(Episode 13) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 13) Heart of Man... Thorny Path of Memories

She turned the envelope around in her hand for some minutes, nervous and curious at the same time.

Patience: “Aren’t you going to open it?” she asked when she realised her sister was not making any attempt to open the envelope but kept turning it over and over in her hands.

Abigail: “Something tells me not to open it. That it is trouble”

Patience: “Well I never said it isn’t trouble. Infact, it is a confirmation of what I have been preaching all along, just open it and see or should I open it for you?” she reached for the envelope but she refused to hand it over to her.

Abigail: “Don’t worry, I will open it myself” she said, tore the envelope open and pictures went spilling to the ground, she bent down and picked them all up one after the other. By the time she finally stood up, she had tears in her eyes. “This is Henry”

Patience: “Yes that is Henry with a lady on his laps, and guess what they were doing on his wheelchair? They were having sex, hot sex. She rode him like a he-goat would ride his mate. I told you men cannot be trusted. He finally got the opportunity to do whatever he wanted after frustrating you out of that house. He probably staged the whole robbery stuff so you wouldn’t know he still has money, maybe the money was transferred to another account you know nothing of. Now he is going to spend all that money on her after selling your only daughter off. Don’t be surprised if he starts walking soon. I feel for you dear sister” she said almost in one breath.

Abigail: “I don’t believe this, where did you get these pictures from?” she asked with a look of scepticism on her face.

Patience: “I had a friend monitor the house. You know me very well, I try to prove my points with facts, true facts. I told you I can’t stand you being cheated on like this. Ada was my favourite niece but he sold her off, how do you even still feel for such a man? As for me, I hate him and I will keep hating him. if you want more facts, I will get them for you” she said with the expertise of an orator.

Abigail: “No need, I think I have seen and heard enough”


He sat on his wheelchair, remembering what had happened the previous day. Two guys had stormed his house, pointed a gun at him, asked the lady to remove his clothes and he should pretend like he was enjoying what she was doing. She had removed his clothes and hers, climbed on top of him imitating a cowgirl stance while the second guy took pictures.

“I wonder what they want to gain from what they did? Who are they taking the pictures to? Abuchi, I know this must be your doing too. You are looking for ways to destroy me right? I will pay you back in your own coin someday. I have to get out of this chair soon, I cannot remain like this” he reflected and that was how he started trying hard to get up, he refused to give up no matter how painful it was. His doctor occasionally went visiting to treat him in the house and help massage his lifeless legs.


Dave: “Good! Then you tell dad you no longer want to marry her then?”

Richmond: “But I still want to marry her” he said sadly.

Dave: “Uhhhnnn!:  he blew into the air exasperatedly. “Don’t you get it Richie? You just said now that you want her to be happy. See she almost got killed because of you. Do you want her to die?”

Richmond: “She will not die, I will protect her from now on”

Dave: “Yes you will but as your sister in law right?”

Richmond: “Sister?”

Dave: “Yes! sister. So go and tell dad now” he held his hand to drag him up.

Richmond: “She is my wife not yours. I will tell my dad you want to collect my wife from me” he said and snatched his hand from his brother’s.

Dave: “God call me a bastard if I didn’t kill this idiot soon. I wonder why you decided to give me a brother like him” he thought angrily.

“Okay then, since you have refused. I will let you think about it still. I am going to bring her back from the hospital. I guess you can’t even do that much for your wife since you are useless” he muttered under his breath and left the room feeling like a failure.


She stormed into the house with an envelope in hand, she saw him sitting on a settee instead of the wheel chair and that confirmed one of the things her sister had said the day she showed her the pictures.

Abigail: “So it is true. Has she started living with you then? I am disappointed in you Henry. After all these years of marriage, you decided to do this to me?” she stood hand akimbo in front of him, fuming.

Henry: “What did I do? It was you who abandoned me here, remember?” his mind could not comprehend why she was so angry.

Abigail: “I am disappointed in you and I won’t let this keep happening. I am divorcing you, you should sign these papers when you are free and send it to the same address enclosed within it”

Henry: “Divorce? I guess she was right then? She did say you were going to send the divorce papers soon” he said with hurt in his eyes.

Abigail: “Ah! You even have the guts to talk about her in my presence? Good! Have a good life with her and I am glad to see you have improved considerably well” she said looking at his legs before walking out of the house with tears almost blinding her.

Henry: “Women sure are wicked, women can never be trusted. After all these years of marriage, she had to abandon me when I need her the most? I am going to surprise her” he said and started thinking of how to avenge himself on Mr Nwokolo whom he always referred to as Abuchi.


