(Episode 15) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 15) Heart of Man... Thorny Path of Memories

When she got home the next morning, she met Abigail waiting for her at the doorway…

Abigail: “Where have you been?” she asked looking intently at her sister.

Patience: “That is none of your business Abbie. Just mind your business okay?” she said pushing past her into the house.

Abigail: “Don’t you think it is high time you got married so you can have your own children too? Look, these meanderings of yours will do you no good. How can you be living a frivolous life at this age when all your mates are already having grandchildren?” she berated her sister.

Patience: “Bia nwanyi a (come this woman) leave me alone or what is your problem. Besides I am already working on getting married. It is going to shock you who I’m going to marry. Just make sure you prepare yourself well. And mind your space from now on, mind your business too or I’d have no other option than to send you away from my apartment”

Abigail: “Wow! Very good. I guess I have become an object of ridicule to you. I have Henry to blame for this” she started to weep.

Patience: “Yinmu…you have Henry to blame or yourself for playing the fool? Or for even reaping where you did not sow? You have not seen anything yet. I am even feeling sorry for you already” she thought and smiled to herself ignoring her.


Ada: “How can you say stuffs like this Dave? Are you people trying to turn me into something else in this house or what? Everybody’s plaything? Even you? I thought we were friends. How can you say stuffs like this to me?” her sight became clouded with unshed tears.

Dave: “Baby it is not like that. I really love you and it pains me seeing you like these. Unhappy, unfree, not getting the kind of love you deserve. I just want you to have the best. We can run to the US if you want. We can build our lives there and leave the things here behind. Please dear” he pleaded with all of his being.

Ada: “You must have missed it somewhere Dave. I am your brother’s wife and that is what I will remain. I will not be a partaker of your mischievous plan. Besides, I am starting to actually have a thing for your brother. He is the only innocent person in this planet earth.

So find a way to erase me out of your heart right away” she snatched her hands from his and folded them across her midsection.

Dave: “I don’t believe you!” he said and stepped back from her.

Ada: “Believe me because it is the bitter truth” she made to walk out but he drew her back and enclosed her in his arms. He tightened his arms around her no matter how hard she struggled to free herself. “Dave let me go. What is wrong with you?’’ she said in between clenched teeth.

He made to release her but when she relaxed thinking he was going to release her indeed, he held her head and bent his to kiss her but she bit him on the lips, he released her then touching his lips.

Dave: “What did you do that for?” he was angry, he hadn’t seen that coming.

Ada: “What were you doing all those for?” she took three steps back and bounded for the main house.

He put his hand on the iron rail cursing under his breath. He could not believe he was losing to his brother, an ordinary imbecilic boy. The hatred that surged to his heart towards his brother at that moment could supersede that of a hundred people.


Mrs Nwokolo: “Honey there is something I want to discuss with you” she said tapping her husband gently on the shoulder. She knew he wasn’t sleeping otherwise, she wouldn’t have had the effrontery to wake him up.

Mr Nwokolo: “What is it? I want to sleep now so can’t it wait till daybreak? I am still too shaken by the disappearance of Richie. I can’t believe I let that driver go for taking my son out without permission. Can you imagine what he said? That Richie begged him to take him to the hospital his wife was at. I should have just sent him to prison, if not for Richie” he said after sitting up. He was still angry.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Let’s just thank God he came back safe even though I noticed he was a little shaken”

Mr Nwokolo: “Why wouldn’t he have looked shaken? How many times has he ever gone out before?  I feel sorry for Richie, I don’t know why God decided to make him that way. I am going to give him whatever he wants in this life be it a human life. He must be recompensed for how he was created” he said in a tone that scared his wife.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Biko o…not a human life. Besides I wanted to discuss his wife with you. I think we should get her a phone now, it’s been more than a month since we seized the one she brought with her. And we should allow her go see her parents. Her dad had an accident since how many months ago now but she hasn’t even heard from him once. Please let’s treat her like one of ours. At least she has never treated our son badly before”

Mr Nwokolo: “She was calling her brothers and complaining to them, what did you expect me to have done? let her tell the world what is happening in this house? No way!”

Mrs Nwokolo: “I’m not saying you didn’t do the right thing. I am just saying we should make her feel more at home. Someone should escort her to her parents’ place tomorrow or the next. Please?” she gave him that smile he found difficult resisting.

Mr Nwokolo: “Okay! I have heard you my madam. Will you let me sleep now?”

Mrs Nwokolo: “Yes my oga” she replied jokingly and laid her head on his hairy chest.


She was overjoyed when Mrs Nwokolo broke the news to her. She hadn’t been looking for ways to see her dad but such opportunity never presented itself. She felt so guilty and blamed herself for what happened to her dad. She wanted to tell him how sorry she was and so that day, she hummed a song joyfully as she climbed down the stairs, not minding the guy who was to escort her, just seeing him was enough for her.

Ada: “Which car are we taking?” she asked her escort when they got to the garage which had four exotic cars parked in it. She noticed Dave’s range rover; his favourite car was also parked there. “Dave did not go with his car?” she turned to the driver who was to drive them there.

Driver: “No madam. He said you should use his car so he took the other one” he said in a polished English.

Mr Nwokolo made sure all his staff were educated to a point. None of them could be refered to as illiterate except for the cook who had been sent away.

Ada: “Oh I see! That is very kind of him” she said remembering their last encounter. Since then, they had avoided each other like plague.

She kept thinking about Dave’s proposal making her oblivious to her surroundings. Immediately they got to her junction and about to take the sharp bend leading to the GRA, some hefty looking men jumped out of their black SUV and into their way. The driver brought the car to a screeching halt jerking her out of her reverie.

Ada: “What was…” the word hung in her throat when the door was yanked open and a gun was pointed to her head. She was dragged down and from the corner of her eyes, she saw the escort who earlier had looked formidable to her begging for his life. The driver was on the floor, peeing in his pants. They dragged her into their car and zoomed off.

They had been instructed to beat their captor to a pulp before they arrive the uncompleted building they’d be using and so when they got there, they pounced on her like a hungry lion and began to deal her with blows. Blood spilled from her mouth as they continued punching every part of her. She could hardly open her eyes by the time they were done, she saw the feet of the person approaching and when she looked up, she could not believe her eyes, her breath caught in her throat and she passed out.

Question: Was it okay for Ada to have rejected Dave’s proposal? Who do you think she must have seen for her to have passed out like that?

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  1. 4 Ada it might have been okay bt if it was me I wuld have accepted it with open hands, after all what will I be doing with an imbecile. As 4 d person dat abducted her is Dave

  2. I don’t think Dave will go to d extent of kidnapping her and also mistreat her. But it is also possible bcos She rejected his proposal and even told him she is starting to feel something for his brother. Well it is right for her to reject his proposal bcos she is married to his brother even though it was against her wish.

  3. It’s very okay for Ada to reject Dave’s proposal because the guy is evil. I am even suspecting he is the one Ada saw before she fainted.

  4. Ada did the right thing by rejecting Dave’s proposal he meant no good for his family. She saw no other person than Dave

  5. It is indeed right that Ada rejected Dave proposal, Dave is a wicked and heartless man. The person that kidnapped them could be DAVE. Or ADA’s Father… Ada’s father planed to pay Mr Nwokolo back may-be the boys he sent kidnapped ADA thinking that is one of Mr Nwokolo children….


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