(Episode 16) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 16) Heart of Man... Thorny Path of Memories

They waited inside her car for twenty minutes after the guys had entered the uncompleted building.

Henry: “Are you sure there will be no mistakes on their part?” he asked for an umpteenth time.

Patience: “There will be no mistakes. Emeka is there and I trust him more than any other in this city. Don’t worry, we will ease your pain soon enough. Remember I was the one who suggested this when you told me how you felt cheated by that rich good for nothing scoundrel. How he cunningly took my favourite niece, we will do this without any qualms. Just keep trusting and confiding in me okay?”

Henry: “Okay dear. I think I actually made mistake marrying your sister instead of you for real. You sure have lots of backbone unlike my weakling of a wife. This will be very good for Abuchi, I want him to also suffer the loss of someone very dear to him. I just pray the guys did not follow the wrong car”

Patience: “I doubt they did. I had set someone on his tail, we have all his information, he uses this particular car more regularly than the other one, whichever way, we know the car very very well and the route he cruises everyday so calm your heart down darling. I think it’s high time we went in except you want them to kill him before you set your eyes on him?”

Henry: “Okay, let’s go” he said and she helped him out of the car. His leg still wasn’t strong enough, he walked as slowly as possible and used a walking stick. At the back of his mind, he had an ominous feeling that something was wrong somewhere and no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t shake the feeling off.

He was the first to step inside since she walked behind him just in case he needed support. He spotted the young lady covered in blood and was about to scold the guys for getting a lady there when on a closer look, he realised it was his daughter and she had passed out when she saw him. He forgot all about his leg, threw his walking stick away and raced towards her.

Henry: “Oh my! What have you guys done? She is my daughter, my daughter. I told you to bring a man, why did you bring her here you idiots?” he lamented and barked at the same time.

Patience: “Oh damn! Where is Emeka. Why didn’t he go with you dumb skulled guys?” she asked slapping them one after the other.

1st Guy: “All he told us was to bring whoever we saw in the car, he said in his investigation, it is the driver, an escort and the victim who is always in the car. He described the driver and the escort but not the victim. That day he was somehow high. When we saw her, we thought she was the one, please don’t be angry. It was Emeka’s fault.

Henry: “Shut up you idiot. Help me get her to the car immediately. If anything happens to my daughter, I will have you all to blame” he cast them all an angry look one by one.

Patience: “I am sorry dear. We should have probably checked the person out first before ordering the beating. I will personally deal with that Emeka” she said as they hurried to the car, he had taken up his walking stick again but was no longer walking as slow as before. He walked on without saying anything to her.


The driver and the escort went back home to give them the report of what had happened. Mr Nwokolo was so mad that he pounced on the escort and started dealing him blows.

Mr Nwokolo: “You good for nothing idiot I am paying every month. What do you think your job is? Couldn’t you have protected her?” he said breathlessly.

Richmond rushed into the room looking restless. He had heard what his dad was saying.

Richmond: “Where is my wife?” he asked looking from his dad to the driver then the escort who was on his knees with a bowed head.’

Mr Nwokolo: “Richie go back to your room okay? I will handle this”

Richmond: “Handle what? Where is my wife? I want to see her, I have missed her” he said with a pouted lips and the kind of stubborn attitude his dad recognised immediately.

Mr Nwokolo: “I said go back to your room Richmond” he raised his voice at him, something he had never really done before. He was not ready to put up with his stubbornness at that moment, he had his hands full already.

Richmond: “Is my wife missing? Is Ada missing?” he yelled back at his dad who stood with a gaping mouth staring at him. He could not believe he was being yelled at by him.

Mr Nwokolo: “Driver please take him to his room now!” he ordered.

Richmond: “Ada…Ada…Ada” he mumbled to himself as the driver escorted him back to his room.

Dave got back from work only to meet the house in another chaotic state. He went straight to his dad’s room and fortunately, he was still interrogating the escort there.

Dave: “What’s wrong dad?” he stood at the doorway with his jacket in one hand and briefcase in the other.

He told him everything that had happened in one breath. That was a son with whom he could share his burdens.

Dave: “What? Oh no! Not her!” he started taking some steps back.

