(Final Episode 24) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

(Final Episode 24) Heart of Man... Thorny Path of Memories

Karma sure is a bitch. Emeka who had been left to roam around after the death of Abigail due to Henry’s Powerlessness was almost killed by an angry mob one day when he was caught with the corpse of a baby girl whom he had raped to death and was on his way to deposit the corpse in a gutter like the idiot he was.

In the course of the investigation after the police intervened and he was arrested, he mentioned the names of his accomplices and most of the crimes he had committed. He knew there was no escaping death for him and so he had no other option than to cooperate during the interrogation. He also mentioned Patience as one of his accomplices in the murder of Abigail and some other petty crimes she had made him commit.

The guys were found guilty of multiple murders and atrocities and were sentence to be hung until death while Patience was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. She still maintained that she didn’t regret killing her sister and given the opportunity, she will do it again. She kept mumbling about how she had stolen the love of her life even as she was being led away after the judgement had been passed on them.


Richmond walked over to her smiling sweetly at her. He no longer avoided her gaze, he no longer looked shy or hyperactive. He was just normal like a normal person should be. His smile did not look childish and when he spoke, it was with an air of authority.

Richmond: “Sweetheart, there is a place I want you to go with me. Please?” he extended his hand to her and she took it still dazed. “Dave, please ride behind us with your own car. I have a surprise for you two” he said smiling at his brother who looked like a lost sheep in the wilderness.

He drove to a house very similar to his dad’s mansion, or it was the same design. Ada was in awe while Dave was in shock.

Dave: “Richie what is going on here? Whose house is this?” he asked as he walked up to his brother who still held on to Ada as they walked inside the house.

Richmond: “I am taking you down the memory lane here Dave. It might be a thorny one for me but yeah, we still have to go through it” he said with a distant look on his face.

Ada could not help but fall in love with his charm. He looked so masculine in his new haircut, neatly cut ironed suit and the glassed he had on. He seemed like a man from the elite class indeed. For the first time, she noticed how handsome he actually was. His facial features were even better than Dave’s and he was no longer talking or acting childish. He was in charge. She felt elated but still confused.


The driver, whom he had connived with for the past few months made sure he got his parents to the house. He had told them it was one of their business associates who wanted to meet them for the first time and at that moment, Richmond had also called his dad to confirm the appointment. He could not recognise him since he had never even spoken to him on phone before.


When they stepped into the house. Everyone was complete in the living room which was tastefully furnished in a more modern fashion than Mr Nwokolo’s. Henry, his parents and some of their most trusted staff were there to witness the transformation of a man they had known since time immemorial to be sick.

Richmond: “Okay everyone, thank you very much for gathering here with me. Before I say anything, I want to ask for a favour from Mr Henry” He walked closer to him with Ada still in his arms. “Please sir, I know I did it wrong at first, I was wrong. I was very very wrong so can you forgive me please?” he bowed slightly before the confused man, his parents also could not believe their eyes.

Henry: “It’s okay son. It’s I who needs forgiveness. It is alright” he said calmly.

Mr Nwokolo: “Please do you know what is wrong with your boy?” he whispered to his wife.

Mrs Nwokolo: “I don’t know but whatever is wrong with him must be a good thing and I am enjoying it. I can help but sense he is alright now” she whispered back. Smiling proudly at him.

Richmond: “So Mr Henry, can you allow me marry your daughter? I mean marry her properly now?” he said, turned to Ada and knelt in front of her, pleading with his eyes as tears dripped from them. He quickly dabbed at it with a hanky brought out from his pocket swiftly and took out the ring from his pocket. It was a glistening golden ring. Had no ornaments but it shone so much it could lit up a dark room.

Mr Henry: “Oh Richie” he was so touched he knew not what to say.

Richmond: “Ada please marry me? I have thought of this day like a thousand times over in my head. I am so sorry I made you sad, I am sorry I was not man enough and couldn’t tell you the truth. I am sorry to have been the first man to know you. That night, I was the one. I stopped at that first attempt when I realised it might blow my cover. I am sorry I did that to you. Please forgive me but I am here to make it all right now. I promise never to let you down again” he said as more tears flowed freely from his eyes.

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What he did not tell her was that that night was his first too. He had kept his secret so well that even he started believing he was indeed sick.

Ada: “That was you? I almost ran mad trying to find out who it was all by myself” she felt relieved he was the one rather than someone else. She smiled at him when she remembered he had actually proposed to her. “Yes I will marry you” she said joyfully and the whole house erupted in a deafening applause. He finally stood up and spun her around in his arms.

Mr Nwokolo: “Attaboy!” he hailed his son as he clapped endlessly.

Congratulations rent the air as they all crowded round the two of them, shaking and hugging them. Dave stood at a corner watching the ongoing. When the excitement had died down a little, he decided to continue.

Richmond: “So I was never sick. I was autistic before the poison incidence but it was that poison which healed me of my autism. My doctor called it a miracle” he chuckled when he saw the shocked looks on their faces.

Dave: “Then why did you pretend to be sick all along? What did you intend to gain from all that”

Richmond: “I did that to protect someone. I did it so he could have the best. So I will seem irrelevant”

Mr Nwokolo: “Who?” he asked incredulously.

Richmond: “My brother. I became like that so he could have all he wanted but I couldn’t carry on when I realised he was still unsatisfied and wanted more, wanted something even more costlier. You guys should not forget that autism did not stop me from being smart or going into business. Autism does not make someone act like a child most time. People with autism can still develop normally like normal people in some cases” he explained.

