(Episode 9) A Trip To Paradise… Expect The Unexpected!

Uncle Izu walked into his bedroom and was shocked at the image that graced his sight when he opened the door gently for fear of waking his wife whom he assumed to be sleeping.

Uncle Izu: “what!” he exclaimed when he saw his wife giving herself pleasure with a vibrator which was buried deep into her vagina. She was lying on her back and had the vibrator inserted in with her left hand while she rolled her eyes, jerked on the bed as erotic moans and groans escaped her lips.

She did not as much as stop when she saw her husband walk towards her, she continued her sexual adventure until her husband, disgusted by the act grabbed the vibrator from in-between her legs and threw it away.

Uncle Izu: “what is this for God’s sake? A married woman using a vibrator?” he asked with disgust.

Uriel: “what is wrong with me helping myself with technology?” she replied.

Uncle Izu: “technology? You call a sex toy, technology?” he shouted at the top of his voice.

Uriel: “what is it if it is not technology? What do you call it in Nigeria?” she asked sarcastically.

Uncle Izu: “abomination, it is called abomination in Nigeria. It is the height of taboo for a woman to indulge in such an act; it is even more unimaginable if she does it so shamelessly as you are doing”

Uriel jumped up from the bed and ran to him.

“I will not have you insult me in my country. Remember that ours is a marriage of convenience and you accepted to satisfy me sexually however I want it, in exchange for relevant work documents and financial favours. You have no right, absolutely no right to dictate to me what I do with my body. I know that African men are chauvinistic, don’t try that with an American woman, I am the perfect definition of feminism if you didn’t know before now” She said.

Mr Izu: “oh, you knew that African men can be domineering and yet you decided to marry one nevertheless? What is the sense in that?” he taunted.

Uriel: “This, my dear”, she drew close to him and touched his groin. “I heard that black men have very long and strong dicks that can go on and on strafing all day and night. So far, you have been performing excellently well. As soon as you begin to slack, I kick your ass out of my life. She patted the bulge forming on his trousers and walked away, leaving him speechless.


In a week after Terence started sleeping with his sugar mummy, his financial and social status changed. Funmi had taken him to a car dealer in town and had bought him a brand new car of his choice, she had also rented an apartment for him in the newly built Sala apartment not too far away from his campus. The apartment was expensive and only children of wealthy parents lived there. The environment was quiet and serene, unlike the noise and pollution that characterised the lodges in student villa. Terence began to associate with all the big boys and girls in school and soon enough, girls started throwing themselves on him but he sent them away, keeping himself for only Funmi, his beloved sugar mummy whom he went to service every weekend.

He was in his apartment, reading the 10th episode of a story titled ‘A Dish Best Served Cold’ an interesting and entertaining story on Adelove.com when Vicky, his erstwhile girlfriend alerted him of her presence by pressing the door bell.

Terence got up, dropped his tablet on the centre table and went to the door. He opened and she entered, without him saying a word to her.

Terence: “what do you want here?” he asked when he saw her moving to take a seat.

Vicky: “What am I doing where?” she asked picking up his tablet.

Terence: “no, you drop that. That’s a personal property; you have no business touching it” He grabbed the tablet from her hand.

Vicky: “Please, let me just read this episode now, you know how very much I am addicted to Adelove.com”, she pleaded with him.

Terence: “then use your phone, you still have one as far as I can remember” he said.

Vicky: “I don’t have data in it now, shey you don’t know that I am broke ni?” she went close to him.

Terence: “then go get data or else you know what you will miss if you don’t visit that blog for an hour”

Vicky came close and rested her head on his chest but he pushed her away.

Terence: “come of these tricks, what do you want here?”

Vicky: “you are asking me what I am doing in my own boyfriend’s house? You sha funny o” She went back to the sofa.

Terence: “boyfriend? Who is your boyfriend? Are you out of your mind? The same boyfriend you called it quits with and walked out on? Please, if you don’t have anything to say, just leave my house and let me enjoy Adelove Stories in peace” He opened the door and held it for her to walk away.

Vicky: “but I said I am sorry now, okay, I accept, you can go ahead with keeping your sugar mummy as your side chick while I remain as the main chick”

Terence: “Vicky please leave my house”, he said ignoring her pleas.

Vicky: “Okay, can we at least make love? I am in the mood for it and you know I have no other boyfriend apart from you”. She said pushing out her boobs seductively.

Terence: “the strength I have is for my sugar mummy. Get out!” he barked as Vicky scampered along.


Chioma went to the computer centre located opposite the village square and checked her mail box, there she found a notification from the university where she applied asking her to come for her post UTME examination. She printed the notification letter and went home, glad that she had at least seen something that would take her out of the village for a while for she was getting tired of her mother’s constant nagging about her so called prolonged spinsterhood.

As soon as she got home, she went in to inform her mother who was peeling melon seeds outside.

Chioma: “well done, mama. The university I applied for says I should come for my post UTME examinations in 3days time. This is the notification slip that I printed from the cafe” she said in one breath.

Mama Chioma: “what is that one again? Have they given you admission? And where are we going to get money for you to travel with?”

Chioma: “it is not admission o but if I don’t write this exam, I will not be considered for admission at all. So, I have to go by all means” she explained.

Mama chioma: “you see, that is why I have been clamouring that you get married all these while. If you were married now, your husband would have been the one to take care of all your needs, anyway, just go inside and carry your food, I will try and see what I can come up with before that time”

Chioma: “thanks, mama”, she went in carrying the notification slip with her.

Mama Chioma: “This girl thinks that she is wise, I will give you the money your suitor gave me to give you, let’s see how you will refuse to marry him after using his money. By the time your admission list comes out and you have no one to pay your fees, you will quickly accept the Chair lady’s son”, she said aloud when she was sure that her daughter was out of ears shots.

Chioma on the other hand was excited about the impending journey because it would afford her the opportunity to familiarise with the university where she had applied and also to have a taste of campus life. She had called Vicky, her friend who was an undergraduate of the institution and she had accepted to have Chioma put up with her during her stay. Vicky had sounded very excited on the phone as she had told Chioma that she couldn’t wait to show off Terence, her rich boyfriend to her.  Chioma grinned as she walked up to her box to sort out the dresses she would be taking along with her. The trip to Abuja promises to be interesting, so she thought.

Question: The trip to Abuja is sure going to be an interesting one. What do you think is going to happen when Terence sets his eyes on the beautiful Chioma? Will his sugar mummy ever let him go?

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  1. Trouble…. Trouble….. Trouble…… Chioma will fall for Terence…..sorry Vicky……. but funmi must not know sha….

  2. Lol Tina will rily go messes…… He will fall in love wit chioma n dat will cause enmity BTW chioma n Vicky den terence will fall in troubles wit his sugar mummy

  3. Terrance will wanna date beautiful chioma o,even vicky will see her as d enemy if she finds out n madame funmi can’t let him go like that until she dnt need his service again.

  4. Terence will go for her but his sugar mummy won’t agree to that and that’s where…war sets in.
    Good morning all.

  5. Terence don’t cum and fall inluv wit Chioma oh, and as 4 Funmi ur hubby wud soon strip u off his entitlement dat u hv and Terence wud hv no choice dan 2 dump u.

  6. Hmmm, very interesting, Terence may want to dump sugar mummy & Vicky for Chioma, this will be very tough as mummy will not agree. Terence, be careful.

  7. Hnnnmmm… Terence will want to keep Chioma, but that will bring quarrel between the two friends not to talk of the sugar mama….

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