(Episode 14) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 14) Heart of Man... Thorny Path of Memories

She walked majestically to her sister’s former house, happy that her mission had been accomplished. She had gotten rid of the bad rubbish that plagued her love life. Henry was the only man she had ever truly loved and she wasn’t going to let anyone steal him from her despite his greying hair and slow legs. She knocked on the door and heard his husky voice asking her in…

Henry: “The door is open” he said without taking his eyes from the Television. He was watching a surgery procedure on a woman with no vagina on E! Entertainment.

Patience strutted in swinging her large hips under the body con dress she had managed to squeeze her body into. She needed to look as seductive as she could.

Patience: “How are you dear?” she asked feigning concern and sympathy for him. She sat beside him.

Henry: “I am fine. Didn’t you connive with your sister to treat me like trash?” he said without even looking her way.

Patience: “You know I wouldn’t do a thing like that. I even begged her severely not to divorce you but she didn’t listen. Remember I had warned you that she might send the divorce papers soon? Well maybe the two of you were never meant to be together. Maybe she is not your soul mate after all” she said trying to sound as casual as possible.

Henry: “Maybe. So what can I offer you?” he asked, looking at her for the first time.

Patience: “Nothing at all. I just want to see you walk. Can you stand up and walk for me please? Even if it is just a step” she looked at him pleadingly.

Henry: “Why do I have to do that?”

Patience: “Because it will bring me joy” she said smiling sheepishly.

Henry: “You know I will not do that right? Except I do it on my own accord. I am too busy right now” he returned his gaze back on the television.

Patience: “Okay then, I will wait. Besides. I brought food stuffs and provisions for you. I will go prepare something for you to eat now and stock up the refrigerator. You must have been starving for you to look this lean. Don’t worry, I am here now. I will never let you go through hard times again” she said and without waiting to hear his reply, stood up, scooped her grocery bags up and headed for the kitchen.


Richmond: “Have we not gotten to the hospital yet? It is far o. I want to see Ada” he said looking a little scared.

Driver: “Don’t worry, we will be there soon. Just don’t complain too much and trust me okay? I will take you to your wife” he set his jaws grimly. Thinking hard on the stuffs he was thinking about.

Richmond: “Okay” he resigned to fate. Folded his arms across his chest and started dozing off.

He opened his eyes slowly when the car suddenly went to a screeching halt and he heard the door of his side of the car click open. The driver held his hand as he climbed out into the bushy path.

Driver: “Follow me” he said, still holding him.

Richmond: “Where are we going to? I want to go back home. take me back home now” he snatched his hand away from his and turned to run back but some hefty looking men jumped out from the bush, jumped on him and used a tape to seal his mouth. He was led to an open enclosure which had red pieces of cloth tied around it in a circle.

He struggled with them so hard they had to knock him out. The baba came out with a black pidgeon in his hand gyrating to a beat only he could hear. He seemed to be in a trance.

Baba: “Is this the man?” he asked without opening his eyes once.

Driver: “Yes baba” he said frightfully. The man made him want to pee in his pants.

Baba: “Are you sure he is the right commodity?”

Driver: “Yes he is. He is an imbecile” he replied quickly

The baba brought out a calabash half filled with water, took a palm frond, dipped it inside the water and sprinkled it on Richmond who woke up with a start. His eyes darted from one person to another. He watched as the baba resumed with his gyrating, chanting an incantation in Igbo language and then stopped all of a sudden.

Baba: “The gods have rejected him. He is not right for the ritual” he said, dropping the calabash on the floor.

Driver: “But he is an imbecile baba” he said stubbornly.

Baba: “Whether he is or not I don’t know. All I know is the gods have rejected him. Return him to where you got him from

Driver: “Do you know how long it took me to get this one? Why don’t you just ask them again?” he said desperately.

Baba: “The gods don’t lie. Take him out of my shrine before something bad happens to you and I” he warned and went back inside his hut.

The driver looked at Richmond and wondered what he was to do with him. ”wouldn’t he tell his dad what happened? Or should I bribe him with something and feed him with some lies? I think the latter would be better” he thought as he drove out of the bush area with Richmond shivering on the seat.

Driver: “Mr Richmond,  are you okay?” he asked trying, to sound friendly.

