(Episode 19) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 19) Heart of Man... Thorny Path of Memories

She could not focus on anything anymore. She hoped and hoped that her sister was going to be around that day but she waited in vain.

“I need to ask her if it is true. I know it cannot be true but I will still need to confirm it, right? I think going to the house will be better than just sitting here waiting for her to come back. I need to see things for myself. I need to see him to ask for forgiveness too. I think I was wrong and I must make amends before today runs out” she soliloquized, got up from the bed she had been lying on for more than three hours that day, wore her clothes and set out on her mission of unraveling the truth.


They got there just in time and as they were parking their car at the opposite side of the road, they saw the driver being hurled in by the thug.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Is that not one of our drivers being pulled into the house like that? Please hurry up and park this stupid car. What’s taking you this long?” she yelled at the driver who was trying to park the car properly. She jumped out of the car and bounded for the gate without even looking to her right or left as she crossed the road.

Mr Nwokolo: “Be careful woman. I don’t know what you can do there on your own” he warned in a loud voice as they all crossed the road after her.

Dave however was quiet all through. He wished and prayed they wouldn’t find him. That he’d be long dead before they reach him wherever he was.

“I wonder why they wouldn’t let the brainless idiot die. Am I not enough for them? Am I not good enough for them like this? What on earth do they need the Halfling for? Of what use is a son like him to them? Can’t he just die wherever he is so I can have rest of mind?” he cursed in his heart as he walked behind the escorts.


Henry: “Pour water on his face so he can wake up immediately. I need to even see the man for whose sake my daughter has been happy” he ordered looking down at Richmond with a basketful of hatred.

Ada: “Better don’t do anything to him dad. I will hate you for the rest of my life. no! I will commit suicide if you as much as touch one hair on his head” she cried.

Henry: “We shall see how that would happen. Would be fun watching him squirm and begging for his life” he said and grinned from ear to ear.

Ada: “Dad don’t forget you took an oath to save lives. You were trained to save lives and not to destroy it” she started to sound like she was pleading with him.

Henry: “Where is the water” he growled.

What she said reminded him of what he had lost in life. Wasted years of studying medicine, wasted years of working tirelessly to save lives only to be stripped of his honour for one single mistake he did. Thinking of it made him angrier. He thought of how the Mr Nwokolo reminded him of the politician who daughter had died during the abortion. He could vent all his anger on Mr Nwokolo instead or better still start with him. Thinking of making him crying and in despair made him happy.

The guy brought the water immediately and splashed it on Richmond’s face.

Richmond: “Daddyyyy” he said sitting up frightfully and curling into a ball.

Henry: “Yes daddyyyy” he imitated him mockingly and laughed out loud. Just then he heard a commotion outside and before the twinkle of an eye, Mr Nwokolo and his people stormed into his living room with his escorts looking as formidable as hell.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Richmond” she screamed and bounded for him like a mad woman.

Richmond: “Mummy” he said sadly as she knelt to hug him.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Are you okay son?” She asked checking him out from head to toe. She helped him up then when she realised he was just okay.

Mr Nwokolo: “What were you doing with my son Henry?” he asked fuming from the mouth.

Henry: “The same thing you were doing with my daughter” he replied mockingly, eyeing his men who seemed to be better off than his and were reading to pounce at any moment.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Did we treat your daughter badly in any way? Why are you doing this to my son?”  she asked angrily, standing up and going closer to stand on the same eye-level with him but he pushed her back.

Henry: “Woman, I will advise you not to do that again or I’d be forced to do something even worse. Where is my money?” he made a sign with his eyes to one of the men who like a professional hitman, took giant strides towards Richmond and held a knife to his neck.

Ada: “What are you doing?” she stood in front of her dad angrily. Veins protruded from her neck as she asked the question.

Dave: “Ada, step back. That man is dangerous” he said for the first time.

Mr Nwokolo just stood, staring at his son who was shivering and would probably pee on his pants soon.

Richmond: “Daddy, mummy, Dave” he called out to them for help but they all just stood rooted to the spot.

Henry’s men and that of his rival’s were now standing face to face even though the latter outnumbered the former. If not for the fact that Richmond was being held hostage, henry’s men would not have had the audacity to stand face to face with Mr Nwokolo’s men like that. They were just two against four.

Mr Nwokolo: “What do you want Henry?” He asked weakly.

Dave: “Dad leave him to die. You don’t have to bother yourself so much about an imbecile” he wanted to say but said “What do you want please” instead.

Henry: “All I want is to make your dad go through unspeakable pains”

Ada: “Dad please don’t do this” she pleaded.

Henry: “Why shouldn’t I”

Ada: “Because I love him” she announced and the earth seemed to shake. The two families were shaken to the core except the guys who were too engrossed in staring menacingly at themselves.

Dave felt like he was choking to death in the gallows.

Mr Henry felt like he was in a bad dream.

Mrs Nwokolo felt happy.

Mr Nwokolo looked sceptical.

Richmond felt elated and alive. He smiled happily and closed his eyes, and seemed to be calculating his moves.


She knew something was wrong as soon as she stepped into the compound which was left unlocked. Patience also strutted in after her.

Patience: “Madam, what are you doing here?” she said loudly so she could hear her loud enough.

Abigail: “I should be asking you that. What are you doing in my husband’s house, Patience?” she asked angrily walking back towards her sister.

Patience: “Your husband? The last time I checked, you were a divorcee. So where did you get a husband from so soon? I really admire your charm, sister” she said mockingly.

Abigail: “Was what I heard true? Did you plan all these all along? To throw me out of my husband’s house and take my place?”

Patience: “You are a fool. You threw yourself out. All I did was advice you like a good sister would. Please, Henry must be hungry now, I need to go prepare his meal. It will be better you go back to your one room apartment peacefully cos as you know, I am not a nice person. I will even dash you the house” she smirked.

Abigail: “It’s not you I should be talking to though. I will go in now” she said and started walking inside again, her sister looked at her retreating figure and smiled triumphantly.

She would have thrown her out right there but she thought it would be better if she heard from Henry too. That would make her face reality sooner than later. She imagine how hurt she would be, smiled to herself again and started walking in too.


Henry: “What do you mean by that? You love this imbecile?”

Ada: “Yes I do and I am not joking. So will you let him go now?”

Richmond looked around and when he saw that they were all still distracted, he elbowed the guy on the stomach as hard as he could and when he loosened his hold on him, he bent down and gave him a hard blow on the crotch, the guy fell face down, writhing painfully on the floor as Richmond started running towards his dad. Just then, a shot rang out and he suddenly stopped, looking straight ahead of him…

Question: Who do you think has been shot? Who shot the gun? Can you suggest a way out of this hard situation?

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  1. Oh oh! This suspense is too much oh. Mayb d bullet hit either Patience, Abigail or mayb Mr Nwokolo or even Ada. Who knws

  2. #thinking. Its either richie, ada or mr nwokolo got shot and d shot is fired either by henry,dave or frm one of d bth men. D way out is to settled it amicably by giving whoever got shot attention n forget what happened dat moment.

  3. I think Mr Nwokolo men that shot One of Mr Henry men or Mr Henry himself. It is better Mr Henry leaves her daughter and let Mr Nwokolo help him our

  4. I think Dave was adopted. Richmond is the only son of his parents. Also think Ada took the bullet for Richmond.

  5. I think patience knows something about the money. think she sent those guys to Henry’s house to collect the money.

  6. Is Henry that shot Richmond and this is not going to end well.
    My suggestion is that Henry should leave vengeance for God, take care of his daughter and get her properly married to Richmond hence she loved him.

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