(Episode 19) A Trip To Paradise… Expect The Unexpected!

Kachi got on his knees and began to plead with her to have mercy on him because he didn’t have a place to go. She was adamant that he must make love to her if he wanted to remain in the house.

Kachi: “please, just have mercy on me. I will do whatever you want me to do. Anything apart from sleeping with you, please” he pleaded amidst tears.

Uriel: “I am not God that I would have mercy on you. So, just stop it. You know what you must do if you must remain in this house, even God knows that I have tried, accommodating you here for this long” she replied, sighing.

Kachi: “Yes, you have really tried and I am very grateful, I will always be indebted to you and my uncle and I pray that I am able to reciprocate this kind gesture some day. Just be a little more patient with me because I don’t have any where to go and my visa will soon expire, sending me out now will be exposing me to great dangers. Biko nu” he pleaded.

Uriel: “Get out!” she screamed, causing him to startle.

Kachi tried to hold on to her feet but she jerked it away and slapped him hard on the face. “Okay, you don’t wanna go right , fine. You stay here. Stay here, you hear me?” She shouted then ran upstairs like a woman whose house was on fire.

Kachi picked his phone and tried to call his uncle’s number but it was switched off, Kachi knew that his uncle was probably using another number in the China; a number he did not have. He picked his bag and began to fold his shirts and trousers and all the personal belongings that he had acquired.

As soon as Uriel got to her room upstairs, she picked her cell phone and dialled the police and reported a case of an intruder in her house who had attempted to rape her.

Kachi carried his hold on bag and left the guest room which had served as his room in recent times. He stepped outside the main door and looked back at the main house with nostalgia, he was surely going to miss the comfort and all that the house offered. He knew he had to leave but where he was going, he did not know. He was just about stepping out on the street when a Police car drove around him and he was caught and handcuffed. Uriel was at the door, smoking and smiling slyly.

Policeman: “Is this the rapist, ma’am”, the police asked her.

Uriel: “yes, that is the animal who calls himself my brother in law. He tried to rape me because my husband is away. Take him away and lock him up in the zoo, that is where animals like him belong” she smirked.

Policeman: “Appropriate sanctions will be carried out against him after we have investigated your claims”, he said and motioned Kachi to enter the car.

Kachi shook his head at Uriel and entered the car quietly, at loss on what to say to her.


Chioma watched as Terence sliced onions and vegetables and other ingredients needed to make white rice and vegetable soup. He was perfect in the kitchen just like a woman. This delighted her because she had always wanted to have a husband who could cook, that was one area that Kachi faltered, the only thing Kachi could do well in the kitchen was to boil water.

Chioma: “so tell me, who taught how to cook and do domestic chores this perfectly?” she asked admiring his perfect six packs.

Terence: “my mum” he said turning over the chicken in the frying pan.

Chioma: “Your mum? Wow, in my house, boys don’t cook. Their duty is to go to the farm while the girls were brought up to cook and do other domestic chores”, she said.

Terence: “Well, I have no sisters. My mother gave birth to six boys and she taught all of us how to do everything that a woman can do except carrying pregnancy and giving birth” they chuckled.

Terence: “now my princess, take this piece of sizzling hot and tasty fried chicken and go enjoy yourself in the sitting room while I get the food ready” he handed the plate to her.

Chioma: “you sure you don’t need my help with anything?” she asked with butterflies having a field day in her stomach.

Terence: “Help in the kitchen? Hell no, tell you what, when we get married, I will be the one doing all the cooking while yours will be to eat” he touched her pointed nose playfully.

Chioma smiled and collected the chicken. “Tasty”, she said after taking a bite and left for the sitting room, her phone in her hand viewing pictures of Adelove’s crew’s visit to Mother Theresa’s orphanage on Children’s Day. As soon as she sat down, Terence brought her a glass of cold grape juice.

Terence: “use this to wash down the chicken”, he said.

Chioma: “You are very romantic o, I must confess” she giggled.

Terence: “romantic is my middle name. Now, let me see you take a sip, that will gladden my heart”

She smiled took a sip and then another and another. He smiled and returned to the kitchen.

In an hour’s time, they settled down to eating white rice and vegetable which tasted like none that Chioma had never tasted before.

Chioma: “you are really a great cook. In fact, you should have studied food and nutrition at the university. The truth is that not even my vegetable or my mother’s has ever tasted this good”, she said attacking the big chicken lap in her plate with her fork.

Terence: “Really? Anyway, food wey sweet, na money kill am. Do you know I spent nothing less than ten thousand naira on this soup alone?” he bragged.

Chioma: “Wow! In my house, we use N500 to cook soup for almost ten people and the soup will last for two days”, she said, deprecatingly.

Terence: “that is why you should marry someone like me who would go to any length to give you the best of everything in life” he replied smugly.

“Hmmn”, Chioma said and dropped her spoon.

Terence: “What is it? I thought you are love with me already?” he asked taking her hand.

Chioma: “I won’t deny that I have started developing feelings for you after you helped me with that lecturer issue but you see, it is complicated. Yes, I am having issues with my boyfriend right now but he has spent so much on me that I can’t just leave him like that. Do you know that the poor boy went as far as taking up a job as a mortuary attendant in America just to sponsor my education?” she said sadly.