Immediately his brother left, one of the drivers went into his room with his head bowed…

Driver: “I heard what your brother said from the hall way Mr Richmond”

Richmond: “What did he say?” he asked looking up lazily.

Driver: “He said you are useless and wouldn’t even be able to go bring your own wife from the hospital. I think you need to do something as soon as possible. He might end up snatching your wife sir judging from how close the two of them are”

Richmond: “My brother will never do a thing like that. I trust him” he said innocently.

Driver: “Well I don’t blame you for not seeing anything wrong with him. I just feel you should come with me so I can take you to the hospital. We will all come back together and that way, she will start seeing you as a responsible husband” he said, still unable to look him in the eye. He could not believe what he was about to do.

Richmond: “Really? Do you think she really will? I feel so happy. Thank you Mr” he jumped out of the bed and quickly dressed up. “Let’s go!”


Some hours after Ada arrived back home from the hospital with her mother-in-law who never left her side.

The particular sadness of second-trimester pregnancy loss.

She was with some of the servants, fearing she might run away if left alone for even one minute or could bribe the servants to let her go if left alone with them, they noticed Richmond was nowhere to be found. At first Ada thought he was at the attic which was his usual hideout but when he didn’t come out, they had to go search for him there but it was empty.

They searched every nook and cranny of the house but still couldn’t find him…

Question: Has he been kidnapped and who do you think ordered it? Did Abigail and Henry do the right thing by deciding to separate?

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  1. Dave step up Richy through d said driver.something is fishy about Richy behaviour, he is very healthy,he is just playing them.
    Henry & Abigail will not divorce.

  2. Dave conspired with d driver.. … Abigail should have left d house in d first place cos she agreed wit her husband to sell her daughter off cos of money.

  3. Abigail wouldn’t have abandoned her husband, now the sister is trying to separate them.
    Richmond has been kidnapped by his brother, probably to kill him so he can marry his wife Ada.

  4. I think Dave master-minded everything by sending the driver to act as he did so as to kidnap him. As for Henry nd his wife… they fail to communicate to each other, nd marriage without communication is already dead. They should have sit down and listen to one another, and not allow that slut to ruin their marriage.


  5. I also see Patience was the one that was behind the 1million naira lost…. she was the one that arranged those Arm-robbers to steal the one million transferred to Henry. I believe without doubt that she is behind it all.


  6. Patience will the brain behind the robbery,abigeal should give the issue a second thought and not be blinded with anger to issue a divorce. Dave is behind his brother’s kidnapp he wishes his brother no good he will regret all these form of jealousy against his brother

  7. This Dave is a real devil. All he thinks abt is killing his brother.I wonder where he has taken him to.As for that patience.She will soon meet her doom.

  8. It is said that never to introduce a third party in ur marriage affairs, Abigail is going to regret it… Dave is a wicked fellow n i pray he doesnt succeed!

  9. Dave is behind d kidnap nd he did it wt d driver’s help…. Is very bad for dem to separate, i rilli wish she can see dt patience is behind all

  10. I think Dave planned everything with the driver to keep Richmond out of the way. Abigail took the wrong step

  11. If indeed Richie have been kidnapped then Dave is d number one suspect ,Abigail nd henry re just passing a phase,dey will overcome it

  12. I tink d driver had it planned out wit Dave! Hmmmmm wat a world. Abigail shouldn’t b in haste oh. She should hv known d husband better na after many years of marriage. Trust no one.

  13. Abigail is too stupid to trust her sister who always nag to her face, she’s not suspicious at all. Abigail is much at fault, if at all she wants her husband to brave up, she should at least keep a tab on d house to see how her husband is coping, d sister wouldn’t av had d chance to seduce d husband. They will overcome it wit time Dave might want his brother dead but I don’t think he is behind his brother’s disappearance. Their father is not dat clean 4rm all d troubles in d house. Ada God will c u through

  14. hmmmmm is becoming complicated if at all his kidnapped either David or Henry are begin it…..there separation is no OK at all but as time goes on everything will be clear

  15. Richmond’s disappearance was ordered by Dave, Henry and Abigail are dancing to Patience’s tune, wake up guys.

  16. Abigail nd Henry will come back together when the truth finally comes out. Dave is using the driver to get rid of Richmond.

  17. Richie was kidnap and Dave is behind it. Dave will do anything just to get rid of his brother. As for Abigail and Henry it is not right for them to separate. Abigail should think things with calm mind. It is not good to take decision in a haste, it does not heed good result. Abigail should be suspicious of her sister, she was supposed to asked her how she got hold of those pictures if not dat she is up to no good.

  18. They didn’t do the right thing trying to separate… I think Dave must have planned with the driver to kill his brother.

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