(Episode 18) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 18) Heart of Man... Thorny Path of Memories

Patience started staying more at Henry’s place, she started packing her clothes there little by little until she had just few cloths left at her own apartment. Abigail noticed her attitude towards her changed ever since the day they exchanged words. She thoughts she would come around with time but she never did.

She sat at the counter, unable to pay attention to what her sales girl and the customers were doing like she used to do. Her most regular customer, Ndubuisi who was a widower in his early   forties with two little kids noticed her demeanour, walked over to the counter and took his place in front of her like he used to.

Ndubuisi: “Is something going on this time around?” he asked calmly. He repeated his question louder when she did not answer him.

Abigail: “Oh customer! You are here welcome” she said jerking out of her reverie.

Ndubuisi: “This must really be serious o. you didn’t even know I’ve been in this restaurant since? I was just about to leave after eating. Are you okay?” he asked with concern written all over his face. She had turned out to be a very good friend of his after his wife’s death. Talking to her most times gave him the strength he needed to sail through what he had gone through emotionally and psychologically.

Abigail: “Hmmmmmmm… I don’t even know anymore. I think I made the biggest mistake of my life divorcing my husband like that. My sons will soon be back, imagine how they’d feel?” she said looking up at him slowly.

Ndubuisi: “I told you my dear, to investigate those pictures properly. I will bet a thousand dollars he still isn’t even aware of the real reason for the divorce. You women love to act on impulse thereby acting rashly and it shouldn’t be so. When someone offends you, ask the person plainly, don’t jump into conclusions too easily. I am just telling you this in case of next time”

Abigail: “Yeah I know”

Ndubuisi: “Besides, I’ve been seeing your sister at your ex- husband’s compound and some few other guys. Do you know about that?”

Abigail: “What? My sister? God! Is that where she has been packing her things to? Oh my! I am ruined” everything that had happened, her sister’s role in her divorce, the reality of everything went rushing at her

Ndubuisi: “Yeah! That was the reason I asked you to investigate the whole thing first. You know my house is just two house from his and I can see everything happening in the compound. I think you should thread carefully from now on. Things are looking somehow to me. Be careful” he warned but she was no longer hearing him. Her mind was gone.


She paced around the sitting room looking bewildered. Ever since Richmond’s disappearance, no one had had a minute of rest in the house. She made sure the servants were always out on the street looking for him, she made sure her husband was on the move since he refused to file a missing person report and she was not allowed to step out of the house. She ran out when she heard his car zoom into the compound. She circled the car peeping into the tinted glassed window but was disappointed to find the passengers’ seats were empty.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Why did you come back alone this time around again? Where is my son?”  She asked looking aghast, ready to tear him apart.

Mr Nwokolo: “Dave is still out searching for him dear, come let’s go inside” he said and held her by the elbow to drag her in but she shrugged his hand off. Just then, Dave’s car also pulled into the compound as the gate was opened for him.

They both stood watching, hoping he’d hop out of the car, pouting his lips childishly like he used to but it was only Dave and his personal escort who emerged from the car.

Mrs Nwokolo: “What are you two doing here without Richie? I am going to kill myself if by tonight you guys did not bring my son back home” she said and dashed furiously inside.

The two men stood looking hopelessly at each other, unsure of what their next action should be. She suddenly rushed back out.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Let’s check him at Henry’s place now. Remember how he ran off to go search for her back then? There is no other place he could have gone to but there. Maybe he is holding my son hostage to scorn you. Abuchi see what you have caused?” she started hitting him on the chest.

Dave: “Why will he go there? How does he know to find her there?” He said for the first time.

Mrs Nwokolo: “He is not really as stupid as you think he is. He might have the brain of a child but a smart one. Please let’s go there immediately” she said and started walking towards her husband’s car.

Mr Nwokolo: “I don’t think this is Henry’s doing. He does not have the courage or should I say the backbone to kidnap my own son. I don’t think so”

Mrs Nwokolo: “Now your pride is going to cost me my son’s life. Don’t forget it’s been two days already. Even if he is not there, we still have to search there too”

Dave: “You guys should not forget Ada is still missing too” he had to say since no one had been bothering about her.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Something tells me they will both be at the same place. Call it a mother’s instinct or a woman’s instinct but please let’s go immediately and call like four of the boys to go with us” she ordered like an army captain at a warfront.


Hefty guy: “Who are you asking of?” he asked looking from one to the other.

Richmond: “My…” he started but the driver cut him short.

Driver: “I am looking for the owner of this house; Mr Henry.

Hefty Guy: “What is your business with him?”

Driver: “We want to talk to him about something very…”

Richmond: “My wife! My wife!”  his voice broke through the driver’s as he jumped excitedly, flapping his arms around when he spotted Ada coming out of the main house.

The driver was taken aback when all of a sudden, the man grabbed him by the neck and hurled him through the gate.

Driver: “Excuse me, what are you doing? He yelled but the gate opened a second time and he was also hurled inside.

Ada: “Richmond what are you doing here?” she ran to him and embraced him tightly.

Richmond: “I came to take you back home. Let’s go!!  He grabbed her hand and as they took one step, he suddenly slumped forward. She looked back and saw one of the men holding a big stick which he had used to hit him on the head thereby knocking him out.

Ada: “What did you do you fool?” she cast him an angry look and bent down to examine Richie but he was still unconscious. Her dad appeared at the doorway then…

Henry: “Take the boy and the driver inside now. Abuchi, now you will understand what I went through when you stole my daughter and the money from me” he said, looked around to be sure no one was watching them and then headed inside with Ada trailing after him on weak legs.

Question: Do you think Henry is really in his right sense? Will Nwokolo and his entourage get there fast enough?

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  1. I am seriously praying that Henry will regret everything he’s doing. Because he doesn’t deserve anything good.

  2. Hmmmmm! Patience hope u’re ready to dance to d music u started? I tink dat hit wud correct Richmond state.

  3. Not in his right sense @ all, mostly doing that to richie. Am sure d Nwokolo’s will get there just in time.

  4. There is 80percent possibility that Richie is on his right senses, and I think Mr nwokolo will be there but they might be a little late but I believe they will save Richie.


  5. first it was patience that stole the money and y was Henry’s wife so blind to see to ask how she got d pics, Ha woman.

  6. Henry is on his right sense. He is only. Blinded by Vengeance.


  7. Henry is not in his senses, I think he is stick. Hitting Richmond with a stick on his head might even make his senses be normal like a real man

  8. A lot will happen when Mr Nwokolo gets to know that Ada’s father is holding his son. I just hope they get there soon enough.

  9. Henry Was In Is Right Sense But Full Of Anger 2 Take Revenge And I Guess Dat D Nwokolo & Entourage Will Get Der On Time.

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