He dismissed the workers who were with them except the driver and continued…

“I do not know who tried to kill me back then but I knew my brother hated me to the core. He was always cursing at me no matter how much I tried. I heard him telling his friends that day that I was going to take all the properties and make him one of my workers. He said he heard you two talk about making me the heir to your properties. He was so insecure and scared I started thinking of how to make him feel better but the harder I tried, the worst he became” he paused.

Mr Nwokolo: “We never knew about that” he said, casting Dave a disappointed look.

Richmond: “I am not saying this in order to bring him down. I still love him very much despite everything. Don’t forget Dave, I know the truth. The food my wife ate, even at the hospital, and many others”

Mrs Nwokolo: “The food? What about it?”

Richmond: “That is why I took care of the cook through the driver here who became my errand boy for trying his own luck with me too. Well he learnt his lesson that day though”

Dave: “I am sorry Richie. I didn’t know you have sacrificed so much for me” he said remorsefully, walking slowly towards his brother.

Mr Nwokolo: “So how did you acquire all these?”

Richmond: “You opened an account for each of right? I have saved all the money in it up till this moment when I saw this house online and bought it. I have studied done a lot online. Whenever I am at the attic in the house, I lock myself there and study. I have acquired so many certificates ranging from business management to public administration to other professional courses which would help in business. I did all that online with the money in my account”

Ada: “You are indeed a good brother I must say. Thank you dear”

Dave: “Thank you for sacrificing your freedom for my happiness. I don’t think I deserve to be identified as your brother now. Just send me back to the states with  nothing dad, I will go there to learn how to be grateful for the little I have or you could leave me here in Nigeria but I’d go far from here and live on my own. I don’t think I can live knowing he sacrificed so much for me while I kept hating on him” he said as his eyes glistened with unshed tears.

Richmond: “No dear. You are still the first heir to all we have. I am okay with being the second or nothing at all. You are my brother and all I wanted was for you to be happy and contented” he said, moved forward and wrapped his brother in his embrace.


Ada and Richie later got married in the most elaborate way ever. The most prominent people in the state was there as they both got united as one.

A year later, she gave birth to a baby girl and in all of their outings afterwards, the three of them wore uniformed cloths. They were a family to be envied and they lived happily ever after.


Thanks for reading this story our dear ALF. Share your thoughts on this story and the lessons learnt if any. Thanks once again. #Kisses.

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      • learnt alota lessons
        be contented
        always show love
        trust ur spouse
        av d fear if God
        love ur stories pa Adelove
        God bless u all

      • so interesting.Richie is truly a good brother n am so api for them all.its good to av satisfaction in whatever one has.one must always find out things before taking action dat was d mistake Abigail made.RIP to her.forward eva adelove n crew

  1. Gooooooood endinggggggggg thank adelove. Karma is sure a bitch catching up with an unrepentant patience.

  2. Good one adelove, wish to know who sent the robbers to steal the #1m. Kudos to Richmond with his show of love to his brother despite all

  3. I was so right!..I knew he was the one that night and that he has been pretending. Another good one…kudos adelove.

  4. Omg! Feel like crying too….what an intriguing story! Dnt look down on someone 2day cos u might hv 2 look up 2 him 2moro.At last,so happy 4 Richie n Ada
    God bless ALC&Fs

  5. At times, in life we dont know who truly loves us or hates us but one thing certain! Love ur lovers n love ur haters more 4 dat is the only weapon… Thanks adelove!

  6. Lovely story filled with suspense. Amy Glee, love how u dot ur i’s and cross ur t’s. Mind blowing story. Didn’t see it coming. Kudos Adelove

  7. I knew it.I knew it was richmond all along.
    Wonderful ending.
    I tuale for Adelove crew.

  8. It’s a pity Abigail is not alive to witness this moment, congrats latest Mr & Mrs Nwokolo. Couples dont leave any loophole for intruders in your marriage, help one another both physically and spiritually, trust one another, believe in God, know that downfall of a man is not the end of his life, think deeply before taking any step, dont be stubborn, take advice from your partner. Weldone guys.

  9. See love! Even at d point of dead they love nd 4gives. Prayer…. LORD Jesus give me a heart like urs. A loving, caring and 4giving heart is my desire

  10. wow! didn’t c dat coming. u guys r good. very good. so happy for Richie n Ada. also happy Dave learnt a lesson n patience will die in prison. what more can I ask for? whatsoever a man sows he shall reap. thanks to u guys Ade love crew. u guysr something else. ur stories keep making me wanna open my Facebook morning, afternoon and night. u guys r simply d best. GOD bless u all.

  11. poison healed him… if am correct,he didn’t ate the poisoned food,his wife did…. how come or did I miss anything? More effort adelove… Nice story I must confess.

  12. Hmm what a beautiful ending. Who would have thought that it was Richie who had sex with Ada dat night. Truly it is good to b contended with whatever we had. Am happy for Ada and Richie. As for patience she got what she deserved. Kudos Adelove.

  13. this is so beautiful that I’m close to tears…
    nice one Richie.
    be good
    be contented
    trust your partner
    don’t ever hold/blame anyone responsible for your failure/downfall.
    show love
    be optimistic
    always forgive and let go.

    thanks ADL for this wonder piece again.

    NB: government shouldn’t dare grant patience amnesty oo.

  14. Waow Bravo, hahahahaha. Love d ending, it all ends well. Am happy 4 them all. Never wish another evil or act as if there is no future or law of karma

  15. I think its patience, precious? She should be,cus wen henry accused her, she felts guilty n unable to defend herself.

  16. Another wonderful story Adelove… Never judge a book by its cover.. Wishing Ada and Richmond a happy married life. Kudos to you.. More grease to ur elbow.

  17. I think there is a mix up somewhere, cos the guy didn’t even taste the poisoned food. So, how come his healing by poison?

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