Terence: “Hahahahah”, he laughed and took a sip of water.

Terence: “Is that what he told you? Trust me he was just playing on your emotions. Do you know that humans don’t work in the mortuaries in America? Only robots do that kind of a job. Maybe your boyfriend sleeps with American women to get paid, yes, American women actually pay African men to service them sexually. In fact, he may be servicing American men too” he replied, sweet tongue spinning lies in few sentences.

Chioma: “Terence!” she exclaimed.

Terence: “The truth is bitter my dear but I have to tell you the truth because I love you. Trust me if peradventure he worked in a mortuary over there, he must have slept with all the female corpses there” he lied again.

Chioma: “Ewo eh!”She exclaimed with disgust.

Terence: “yes, there is no African man that will see naked and fresh American corpse that will not be aroused. In fact when you go into an American mortuary and see their female corpses, you will think they are just beauty queens taking a nap and waiting for massage”, he was on a roll now; the lies were flowing in a deluge.

He paused for effect and then continued.

Tenrence: “now tell me, is that the kind of man you want to marry?” he asked searching her eyes to see if he had succeeded in confusing her.

Chioma: “but what about all that he has spent on me?” she asked with fear.

Terence: “calculate all that he has spent on you and tell me, I will give you the money so that you can send to him. That should break all ties between the two of you”

Chioma’s face lit up with excitement. “You, you…will do this for me?” she asked him.

Terence: “Of course, why not. At least this will prove to you how much I love you” he drew close to her and he could almost hear her heart beating wild. He came close enough to touch her face and then kissed her. He took all of her lips in his own and devoured the interior of her mouth with his tongue. She was on fire and she felt her feminine resistant giving way. The only man that had ever kissed her was Kachi and even he did not set her being on fire like Terence was doing.

A knock on the door caused Terence to stop and get up abruptly.

Terence: “Who is that”, he asked as he made for the door, the bulge in his trousers obviously visible.

Funmi: “Open the door, Terence”.

Terence stopped in his tracks, unable to move forward or backward.

Question: Ewo, see lies abeg, where did they carry this Terence guy from and put in this story? If you were Funmi, what will you do to him? If you ask me, I will look for a bottle around and break it on his head…LOL

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  1. Funmi should deal with Terence. a liar and a jigolo. irritating couple. I wish d same thing, not just q bottle a very big, strong bottles so blood will gush out like stream. making Kachi look bad so he can deceive foolish Village girl Chioma to go to bed with him. chioma is too gullible. annoying. pls d police should investigate n release Kachi. the sky is ur starting point, don’t give up.

  2. Funmi should disgrace him b4 Chioma so she can truly knw who Terence is. I knw fortune will smile on Kachi.

  3. Hummmmmmmm.. Na wa o see lies.. Chioma, I believe God loves you,that is why he allowed this to happen in your presence,you better get sense,get sense&wait for your man because the end justify the means…
    Funmi,it is left to you o….
    Terence, Mr liar..it is left to you too…
    Kachi,don’t worry,you are on your way to greatness… Just for a while

  4. chioma z so stupid… n for as for Terence u shud nuh only brk his head…brk itso d blood dah will gush out ehn…….he’s such a crazy fool

  5. Chioma, you are such a dunce,local champion,he will just have carnal knowledge of you&after that you are on your own…why don’t you asks Vicky what lead to their break in relationship… You better get sense!!!

  6. I can’t just stop reading this episode, see how Terence packaged lies&the stupid girl called Chioma believe him just like that…ha.na wa o…illiterate is not only a disease,ignorance is the disease of highest order….ode,sio..ole,ole,olooorun

  7. Madam Funmi are you not tired yet if he was your son would you be happy seeing him indulge in such illicit affair? As for Chioma you have not seen anything yet, I heard that Karma is a bitch wait for it.

  8. Breaking bottle on Terrence head is too harsh now, if am Funmi, which i’ll never be, i’ll just walk away, Funmi is also a cheater.

  9. Funmi herself is a cheater but to teach Terrence a lesson she just have to collect her car and throw him out of her house with immediate effect

  10. Ghen ghen, iF i were Funmi i will send the both of them out but not without a slap across Chioma’s face and lock the appartment door and if i cnt take the car with me, i will deflate all d 4 tires and call a towing vehicle. Chioma is such a village girl. Now Vicky will have something to laught for. As for Kachi, since d police has said they will do findings, am sure Kachi is going to be vindicated.

  11. Serves him right, I hope funmi will b able to catch him red handed while chioma will realize b4 its too late 4 her. I hope terrance won’t play smart there.

  12. Girls are too light-headed just look at the way chioma bought every lies that Terence told her. Hmmmmm I pity chioma because I see KAMAR is just watching from a distance.


  13. But my mind is telling me it’s not funmi but vicky….


  14. for the fact that Chioma has started harbouring this kind of thought, she is no longer good for Kachi, he deserves a better person.
    As for funmi whatever she will do to Terence is good and besides both of them are bad asses

  15. Terrence can lie for d country sha. lol. See lies well cooked. Funmi should collect everything she has given him. I just hope dat Kachi will b ok he is really a faithful boyfriend

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