(Episode 16) A Trip To Paradise… Expect The Unexpected!

Chioma tried to reach Kachi for two days all to no avail. She was frustrated and worried that something may have happened to him over there because it was unlike him to stay for more than a day without calling her. She was on her way back from the library where she went to study when she ran into Terence who was driving in. He drove past her but when he saw her, he drove back.

Chioma: “Hi, Terence, it’s been ages. I didn’t know that you would recognise me again”, she said.

Terence: “I can never forget you. In fact, I came back here just to see you. I have finished my National Youth Service Corps, can we get married now?” he asked her, pleading with his eyes.

Chioma: “you must be kidding right? I already told you that I am in a serious relationship” she tried to walk away but he stopped her.

Terence: “oh please, you have been saying that since you stepped your feet in this institution. If my calculation is correct, you should be in your 200 level now and yet that imaginary man of yours is nowhere to be found. Why don’t you just accept me? I have enough money to take care of you and I promise that I will support your education to any level you want”, he said, appealing to her emotions.

Chioma suddenly remembered the issues she was having with the lecturer and she knew within her that Terence could help her out of the mess since he was very popular and influential among the students and lecturers when he was an undergraduate. She decided to confide in him against all odds.

Chioma: “Terence, I need your help. Can you help me the way a brother will help his sister?” she implored.

Terence: “I will do anything for you. All you have to do is say it” he said excitedly.

Chioma: “It’s about a lecturer o” she was afraid that he may change his mind about helping her if he knew the nature of her problem.

Terence: “I will even confront the devil for your sake, bring it on, what is the problem?”

Chioma: “you know Mr Easy right? The lecturer of MTH 210, he has been disturbing me for a while now, asking that I sleep with him. Now he is threatening me that if I don’t do it with him, I will fail his course and that he will make sure I don’t graduate from this university. You know that MTH 210 is a core course and that there is no way I can graduate without passing it. I really don’t know what to do. All the girls I have spoken to are advising me to give him what he wants if I want to graduate in peace. I am so confused I don’t know who to turn to for help” she said, wiping a tear from her eyes.

Terence: “you know what? This is a very serious issue that cannot be discussed here with you standing like this. Now hop into the car, let’s go somewhere cool and discuss it over some chilled drinks” he opened the door for her.

Chioma looked at him suspiciously.

Terence: “What?” he said opening his palms, “I am not going to bite you” he continued.

She entered the car without saying a word to him. He drove to Sizler’s fast food where he ordered two plates of fried rice and fried chicken and soft drinks for them after they had taken a seat.

Terence: “So, that old dog still goes about chasing every student in skirt?” he asked while they were waiting for their order.

Chioma: “Help me ask o, why can’t old people just stick to their partners? I heard the man has had his way with almost all the girls that took the courses he lectures. Those ones who were stubborn enough to refuse him ended up carrying over his course every year. I have worked so hard not to have a carryover ever since I started this study, I don’t want it now”

Terence: “So what do you want to do? Agree to his demands so that you can graduate in peace?” he teased her.

Chioma: “hell no, over my dead body will I do that. I think I will report him to the Head of Department, Faculty Dean and some lecturers” she answered.

Terence: “Don’t even try that, it will amount to you shooting yourself on the leg”, he said as he lifted his arms off the table so the waiter could drop his plate of steaming hot fried rice.

Chioma: “What do you mean by shooting myself on the leg?” she asked him.

Terence: “Those lecturers have a form of synergy that cannot easily be penetrated. If you take on one of them, the others will gang up and frustrate you. Ask around and you will find out that those students who reported him to other lecturers ended up with more problems at the end of the day”, he said attacking his chicken with his fork.

Chioma: “So what do I do? This is even more difficult that I thought”, she said without touching her food.

Terence: “You will go and meet him at the address he gave you at the exact time he said. You will be dressed seductively and you will ask him to get down to business as soon as you enter the room. Then you will proceed to undressing him…”

Chioma could not believe her ears. She felt like inflicting injuries on him with the cutleries before her.

Chioma: “Just stop!” she interrupted him. “How can you even think of a thing like this? I thought you could help me. Why did I have to open up to you if you will end up supporting the lecturer? In fact, I don’t even know what I am doing here with you”, she got up to leave but he caught her arm.

Terence: “Will you at least allow me to finish talking? Just exercise a little patience and listen to me” he pleaded.

Chioma: “I can’t sit here and listen to your dumb idea” She made to ease her hand out of his hold but he tightened his grip on her and stood up.

Terence: “Will you just calm down and listen to me? I am not stupid to advise that you sleep with that old man” he screamed.

Chioma: “but that was exactly what you were saying. What else do you have to say?” she asked.

Terence: “that is why you should calm down and listen to me”

She sat down and Terence took a glass of water before he continued.

Terence: “after you undress him, you will pick your phone and pretend that you want to switch if off, then you will flash me, I and my guys who would be hiding in the hotel will knock and pretend to be room service. If he acts smart, tell him that you made some orders on your way to the room. Open the door for us and we will take it from there” he explained.

Chioma: “wow! This sound like a brilliant idea, but will it work? Won’t the man take it on me when he finds out that I set him up?” she was afraid of what would happen if the plan backfired.

Terence: “he will never find out. My guys and I will pretend that we have never met you before. We will act like some desperate students who have been following him about, monitoring his every move. Just do your part and leave the others for me” he assured her.

Chioma stared at Terence for a while and she could not help but admire how he was able to come up with such a brilliant idea in such a short time. She watched as he ate his rice gently and she felt admiration towards him. For the first time since she ever saw him, she realized that he was a very handsome man, something that she had not noticed before now.

Terence raised up his head to look at her but the expression on his face changed when he saw through the restaurant’s glass door, madam Funmi driving in. He looked at Chioma and she stared at him suspiciously.

Chioma: “What is wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost” she remarked.

Terence: “Ah yes, I mean no. Yes, no” he stuttered.

Chioma: “What are you saying? Are you okay?”  She said fiddling with her spoon, suddenly loosing appetite.

Terence: “Running stomach, yes, I am having stomach upset. What did they use in this food? I need to use the loo now”, he lied.

Chioma: “I am so sorry, your system must be very delicate, I think there is nothing wrong with the food” she said.

Terence ran to the waiter when he saw Funmi locking her car door. “Waiter, where is the restroom, please?”

He saw madam Funmi walking into the restaurant and before the waiter could say anything, Terence ran away to the direction where the waiter was pointing at leaving Chioma dumbfounded.

Question: Seems like Chioma is beginning to warm up to Terence. Do you think she should agree to set the lecturer up? Won’t it backfire?

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  1. LoL Terence wants to eat his cake and still have it
    But there’s a new twist hope Chioma won’t end up falling in love with him like this
    can’t wait for next episode ooo

  2. It’s a dangerous idea but if well prayed, it’ll work out. Make madam Funmi go sidon joor, wetin see, she no get husband ni? Haba!!

  3. Chioma did the right thing though but Torrance would surely ask for something in return and it will hurt me to my marrow if chiommy breaks kachi’s heart after all d sacrifice.

  4. Chioma has no choice, think the plan will work and teach the old he goat a lesson, Chioma, hope you are not falling for this prince charming?

  5. Chioma go on with your plans, it won’t backfire. But please don’t fall in love with Terence or what is that his name, Remember Kachi sacrifice towards you, and if Madam Funmi catches you ehhh, you will hear it.

  6. I think chioma is beginning to like terrence. Well d idea of setting d lecturer up is risky but she just has to give it a try since it is d only way to get out of d situation for now. Chioma should not forget her boyfriend oooooo.

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