(Episode 15) A Trip To Paradise… Expect The Unexpected!

After the embarrassment at the female hostel, Chioma went back to her room and avoided Vicky and Terence. She kept to herself and even when she needed explanations on any difficult topic, she went to other neutral people. Terence heard from rumour mongers on campus that Vicky had embarrassed Chioma in the hostel. Infuriated, he drove to the front of the female hostel and called her to come out to meet him. Vicky took her time after she received his call to make up and dress up seductively. Terence shook his head in disapproval when he saw her walking towards him with all her curves on cheap display.

Vicky: “Hello Terence, let’s go”, she said and made to open the car door.

Terence: “Go where? Are you okay? Since when did I become your driver?” he taunted her.

Vicky: “What are you saying? Are you not the one who called that I meet you outside here? Are we not going on an outing?” she asked.

Terence: “Outing ko, dating ni. I called you here to ask why you condescended so low as to embarrassing Chioma. Why did you do that?”

Vicky: “what! So, you called me out here and allowed me to waste my time getting dressed only for you to ask me such a stupid question? Who is Chioma that she would not be embarrassed? In fact, let me see her in my room again, I will give her another embarrassment of her life. It is a promise” she hissed.

Terence: “You will do no such thing, Vicky. I warn you to leave that poor girl alone. She has done nothing wrong. Stay away from her o, I am warning you gently now” he warned sternly.

Vicky: “If you want me to stay away from her, then warn her also to stay away from my boyfriend”, she said adjusting the mini dress she has on.

Terence: “And who is this boyfriend?” he asked sarcastically.

Vicky: “You of course, who else?” she retorted.

Terence: “I am not your boyfriend; I was your boyfriend in the past but not anymore. If you dare embarrass that girl again, you will feel the wrath of my anger. I have promised to protect her on this campus and that I will do” he replied, gritting his teeth in anger.

Vicky: “let her not stay away from you and see if I will not continue to embarrass her. In fact, what can you do to protect her? You have already written your final exams and you will be going away soon so don’t even go there” she gave him a tongue out.

Terence chuckled.

Terence: “you wish my dear. My rent will not expire till the end of next year and because of the love I have for Chioma, I will work my national youth service to this place. You know I always do what I say, so just watch me” he opened his car.

Vicky: “hahaha, you underestimate my powers, Terence. You see in life, we only know what we are, we don’t know what other people are. So, I will advise that you don’t mess around with me. I know the source of your strength, you depend on your sugar mummy for everything, even the apartment you are bragging with, she got it for you. If you think she will allow you take on another girl without kicking your ass out, then try it” she smiled slyly.

Terence: “You have been warned, stay away from Chioma. I will not repeat this conversation with you again”, he entered his car and drove off leaving her fuming with hatred against Chioma.

Terence went to Tom’s lodge to confide in him about the problems he was having with Funmi with a view to him finding a way out of the relationship. Tom was catching up on celebrity gists on Adelove.com with his phone when Terence entered the room. He went and sat down without saying a word.

Tom: “Guy wetin na, this one you came and sat down quietly like a ghost, wetin happen?” he asked his friend.

Terence: “omo, na my sugar mama o, the relationship don tire me but I don’t know how to get out of it”, he said dejectedly.

Tom: “why the relationship go tire you na, you don make enough money from her be that?” he asked still engrossed in the news he was reading on Adelove.com.

Terence: “guy, life is not all about money jare. Ever since I set my eyes on Chioma and fell in love with her, I have lost interest in the relationship between me and Funmi” he said.

Tom: “Which Chioma? The same girl that has not even accepted you? My brother, you know I will always give you good advice o, a bird in hand is worth twenty in the bush, you better hold on to this woman o”

Terence: “I can’t jare, kilode, will I continue to deny the truth? I am tired of her, that woman wants to control my life and I cannot allow that happen. I am the first child of my parents and I have been asked to bring home a wife. Chioma is the girl for me, the earlier madam Funmi realises that she has lost me, the better” he turned away from his friend.

Tom: “it will not be that easy? These women are not the type you can easily do away with o, let  me ask you, are you ready to return he car, the apartment and other things she bought for you?” he asked with brotherly concern.

Terence: “How can I return them when I am not mad? Will she return all the sperm that I flushed down the toilet because of her?” he fired back.

Tom: “I advise that you tread with caution. In fact, call her and apologise and make peace with her, then when you are sure that Chioma will accept you, we shall think of a way out”

Terence felt that Tom had made sense in his advice so he made up his mind to apologise to madam Funmi after all he could make do with some extra cash from her.


Chioma listened with disbelief as the lecturer threatened her that except she slept with him, she would never pass his course. It was her second semester exams in her second year in the university and although she had heard tales of how female students had to sleep their way through passing the man’s courses, she never believed that she could fall victim. On her own part, she had done her best by studying hard, attending lectures regularly and dressing decently so as not to attract the attention of Casanovas in the guise of lecturers roaming the campus. After the man finished talking, he paused for effect and then said. “Do you understand me?”

Chioma: “No, sir. I don’t understand you” she replied politely.

Lecturer: “well, you don’t need to understand me. Just do as I say and all will be well” he said flipping through the journal on his desk.

Chioma: “but sir, I study hard, I do my assignments, I do all presentations and I attend lectures always. Isn’t that more than enough to make me pass your course?” she asked innocently.

Lecturer: “I have told you what you need to know. If you think having a functional brain is all that a beautiful girl like you need to pass exams then you don’t know the value of your attractive face and beautiful body. Malan hotel, room 225, 10 pm, Saturday night. If you fail to show up, I promise to frustrate the hell out you until you are sent packing from this institution. Ask around and you will be told what I did to students who proved stubborn” he warned sternly.

Chioma: “But, sir…”

Lecturer: “Just hold it there. This meeting is over. Get out of my office” he ordered.

Chioma walked away in tears. She knew that there was no way she would accept to sleep with him for marks and at the same time she was not willing to be frustrated out of school. She thought of confiding in someone but she had no friend on campus. Vicky would have been the best person to run to in this situation but the two girls were no longer in talking terms. Terence would have also been very helpful in situations like this but she didn’t want anything to do with him. Suddenly, an idea occurred to her.

Chioma: “I will tell Kachi and tell him to talk to the lecturer on my behalf. Yes, that is what I will do. But wait o, I hope Kachi will not misunderstand the whole thing and then accuse me of seducing lecturers o, I know how Kachi thinks at times. No, he won’t, I will call him and tell him how different men have been hitting on me ever since I started this school, that will even make him know that he has to hurry up and marry me”, she thought.

Question: Na wa o, so lecturers like this still exist? Do you think it  is a good idea to tell Kachi about her challenges?

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  1. Yeah I think it good idea that she calls kachi and tell him about her condition because he is the only true friend she has for now….


  2. If am chioma I will be recording all d conversation with the lecturer n use it against him @the school panel. She should tell kachi but what will d young man do.

  3. Wolfs in sheep skin lecturers are all over the higher institutions. It’s ok for Chioma to confide in Kachi, he may have a way to solve the problem.

  4. They must exist since corruption is not yet rule out. Telling kachi will be fine,evn thou there is nothing much he can do bt will b aware.

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