Richmond: “I am not. I will tell my dad what just happened when I reach home” he stuttered

Driver: “All that were just pranks o. I wanted to act film with you that’s why we went to do practise inside the bush”

Richmond: “Really?” he brightened up immediately.

Driver: “Yes. Or weren’t you tired of being locked up in the house? Just wanted you to have fun. I am sorry I scared you” he was peeping at him via the rear view mirror.

Thank God he is believing me. Now I wouldn’t have to lose my job or run away. I can still continue living in the house. He thought happily.

“So promise me you wouldn’t tell anyone about it? Let it be our little secret so that next time, they will allow me to bring you for the real film?” he continued with his deception.

Richmond: “You must really take me for a fool”


He drew her to their normal rendezvous out of the chaos Richmond and the driver’s disappearance had created.

Ada: “What is it? We have to find Richie or have you forgotten already?” she said trying to read him.

Dave: “Leave the police to do their job, they will find him. There is something I need to discuss with you and it is very urgent. I can’t keep it in anymore, it is killing me, I feel like a very heavy stone has been tied to my neck and being dragged to the sea every day and now I am sinking” he lamented.

He looked so desperate she was afraid of what it was he wanted.

Ada: “What is it?”

Dave: “Please marry me” he said extending an opened ribboned little box to her.

Ada: “What? I am your brother’s wife, what are you even talking about?” she jerked out of his hold.

Dave: “You are not his wife. Do you call that marriage? Did you do any form of ceremony? Has he ever touched you before? Let’s assume he has, people who date have sex too but someone else marries the lady. I will just see it as that. We could run away from here if you want. I will give you all of me, all I have. I don’t think I can be anything good without you; I might turn out really bad. Please Ada” he held her hands in each of his, staring deeply into her eyes.

Question: Will she agree to his proposal? Should she agree? Do you think the driver was able to convince Richmond?

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  1. Dt Richmond knws wot hez doin… Ada myt consider dave’s proposal as long as it gets her out of d houz

  2. She should just accept to follow him maybe she will be able to escape 4rm him, since she cannot escape 4rm d house. If she is still interested in running away. The driver is stupid to believe he has convinced Richmond who is not stupid like he look

  3. Ada will not agree at all. And I want her to say no. As for the Driver he wants to. Make fool of Richie. Not realising he is making fool of himself.


  4. Richmond is not an imbecile he act, and they claim he is, and I now believe that he was the one who had sex with Ada on their first night and the fact that he knows who poisoned his food and the driver’s motive is undoubtable

  5. I don’t think Richmond is an imbecile, but how can someone pretend for good 35years,is that one a human being?

    Richmond doesn’t concur nd ada won’t accept d ring
    It was richmond dat took Ada’s virginity,dis story is just complicated. Anyway next episode pls

  6. Hmmmmm! Ada should nt accept of cos Dave is up to no gud. And as for d driver he wud b biggest fool to tink wit that he can persuade Richmond.

  7. I don’t know but something tells me Richmond is pretending. And am beginning to also think he was d one that slept with his wife that day.She wouldn’t agree to his proposal. D driver did not succeed in convincing Richmond.

  8. Adaeze will not agree to Dave’s proposal, the driver is just deceiving himself if he thinks Richmond believed him. What a life, hmmmmmmm.

  9. Richmond won’t believe d driver, he isn’t dt stupid like dey all think he is. Dave and Ada issue na real waow!

  10. I think Richmond understands all that’s happening around him but his childish nature doesn’t let people pay attention to him… He knows the driver’s plans 4 him were evil..i just hope d driver doesn’t hurt him. It’s not sensible 4 Ada to marry Dave….. Not sensible@all

  11. Ada wont accept his proposal bcos it seems she has start having feelings for Richmond, & Richmond will pretend to d driver to take him back home so he can tell his parents what happen

  12. I doubt if Ada will agree to his proposal even thou he thinks he is a good guy. Ada biko dnt agree o,he is a devil. The driver wasn’t able to convince him 4 he knws all what he did bt richie might play along 4 his safety.

  13. Ada will not agree to such marriage. The driver will try harder but Richmond will leg the cat out of the bag.

  14. Nah! I don’t think Richmond took the hook. And no i don’t think Ada will agree to Dave’s proposal.

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