(Episode 7) A Trip To Paradise… Expect The Unexpected!

Mr Fabian: “Hello? Who is this?  Can you hear me?” He tried to say into the receiver only to realize that his call had ended. He dropped the phone beside him and became engrossed in deep thoughts. He was at a crossroad as to whether to heed the callers advice and catch his wife empty handed or ignore it. He didn’t even know who the caller was and so he couldn’t tell how genuine the information could be.

Mr Fabian: “Driver, take me to Cape hotel now!”

Driver: “Okay, sir”, he said and made a turn. After few minutes’ drive, Mr Fabian changed his mind.

Mr Fabian: “Let’s just go home, I am sure the caller is one of those detractors peddling rumor up and down”, he said absent mindedly.

Driver: “Oga, na me you dey talk to? You say wetin?”

Mr Fabian: “I said turn and take me home.  Who else will I be talking to when it’s just you and I in the car?”

Driver: “Yes, boss”.

As soon as they got to his street, Mr Fabian became restless.

Mr Fabian: “I should have gone there to catch her red handed. What am I even doing here? Wait, is it that I am now afraid of my wife? No, she will surely deny it when she returns and I ask her. I need to go and catch her red handed, yes I have to” He thought.

“Driver, take me to Cape hotel”, he instructed the bewildered driver who could not understand his boss’ disposition that evening.

Driver: “Sir?”

Mr Fabian: “Cape hotel, Mr man”

Driver: “Okay, sir.” He said and turned around to the direction from where they were coming.

The security men at the gate gave the driver a tag and ushered the car in after checking the booth. The driver drove to the parking space and waited for his boss to get down.  When he didn’t after some minutes, he turned to him.

Driver: “Oga, na the hotel be this”, he said politely

Mr Fabian nodded his head.

Mr Fabian: “What is a VIP like me doing following my wife about? What if I go in there and I discover that all this is just a hoax?  I would have made a big fool of myself.  No, I won’t allow petty gossips ruin my marriage, if need be, I will get a private investigator to monitor her movements.  Yes, that is what I will do”, he thought.  After studying the hotel for few minutes, he ordered the driver to take him back home.

Driver: “Sir you said I should bring you here and you haven’t even gone down or seen anyone”

Mr Fabian: “Take me back home, young man!” He barked.

The driver who knew better than to argue with his boss anytime he used such tone, kicked started the car and zoomed off quickly.


Terence took Funmi’s hand in his own, raised it up to his mouth and kissed it.

Terence: “I want you to marry me”, he said with his gaze fixed on her.

Funmi was taken aback and she did nothing to conceal it.

Funmi: “say that again, I didn’t get you “

Terence: “I said I want us to get married” He repeated without blinking his eyes.

Funmi: “hahahaahah…” She laughed out loud and long.

“You are kidding right?” She asked him.

Terence: “I am not.”

Funmi: “I must say that you are very daring. What gave you that thought in the first place? You young men of nowadays, you will never cease to amaze me. Anyway, as you already know, I am a married woman and polyandry is not permitted in Nigeria”

Terence: “But I love you and would want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Do you know that I even broke up with my girlfriend because I want to keep myself for you alone? I cannot bear to think that another man has you all to himself, that is too great a torture for my heart.” He lied.

Funmi was touched; she was obviously falling for his deceit.

Funmi: “that is so sweet of you baby boy, but you see, I can’t divorce the father of my children, my husband as you must have heard is very rich and influential, his money and connection keeps me floating. The fact that I have his family name attached to mine is enough door opener anywhere in the world. But not to worry, I promise that I will always be there for you you need me.”

Terence: “But you are always traveling outside the country, how do I cope?”

Funmi: “Not to worry, I will get you all the necessary travel documents you need so that you can travel with me anytime I want to travel.  Is that okay?”

Kachi smiled.

Funmi: “Now let’s get down to business.

Kachi mounted her and entered her gently, it wasn’t anything close to what he had expected.  The honey pot in between her leg was wide and a little bit too wet for his liking. Never the less, he banged her, first slowing and then quickly as he gathered momentum. She was under him, panting and moaning in erotic bliss, as he banged his way into her. He turned her around and entered her from behind in spooning style, she could not contain herself as she began to moan loudly that Kachi thought she would attract the attention of hotel workers. When he raised her up and bent her for quick doggy, she began to plead with him to take it easy on her. After 2 more rounds, she fell on the bed with a thud, obviously exhausted. When she woke up, she did a mobile transfer of N200,000 into his account. Kachi went home satisfied, having booked a date with her for the next weekend rendezvous.


“Izu, who is this person that you have brought home with you?” uncle Izu’s wife, Uriel asked as soon as Kachi and his uncle entered the house.

Uncle Izu: “My nephew, I told you about him sometimes back, he is new to the States and doesn’t know his way around”, he replied, trying hard to imitation the flawless American accent with which she had spoken to him.

Kachi: “Good afternoon, ma”, Kachi greeted her.

Uriel: “Hi. Izu, I will like to see you upstairs now!” She said to her husband and matched upstairs ignoring Kachi who was caught in between standing and sitting on the chair in the most beautiful sitting room that he had ever seen.

Uncle Izu: “I will be right back” He said to Kachi and ran up after his wife.

Uriel was sitting on the bed and smoking when he entered the bedroom.

Uriel: “He can’t stay here, he has to leave now”, she said drawing in smoke and exhaling into his face.

Uncle Izu: “I can explain okay. You see, I just received his call that he was stranded in America and I had to go pick him because his late father was my elder brother who sponsored me in school”. He lied.

Uriel: “Can you just listen to yourself?  How can a sane man leave Nigeria and come here without a place to stay?”

Uncle Izu: “He was supposed to stay with his friend but he hasn’t been able to reach him since he landed”. He tried to explain but she interrupted him.

Uriel: “I don’t care, baby. All I know is that I cannot allow some black stranger live in my house, I have a 3 years old daughter and this guy could be a pedophile for all I know. Send him away or I do if myself” She threatened.

Uncle Izu: “He is my blood; he cannot do such a thing. Let him just stay few days until he finds his feet please” He tried to touch her but she pushed him away.

Uriel: “I said get the damn monkey outta my house or I will send the both of you away. You know what, I got this. I am gonna send him away myself” She screamed at the top of her voice.

Kachi heard her scream upstairs and then he heard the door bang and steps running down the stairs. There and then, he knew that there was fire on the mountain.

Question: Ha, America wahala! How will Kachi cope in America if they throw him out? Will Chioma accept him if he gets deported?

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  1. Hmmm, o ga o. If he got deported, chioma mama self no go allow her daughter date him again. She is gonna convince chioma otherwise.

  2. Angel Uriel cool down na
    I hope she changes her mind about chasing him out at the last minute

  3. God will definitely see him through but adelove i almost got lost when you said kachi banged fumi instead of Terence but i realized it might be a mistake,carry on!

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