(Episode 23) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 23) Heart of Man... Thorny Path of Memories

He went back home with a heavy heart intending to break the news to her sister himself. As he stepped into the living room, the first sight that greeted him was Emeka. He never saw him again since the day he took those pictures of him. Patience was there too and they were both talking mutedly. He walked closer to them and made a sound.

Patience: “Oh you are back. Welcome” she said without realising he would have recognised Emeka.

Emeka: “Welcome sir” he said trying to hide his face.

Henry: “What is this man doing here?”

Patience: “You mean Emeka? He is my friend, the one that always carry out most of my operations” she explained further with no suspicion whatsoever even though Emeka was making signs to her to keep quiet.

Henry: “The man who framed me up and made me and Abbie divorce? Was that your doing Patience?” he barked.

Patience: “Oh my God!” she used her two hands to cover her mouth. The milk had already been spilled and she had herself to thank for that.

Henry: “So it’s true? It is true that you did that? Oh God! What a fool I have been. How do I live with this now? How do I live with knowing I betrayed my wife so much even till death?” he slumped down with his face in his hands weeping profusely. “How did I come about giving you the chance to ruin my life and then blaming the wrong people? Wait!” he said suddenly.

“I think I have been blaming the wrong people for my woes all along, what else did you do to make sure you achieved your aim of breaking up my home?” he asked as he moved towards her with a disappointed gaze filled with loathing and hatred.


He stood by the doorway listening to them. It felt like his brother was in his right senses at that moment or partially in his right senses.

“Well mum did say he had the brain of a smart child so any smart child would be able to say something that smart right? I still can’t believe she would choose him over me. And now I seem to be as powerless as an egg” he thought sadly as she kept lamenting about the loss of her mum. He stopped thinking immediately he heard his question.

“What? Did he just ask that for real?” his heart skipped ten beats all at once. He didn’t know when he found himself in the room gaping open-mouthed at the two of them.

Ada: “What did you just say Richie?” she asked incredulously. She could not believe her ears”

Richmond: “I said will you marry me, go home to your dad or marry my brother who has wanted nothing but you since the first day he set his eyes on you?” he repeated his question with more seriousness.

Dave: “What do you mean by that?”

Richmond: “I know the truth brother” he said without tearing his gaze off Ada’s.


Henry: “I am asking you a question. What else did you do? Were you behind the robbery incidence Patience?” he asked her for an umpteenth time.

Patience: “Uhn…I… no!” she stuttered terribly.

Henry: “Emeka or whatever they call your name, please get out” he ordered.

Emeka: “But…”

Henry: “But what? I said get out of my house now” he growled pointing angrily at him.

Patience: “Emeka leave” she said weakly. Had it been someone else, she would have ordered that he be dealt with for even raising his voice on her but it was Henry- the man she loved and could do anything for.

Henry: “So what were we saying?”

Patience: “I wanted you but you loved my sister. I have wanted and loved you for years now, because of you I turned to someone this despicable, you just wouldn’t imagine what I have done just to make sure I become yours”

Henry: “Then you decided to ruin my life and family?”

Patience: “Well that brought you to me finally, didn’t it? What could way do you think I could have used to win you over? My sister was an obstacle, I had to get her out of the way too”

Henry: “Well I guess you aren’t going to have me anyway. You have lost me, I don’t ever want to see you again. Now get out of my house with your sorry self before I call the police on you” he threatened.

Patience: “I should get out? That is never going to happen. I even killed my sister so I can be with you. If I cannot be with you, then its better you don’t live either. I will kill you and then kill myself” she brought out a shiny small knife and started waving it at him.

Henry: “Hmmmmm… you killed my wife Patience? You killed my wife?” he suddenly remembered the man he had seen at the hallway earlier that day and how he looked familiar even with the face cap he had on. He remembered Emeka was putting on the same cloth as the guy even though he hadn’t given him much thought back then because his mind was in turmoil.

“How can you do something like this? How?”

Patience: “She was going to die anyway. Only that you will be the killer, you should be thanking me since I made someone else her killer. I am just telling you you can’t be rid of me. If I go down, you go down too. If I die, you die too. We are in this together so I’d advise you to keep it all to yourself and find a way to make me feel very cozy in this house just the same way you made my sister feel”

Henry: “Then I’d rather go down than live with a monster like you”

He picked up his phone to dial 911 but she snatched it from him and threw it inside the cup of wine Emeka had left unfinished while delivering her sister’s last word to her. She hadn’t even felt a tinge of sadness or remorse.


Abigail was buried at a cemetery not far from the GRA amidst lots of mourning. Humphrey and his brother came back to Nigeria for her burial for the first time since they left but had to travel back immediately because of their studies. They were already preparing for their final exams.

Ada had refused to give Richmond a reply immediately. Instead, she used her mum’s death as an excuse and had asked to be taken back home to her dad instead. It had been two weeks after that, even though Dave occasionally went to see her, Richie had never for once showed up before.

Dave went visiting her and as they both sat discussing, Patience kept strutting in and out of the living room just to know what they were talking about. She had silenced Henry with the threat of them going to jail together if he called the police on her.

Ada: “I am so grateful that you are here dear”

Dave: “It’s fine. I love spending time with us. So when are you coming back to our house?”

Ada: “I don’t think I will still come back. I don’t think I am ever coming back”

Dave: “Why?”

Ada: “I was never properly married into the family and my dad is already saving up money from my mum’s restaurant that he has started running to pay back the money your dad paid him. Once that is done, I’d be totally free” she said trying to force herself to smile.

Dave: “Hmmmmm. That I sad. I really want you back in the family. If not as my wife but as Richmond’s, you said you loved him so why give up so easily?”

Ada: “Well some things are not meant to be” she thought of how he hadn’t even showed up to see her once and her heart broke.

They talked for more than an hour and he decided to leave at last. As they stepped out of the gate, a 2017 Acura CDX pulled up right in front of them. Dave was wowed by the car and started thinking of buying it too immediately. Someone familiar came out of the driver’s side and walked towards them with his head bowed. He stopped in front of Ada and smiled broadly at her.

Question: Who is the man who came in the expensive car? Do you really think Ada will find happiness again if she didn’t marry Richie for real?

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  1. Its Richmond. I said before that was the one that slept with her d first day.I always had d feeling he has been pretending.

  2. it’s Richie dt stepped out of the expensive car. I feel Richie disguised himself to get a woman dt truly Luvs him….. can’t wait ford final episode

  3. it’s Richie dt stepped out of the expensive car. I feel Richie disguised himself to get a woman dt truly Luvs him….. can’t wait for d final episode

  4. I think Richie is here at last to properly ask for Ada’s hand in marriage, Ada will be happy with whoever she chooses to marry.

  5. The man is Richie and I think. No Richie no happiness


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