really sick?? i think next episode will reveal what’s next.

  4. No he should not consent to Patient’s proposal. If trully Richmond saw who poisoned his food, he’ll tell but who’ll believe him?

  5. sighs..even if Richmond actually saw who did it, nobody would believe except maybe the cook
    Patience is a bad person

  6. Maybe Richmond see Dave when he was applying d substance or it may be d way Dave tried forcing him to eat the food. Patience nah waoh

  7. Henry should not consider Patience’s proposal because she is a betrayer. Think Richmond is regaining himself. Take care Adaeze, you will come out stronger.

  8. I don’t think Richie is rili an imbecile. Who knows he might even b one who slept with ada ..he should expose Dave joor…patience is wicked

  9. I don’t think Richie knows. As for Henry, she should send patience out of the house and call his son to report what patience told him about their father

  10. Abigail u better go back to ur hubby b4 it’s too late. Abt d poison i cant tell I tink we should b more focused on who impregnated Ada. Tnkx Adelove crew.

  11. Henry should not agree to her proposal at all. For she will bring him nothing good but pains nd heart-break.
    I don’t think Richie really saw who poison his Food. He might still blame an innocent person.


  12. Maybe riche really saw Dave when e poison d food or d way e was forcing him to eat it…… I don’t think Richie is really imbecile so adelove tel us real person that disvirgin ada…. If his not Richie or Richie father then who may be????

  13. I pray he really did o and am beginning to feeel for him….but dave is going too far!
    I knew it, i never trusted dat patience

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