(Episode 18) A Trip To Paradise… Expect The Unexpected!

Chioma ignored Kachi’s call all through that week rather she found solace in Terence whom she confided in and who encouraged her to dump Kachi because the money he had was cursed money that would cause her more harm than good should she eventually get married to him. She had written off Terence’ advice because she felt he was trying to make her break up with Kachi so that he could have her all to himself. That night, after she woke up form a nightmare that sent her heart ripping with fear, she picked up the phone and dialled her mother’s number. Her mother who was still in bed turned reluctantly and picked the call when she saw that it was her daughter calling.

Mama Chioma: “hello nwa’m, this one that you are calling me by this time, is it day break there already?” she asked yawning.

Chioma: “I can’t sleep o, mama”, she said.

Mama Chioma: “You can’t sleep? Ogini? What is the problem, my daughter”, she asked sitting up on the bed.

Chioma: “I had a terrible dream last night and after I woke up, sleep just vanished from my eyes” she said pausing for effect.

Mama Chioma: “so what was the dream about? Do you want me to beg you before you tell me about it?”

Chioma: “I dreamt that I was being chased by dead people” she said.

“Chineke me!” her mother said and got up from the bed, wiping her eyes.

Mama Chioma: “You were being chased by who in the dream?” she asked again just to be sure.

Chioma: “by the dead o, nne. In fact, they chased me so much that I fell down. I woke up as soon as I fell down” she explained.

Mama Chioma: “Ah, this is not funny o, but wait, how did you know that those people are dead?” she asked her daughter.

Chioma: “I saw their faces, now. Some of them are our relations and friends that died long ago”

Mama Chioma: ‘but why would the dead chase you in your dream? Did you kill anyone?” she queried.

Chioma: “hian mama, how can you even think of a thing like that? I have never killed anyone in my life o” she said getting all worked up.

Mama Chioma: “are you sure? Because this is not a matter that should be taken lightly o, I will have to go and find out what the problem is from the village shrine so you better open up and tell me the truth. What do you have with the dead?” she asked again for emphasis.

Chioma: “Why are you talking this way now? I don’t have anything to do with the dead. What relationship has the living with the dead?” she was getting irritated at her mother’s questions.

Mama Chioma: “hmmn…”

Chioma: “Ehen mama, there is something I want to discuss with you. I called you yesterday but the service provider told me that your phone was switched off” she interrupted her mother.

Mama Chioma: “My phone has been switched off yesterday. You know the electricity situation here, PHCN only give us electricity in the night when everyone has gone to bed, as if we paid for night plan” she said sarcastically.

Chioma: “Mama, it is about Kachi o” she said hitting a mosquito that was perched on her lap.

Mama Chioma: “okay, when did he say he will return for you two to get married?” She asked excitedly.

Chioma: “I don’t think I want to marry him again o”

Mama Chioma: “Ewo, Chioma, why are you so unpredictable? You will not kill me o. After waiting for Kachi for so many years, you say you don’t want to marry him again? Where was your brain all the while that I was pleading with you to marry another man? Now that Kachi has started sending us money, you are saying something else. This spiritual husband that will not allow you marry another man, God will disgrace him o”

Chioma: “It is not my fault, mama. Kachi is washing dead bodies for a living in America” she dropped the bomb shell.

Mama Chioma: “What! Isi gini? Kachi doing what in America? Aru eme eh…” she screamed into the receiver.

Chioma: “he made all the money that he has been sending to us by washing corpse o, nne’m” she added.

Mama Chioma: “Tufia!” she said at a loss on what to say.

Chioma: “That is it o, now do you still advise that I marry him? Knowing the repercussion of the job he does?”

Mama Chioma: “it is not advisable my dear but do you have a choice? That man has spent so much on us and you are not getting younger. If you leave him now, where will you see another husband? That chairlady’s son that wanted to marry you before is already married” she said sadly.

Chioma: “Mama, there is another man o, his name is Terence, he started asking me out since the first day I got to this school. He has graduated and he is working now. The problem is that he is not as handsome as my Kachi, I don’t know what to do”, she confided in her money.

