(Episode 10) A Trip To Paradise… Expect The Unexpected!

Chioma used the address that Vicky had sent to her the previous day to locate Vicky’s lodge. When she got to the gate of the lodge, she called Vicky on the phone and she came out and picked her. Vicky was excited to see her friend who was one of the most beautiful girls that she had ever known. She led her into the small room she shared with three other roommates.

Vicky: “Welcome o, Chiommy baby. What would you like to eat? Should I make noodles for you or will you rather have corn flakes?” she asked.

Chioma: “I am okay, thanks”, she said as she looked around the room amazed at the half naked girls moving in and out of the room.

Vicky: “ah-ah, don’t tell me that you are shy o, you just came in from a journey and you said you don’t want to eat?”

Chioma: “Yeah, I had sausage roll and soft drink in the park where I alighted before picking a bike here” she explained.

Vicky: “Okay o, if you insist. Anyway, you need to shower and rest and then we will go to school tomorrow so that you get used to the place where you will write the examination. After that we will go to my boyfriend’s house, although we are currently not in good terms, I am sure he will like you when he sees you and I am sure he will not hesitate to hook you up with one of his rich friends” she winked at her friend.

Chioma: “Victoria!” she exclaimed.

Vicky: “what? Did I say anything wrong? Anyway, you are new to the university environment so your behaviour is not unexpected. I used to react this way too before I got admission into the university. In fact, I was a virgin and I vowed never to have sex with any man before I got to the university. Two years down the line and I can’t even remember what it feels like to be a virgin anymore” she said casually.

Chioma: “Hmmn, I haven’t even gotten admission yet, it is well sha”

Vicky: “Anyway, let me introduce you to my roommates”, she said and began to make the introduction one after the other.


Mr Fabian was panting after having had two rounds of sex with his wife and he could feel that trouble was brewing as she sat there on the bed beckoning on him to come back to her on the bed.

Funmi: “What are you doing standing there and staring at me? Come back to the bed let us continue from where we stopped”, she called out to him.

Mr Fabian: “I am tired, Funmi. My waist hurts”, he complained.

Funmi: “What did you do that do that your waist is hurting?” she asked, sizing him from head to toe with her eyes.

Mr Fabian: “we just had two rounds of hot sex. If that is not something, then I don’t know what is” He said as he gulped a glass of cold water down his throat.

Funmi: “Just two rounds and you are complaining? We have not even started yet, the day is still very young”

Fabian: “I am an old man and two rounds is the much that I can go. Do you know I was panting and felt my blood pressure jumping up when you were on top me? Ah, a woman will not kill me before my time o” he rubbed his palms for emphasis.

Funmi: “What kind of a stupid talk is this? Ehn, darling. Your wife is in bed asking for more sex and you are here telling me about BP that is fluctuating up and down. BP oshi wo ni yen? Didn’t you know that you were more than ten years older than me before you married me? For how long will I continue tolerating this miserable sexual life? First it takes so long to wake up your dick and make it erect, then you fall on the bed after few minutes of intercourse, tired and exhausted. What is this now?” she complained bitterly.

Mr Fabian: “What I lack in bed, I make up by giving you whatever you desire. First class tickets to choice countries of the world, fat cheques, shopping allowances, latest cars etc. That is enough to atone for any inadequacy”

He went to the bed to go back to sleep.

Funmi: “This is so unfair o, my husband should be able to give me sex anyhow and anytime I want it. I don’t like this; don’t push me into taking a drastic decision that will affect this marriage o. I am telling you my own now o, tor” she turned away from him.

Mr Fabian: “Good night, my dear wife. I will credit your account with 5million naira first thing tomorrow morning. Use that to get yourself any gift of your choice.” He said and fell asleep almost immediately snoring heavily.

Funmi looked at him, shook her head and went back to sleep after sending Terence a text message to meet her at their usual rendezvous the next day.


Vicky and Chioma had just finished walking around the lecture theatre when they ran into Terence who was driving in from the main gate. Vicky waved at him excitedly until he stopped.

Terence: “hi”, he said casually and turned to Chioma and smiled sweetly.

Vicky: “Hi, love. Chioma, meet my boyfriend Terence, baby, my friend Chioma, she is here for her post UTME examinations”

Terence: “Hello, Chioma. What a pretty name for a pretty face. Anyway, since Chioma is new here, I wouldn’t want her to be seen hopping from one bike to the other before those cultists will notice her even before she secures admission. So, hop in and let me take you girls out for lunch”, he said sweetly and smiled at Chioma. Vicky cast him a suspicious glance and the two girls entered the car without saying a word.


It was the seventh day after his arrival in America and Kachi was yet to find a job. He was tired of walking around and getting embarrassed because of the colour of his skin. He was on the bed in the guest room that was serving as his bedroom ever since he got to the house. His uncle who was the only one that had stepped his feet in the room ever since he started occupying it was not in the house so Kachi removed all his clothes and laid on the bed nude, it was a habit he had developed ever since he started sleeping alone back home in the village. When his father had cautioned him about it, he had told the old man that lying down naked helped him to think better.

Uriel was in her room upstairs when the reminder that she had set on her iPhone reminded her that she it was the 7th day of Kachi’s stay in the house. She remembered that she had told him that she would throw him out on the 7th day. She dropped the cigarette on the ash tray and ran downstairs. As soon as she got to the room, she flung it open startling Kachi out of his skin.

Uriel: “you have to leave my house right now because…oh my God!” She paused and exclaimed when she saw his black and big erected dick.

Kachi sat up abruptly, embarrassed and terribly discomfited.

Kachi: “I…er…I” he stuttered.

Uriel: “Wow, man you are so endowed”. She said not taking her eyes away from the erected dick that was pointing at her.

Kachi: “I will just quickly…”he grabbed the bed and wrapped it over himself. He was wondering how comes he had not remembered to use that to cover himself all the while.

Uriel: “Oh no, I really like what I am seeing. I think we can make do with some activity”, she said and came close to him, rolling her eyes seductively.

Kachi tried to move away but she held him, fell on her knees and removed the sheets from his waist.

Kachi: “what are you doing?” he asked in alarm.

While they were struggling, uncle Izu was making his way in to the house to inform Kachi of a job that he had secured for him.

Question: Ghen ghen, just when luck is about to smile on Kachi, his village witches and wizards have finally located him in America. Do you think his uncle will believe him?

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  1. Hmmmmm I pity Kachi…. ill luck indeed. He will. Never believe him.


  2. His uncle will believe him based on the incidence that happened in the precious episode with his wife.

  3. I doubt that the uncle will believe him but then the uncle should know that he’s married to a lunatic….

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