(Episode 20) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

She fell face down not knowing what had hit her. She felt numb and cold.

Ada: “Richmond…muuuum!  She didn’t know who to run to first. No one could explain what had happened.

Mrs Nwokolo rushed to her son’s side and flipped him over, the bullet had grazed the nape of his neck over to his cheek slightly and went on to hit Abigail as she was stepping into the living room.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Richie are you okay? Please help me carry him” she said looking at one of the men who had forgotten all about their fight in the ensuing gunshot.

Mr Nwokolo: “Hurry up!” he barked at them as they scrambled to get to him. Two of them lifted him up effortlessly and they dashed for the door. Ada was by her mum’s side, crying.

Ada: “Mum…mum…please wake up” her voice came in rasps. “Dad please do something fast” she screamed at her dad who just stood there looking lost. He still had the gun in his hand.

Patience stood hand akimbo, she didn’t see that happening. As much as she didn’t wish her sister well that much, she also didn’t wish her death.

Ada: “Aunty Patience please do something. Your sister is dying and you are just standing there. What kind of sister are you exactly?” she yelled and grunted as she tried to lift her mum by herself but couldn’t. The blood gushed out from her stomach where the bullet had burrowed itself in.


On the way to the hospital, he kept asking of Ada. He wouldn’t let anyone rest.

Dave: “Keep your mouth shut Richie. You should be thinking about your life and not someone else” he berated him.

Mrs Nwokolo: “Yes Dave is right. You should be grateful for being alive right now. You could have died if he had aimed better or better still if he really knew how to handle a gun. I feel sorry for his innocent wife. I pray she makes it” she said sadly.

Richmond: “Where is my wife daddy” he directed the question to his dad this time around.

Mr Nwokolo: “I will go get her for you later okay? Do not worry about her, she will be back home soon” he said reassuringly.

Richmond: “But I want to see her now”

Dave: “Oh God! How can you be so irrational Richie? Well what do I expect?” he said turning his head to the other side in a bid to hide his annoyance.

Richmond: “But she is my wife. I cannot leave her there daddy. Please let’s go back” he started struggling with them not minding the injury on his neck and cheek.

They got to the hospital just in time and he was sedated immediately when they saw how unyielding he was. The media started trouping in an hour later when someone tipped them off about Mr Nwokolo being in the hospital with his family and an unidentified man. They trouped around him asking questions which annoyed him at the reception area.

1st Reporter: Mr Nwokolo, can you please tell us why you brought your whole family to the hospital? Who is the injured man you brought here to you?” he asked pushing a microphone into his face while the rest of them did same.

Mr Nwokolo: “No comments”

Dave: “Please you guys should leave right away before I call security on you” he threatened but he knew the security men was not going to be able to do anything much. They were the media and bullying them will only tarnish their image more.

2nd Reporter: “We heard the man you brought in here is your son. The one you said had some years ago? We keep getting reports about how you had lost your first son to an unknown circumstance. Could this be him?”

Mrs Nwokolo: “Yes he is our son and he is very much alive. Can you leave now?” she said all of a sudden when she realised that lying about the existence of their own son to the world is what had made things go that bad. They could have called the police or filed a missing person report but because how they had kept his existence secret, her husband wanted to make sure it remained so.

1st Reporter: “Madam, can you tell us why you kept his existence secret?”

2nd Reporter: “Is it because he was an imbecile?”

1ST Reporter: “Why is he in the hospital now? For treatment to heal him from the illness?”

Camera lights flashed into their faces from different angles. Mr Nwokolo was numb with anger. He could not believe she had let the cat out of the bag just like that.

Mrs Nwokolo: “My son is not an imbecile. He is just autistic. Richmond is not an imbecile” she screamed into the microphone angrily and the reporters moved back a little.

A nurse suddenly appeared and asked them to move over to the doctor’s office so they could be rid of the reporters.


He came to all of a sudden and dashed to her side…

Patience: “Don’t touch her, I will ask the men to rush her to the hospital right away” she said not wanting him to start getting attached again.

Henry: “One of you guys should help me get her to the car right away” he ordered looking at Abigail who had started looking pale and distant.

Abigail: “Henrrrrrrrry” she called with difficulty. “I…am soooory” she said and closed her eyes.

Ada: “Mum! Mum please hang in there. We will be at the hospital soon okay? And I don’t know what you are sorry for. He should be the one saying sorry” she cast him an angry look as the car jerked to a stop at the hospital, the same one Mr Nwokolo and his family were at.

Nurses rushed out with a stretcher when they saw how critical her condition was. She was laid gently on the stretcher and wheeled to the Emergency Room immediately. Mr Henry filled all necessary document and the surgery began.

They sat at the reception area where the Nwokolos just left…

Patience: “Let’s go back home dear. I think we have done well by bringing her to the hospital already. She will take care of her” she said tugging at his arm.

Ada: “Go home? After your husband shot two people at the same time? Let me tell you something, if anything should happen to my mum or to Richie, I will get you two arrested. Trust me!” she glared at them with a venomous look on her face.

Patience: “Shooting your mum was an accident” she tried to defend him.

Richmond: “And Richmond?”

Patience: “Honey I think your daughter is being delusional. Let’s go!” she felt light-headed all of a sudden and held her head tightly for some seconds.

Henry: “I will stay here for now” he said absent-mindedly.

Patience: “Really? You’d rather stay by the side of the woman who let you when you needed her the most for no apparent reason?”

Henry: “Just go ahead first, I will meet you at home” he said nonchalantly.

Ada: “Yes Patience. Just leave, you are not part of our family” she said mockingly.

Patience: “Oh good! I shall leave” she said and walked furiously away.

She called Emeka immediately she stepped out of the hospital, he picked it immediately.

“I need you to do something for me and make sure you do it neatly this time. I will not tolerate any mistakes from you again. I will send you a text to explain what you should do just in case this is the period you aren’t hearing properly. Will call later to know what you understood from the text okay? Good!” she said hurriedly and ended the call.


“What do I lack as a man? I am rich, smart and handsome. How can she love this idiot over me? How?” he thought as he stood over Richie’s bed, watching him as he slept. He had asked his parents to go home since he could watch over him. “I could just kill him here right away right? Maybe use his pillow to suffocate him to death. It is better I get him out of his misery now than later. She will start loving me when this one is out of the picture” he thought further, tiptoed to his side, removed the pillow from under his head and held it up…

Question: What is Patience up to this time? Will Dave have a change of mind about killing his brother?

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  1. whether he’ll have a change of mind or not, he wont succeed. Same with patience…..their cups will soon full

  2. Dave will not change his mind but Richie is not the type that will die like that and Patience want to set up Ada .

  3. how I want those two devils to suffer
    dave and pat…the two are planning to take peoples lives

  4. Patience d devil wants to av her sista killed, she will not succeed. Dave will nt suceed, somebody will come in. Guys u rock die

  5. Patience is very wicked oh; her wickedness shall come bak on her; let abigail not die oh nd dave shall not suceed in his bid

  6. Patience intentions is full if evil. I wonder who is her next victim. Richie can’t die like that, Dave would be disappointed cause something must happen.

  7. I think pat wanted to kidnapped Ada or muder her sister or Ada to get henry completely 4 himself. Dave will be caught or better still may v change of mind.

  8. Dave will have a change of mind, he won’t kill his brother. patience is wicked and stupid and she will dance to d music dt she has started playing. Abigail Pls don’t die, stay alive and get ur family back together….

  9. patient wants to set Abigail up by killing her in d hospital & i think Dave wont succeed in using pillow to suffocate his brother to death

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