Mr Nwokolo: “Where are you going to now?”’

Dave: “To the police station of course”

Mr Nwokolo: “You can’t do that. The media might get involved and this might expose our family secrets. All we have to do is pray and hope she comes back safe”

Dave: “I can’t believe you said that dad…”

Oluchi, one of the maid servants suddenly rushed in…

Dave: “What is it?”

Oluchi: “Oga Richmond is missing, we can’t find him anywhere” she said still panting.


She suddenly came to in the hospital and saw her dad sitting by her bedside. He had his head in his hands and was in a deep thought. She looked at him through her half shut eyes and shook her head pitifully.

“When did he become like this? How did he become this pathetic, pitiful, weak and wicked old man sitting by my side? This man cannot be my father, I must ask him if he has seen doctor Henry somewhere or if he did something to him” she thought sadly and then cleared her throat. He looked up sharply.

Henry: “Hey sweetheart. How are you now? Are you okay?” he stood up to adjust the hospital cloths she had on.

Ada: “Where is my dad? What did you do to my dad?” she asked weakly, staring him in the eyes.

Henry: “I am sorry dear. Never knew it was you”

Ada: “I said where is my dad? This thing you have become is not who my dad is so what did you do to him?” she yelled through clenched teeth.

Henry: “I am sorry” he bowed his head shamefully.

Ada: “Who did you want it to be? Dave? Were you planning to kill him and why?” her eyes glittered with tears which refused to flow down.

Henry: “I needed to pay Abuchi for taking you away from me. Now, you are not going back there ever again. I am taking you back home as soon as you have recovered well enough”

Ada: “You are really shameless dad. After all you did, you feel you still have the right to say that? No one forced you to collect the bride price, infact get out of here.

I don’t ever want to see you again. I made a mistake by deciding to go see you in the first place, I should have just stayed in the home you sold me into” she said regretfully.

Henry: “I am sorry but I will never let you go back there again no matter what you say. You are going home with me” he replied stubbornly.

Ada: “I will never go back with you. Infact, I am going back to my husband’s house right away” she made to stand up but he pushed her back…

Question: Where is Richie? Should she go back to her husband’s place or go home with her dad? Will he let her go?

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  1. Ada,don’t be stubborn, at least forgive him,go home with him for now,everything will fall in place later…
    Richmond is out to look for his wife,So,Mr Nwokolo knew he did not do the right thing..hummmmmmmm see life,Nonsense, Ada,follow your dad…

  2. which husband is she talking about?…… Even if she won’t go with her father, she should just disappear to an unknown place rather than going back to dem riche place.

    • Mr nmokolo you’re wicked so you know yourself that you are not doing the right thing haaaaaa God

  3. Henry ?
    I never would have guessed that.
    Ada should keep calm and return back when he least expects.
    Richie has gone looking for his wife

  4. Richmond is looking for his wife, Ada should go back to het husband and Henry is just a shameless man if he wanted a woman y not get one outside must it be his wife’s sister

  5. What a life..if she wants 2 go back 2 herfather or decide 2 go back 2 her husband’s house its her choice ..Richie has gone 2 Look 4 his wife

  6. She should go back to her father, she has no place in Mr Nwokolo’s house. That is not the way the marry woman in African culture.

  7. I know Richie is not an imbecile as everyone thought he is. His father has a secret to his wealth which will be exposed soon. Richie went to look for his wife.

  8. Richie has gone to luk for his wife…. Mayb she shud go bk home to her father or beta still stay wt her mum

  9. Richie has gone out to look 4 Ada. Ada should not follow her dad self cus he is alrdy a changed man n alrdy wit her aunt. If she can’t go to her husband house,she should go to a frnd plc or her tutoring plc but I knw Mr Henry won’t let her go back to anywhere rather than his plc unless richie was able to find her n cum to her rescue.

  10. Ada should pls go with her dad for now at least to prevent him frm getting married to dat wicked aunt of hers…Richie had gone in search of his wife,but I hope he is safe……nice one Adelove crew

  11. She should go back to her husband after all her father sold her off without having a second thought

  12. Richie has gone looking for her wife, Henry may not want to let Ada go but the best thing for her is to go back to her husband’s house.

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