Mama Chioma: “Oh, so there is another man and you are here wasting time? What are you going to do with how handsome he is? Will you eat that? This is the perfect opportunity for you to discard Kachi and the bad luck that is following him about o. In fact, that dream that you had, it is as a result of Kachi’s job and the fact that you have been spending out of the money” she said.

Chioma: “but mama…”

Mama Chioma: “Biko, don’t call my name. All I want to hear is that you are coming for wine carrying with the new man. Chioma, don’t allow this opportunity pass you by again o, receive sense now o, receive sense! If you can’t receive it, come and borrow my own and use” she said and ended the call.


Kachi was fast asleep when a knock on his door woke him up. He hurriedly got from the bed, wore his trousers and ran to the door. He opened it and was surprised to see Uriel, his uncle’s wife at the door, wearing a see through nightie with nothing underneath.

Kachi: “Oh, it’s you. Need help with something?” he asked casually stepping out of the way for her to come in.

Uriel smiled mischievously. “Yeah, I need help with something” she said.

Kachi: “Okay, what is it? I will get it done right away” he said, eager to get her out of the room.

Uriel: “This”, she said and pointed in-between her legs.

Kachi: “wh…what do you mean by that?” he asked, feigning ignorance.

Uriel: “What? Why are you staring at me like no woman has ever asked you for sex before? Well, as you know, my husband is on a one month training in China, yeah, I know he just left today but I am so horny man. I tried using my toy, you know wah I mean”, she winked at him and then continued. “but man, that toy cannot satisfy me tonight. I am sure you know that nothing feels like the real thing. I have always wanted to taste you and that is why I allowed you stay here till this time. Now, let’s get down to business”, she said and removed her night wear, revealing a perfectly shaped body and pointed breasts.

Kachi: “please don’t do this. Please, I beg you in the name of whatever you hold dear. I cannot sleep with you because you are my uncle’s wife. My uncle is not here but God sees whatever we do. I don’t want to die before my time please, please”, he was shivering slightly.

Uriel: “what nonsense are you talking about? What is wrong with helping your uncle out when he is not available?”

Kachi: “not this way please. I can never have canal knowledge of you, it will kill me before my time. Uriel, we are Africans and incest is a terrible sin that can never go unpunished” he pleaded with her.

Uriel: “I see that you can open your mouth and talk because I am pleading with you. Now, I command you to make love to me!” she said in a voice that startled him.

Kachi: “And what if I don’t?”

Uriel: “If you don’t, I will kick you out of the house tonight, then I will call the police and accuse you of trying to rape me. You will be sent to prison after which you will be deported back to Nigeria shamefully and that will be the end of your ever stepping your feet in God’s own country. Your uncle is far away in China and he is not due to return until next month. When he returns, I will narrate to him how you attempted to rape me while he was way. Trust me, that will mar the relationship between you and him for life. Now, will you do it or will you dare me?”

Kachi stood there transfixed disbelief and fear clearly written all over his face.

Question: “Omo, see gobe, original gobe  for Kachi head o. What do you advise him to do?

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  1. He should not do it at all. If the lady tell his uncle that he wanted to rape her I believe his uncle will not believe. But if am in his shoes, I will just find a way to record what she has been saying that will serve as evidence that am innocent should in case she comes-up with any accusations.


  2. Kachi abeg don’t do it oh! Who knows if she send u out and d police arrest u, u might as well get a helper there. Or maybe ur uncle trip was cancelled.

  3. Hnnnmmm… This na temptation that can lead to confusion…. I don’t buy the idea of Kachi sleeping with her but…. . .

  4. Hmmmmmmm dis is really temptation for Kachi ooo. One hand is Chioma trying to end d relationship btw them and d other hand is his Uncle’s wife forcing him for sex. Kachi who to do now. It is only God who can help u in dis kind of situation

  5. Kai Kachi see what your heavy cassava that u carry has caused
    He does not have any option but to do Uriel’s bidding

  6. God which kind wahala b ds na…. Ds woman na witch ooo… I pity kachi nd wteva decision he takes, i wnt blame him

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