(Episode 20) A Trip To Paradise… Expect The Unexpected!

Chioma looked at Terence suspiciously.

Chioma: “open the door now, why are you standing there as if robbers are out there?” she asked suspiciously.

Terence: “Shhh…Don’t say anything”, he placed his index finger over his lips to indicate that she should keep shut. He opened the door gently and pulled madam Funmi away by the hand when he saw her. He dragged her downstairs and hugged her. She was too shocked for words.

Funmi: “what was that for?” she asked him.

Terence: “I am so sorry love. My parents and grandparents and uncles and aunties are in there, I didn’t want you to run into them, that is why I took you away from the door” he lied.

Funmi: “And what is wrong with me meeting your people? At least that would afford me the opportunity to see your mother and ask after her health” she replied, a questioning look on her face.

Terence: “that would have been trouble o, my mother doesn’t want to see me with any girl talk more of an elderly person like you. In fact, one of my aunties who is in the room right now saw your picture in my phone and she said she knows someone who knows your husband very well and that your husband is a prominent politician. You can imagine what will happen when she calls your husband to tell him about us” he lied again, this time around with more confidence than he did the first time.

Funmi: “Ah, that is serious o, I think I should go now, I actually came here for us to have a good time since my husband is still outside the country” she whispered, a seductive smile playing on her painted lips as she touched his groin.

Terence: “ah, this is not a good time at all. Just go eh, I will come and meet you in the hotel tomorrow” he dismissed her, afraid that Chioma would come out and meet them.

Funmi: “No, you are coming home tomorrow. We are going to have it in my house, on my matrimonial bed after which you will be N500, 000 richer” she flashed her white teeth at him.

Terence: “you are pulling my legs right? That your mansion of a house that I have been seeing from afar?” he asked excitedly.

Funmi: “You know I don’t joke. Here”, she handed him a bundle of N1, 000 notes. “It should be around N50, 000 or so, use that to entertain your guests”, she said and walked away to her car. When he was sure that she had driven out of the compound, Terence ran upstairs, excited.

Chioma: “Where is she?” she asked, her hands akimbo.

Terence’ heart skipped a beat.

Terence: “Where is who?” he asked anxiously.

Chioma: “the person who knocked now, when you asked, she said her name is Funmi so where is she?” she replied him.

Terence heaved a sigh of relief.

Terence: “Oh, that was the landlady. She actually came to call all the tenants for a meeting and to return a part of the maintenance money we paid because we were over charged. I told her my fiancée was in the room so I was excused from the meeting” he lied.

Chioma: “really? So the woman returned the money? She must be nice? I have not heard of a land lady that is that nice” she said naively.

Terence: “Yeah, she is. You can have the money, I didn’t even count it so I don’t know how much is there” he brought out the bundle from the pocket and gave it to her.

Chioma: “All these for me? Oh, thank you so much, I love you baby” she hugged him.


Kachi was deported alongside 206 others who were illegal immigrants or those whose visas just like his own had expired. As soon as he stepped feet in Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, he began to weep. He knew that it was odd for men to be seen crying in broad daylight, but he didn’t mind. He let the tears flow freely as he walked through the departure wing of the airport. He felt lost, not knowing what to do or where to turn. He picked an airport taxi who took him to his friend’s house, he remembered how he had refused to stay behind and celebrate his visa with Martins after he got it and embarrassment took over him. Martins had to pay the taxi man because Kachi had no money on him.

Martins: “welcome, man. Where are your other luggages?” he asked after Kachi had taken a seat.

Kachi: “other luggages? Na only me and this bag waka come o”, he tried to sound cheerful, the joke sounding hollow coming out from his mouth.

Martins: “Oh really? Anyway, when you called few days back to tell me that you would be returning to Nigeria, I thought you were coming to marry Chioma and take her with you. Am I right?” he noticed with alarm the pain that Kachi was trying to conceal in his eyes.

Kachi: “Hmmn, you are a friend that has turned brother, I will not hide anything from you but it is a long story” he sighed.

Martins: “I have the time to listen to it, what are friends for?” he asked sitting beside his friend.

Kachi narrated all that had happened to him in America to his bewildered friend who could not help but feel pity for him.

Kachi: “that is my story o, my brother. Right now, I do not have as much as one naira on me” he concluded and relaxed his back on the sofa.

Martins: “Hian! Is this what Nigerians go through outside their country? Anyway, you said you were working in a mortuary where you were getting good money before things went haywire, where is the money? Weren’t you saving?”

Kachi: “I was sending almost everything to Chioma, I told her to open an account for me here and save the money after taking out what she needs for her upkeep. Now Chioma has refused to pick my calls o”

Martins: “What! Were you out of your mind or something? What the hell came over you, Kachi? How can you give all your money to a woman? Are you the first person to ever fall in love? Now, how do you intend to get the money back since she has broken up with you?” he was trying hard to control his temper for he didn’t know that love could make people behave this foolishly.

Kachi: “I don’t think that would be a problem. Last time we spoke, she asked that I send a naira account for her to send my money” he said casually.

Martins: “So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you know that delay can be dangerous when money is involved?” he queried, shocked at his friend’s nonchalant attitude.

Kachi: “I thought she would change her mind and return my love. Besides, I don’t have a functional naira account anymore” he replied, sadly.

Martins: “That would not be a problem, send my account number to her right away before she changes her mind” he got a pen and paper and wrote out his account details and handed it over to his friend.


Terence went to madam Funmi’s house the next day as they had planned. She had sent home her domestic staff, on a compulsory two days leave, so that she could have the whole of the house to herself. Terence was impressed when he entered the well furnished apartment. He was about to take a seat in the sitting room when madam Funmi dragged him into the bedroom.

Funmi: “we have to make every minute count”, she said, sweetly.

Terence: “Oh yea?” he said seductively.

Funmi: “Yes o, N500, 000 is a lot of money so you have to work hard for it”

They ended up in the bed where she undressed herself and asked him to join her in bed. He removed his shirt and flung it away and joined her.

Funmi: “give me a head”, she said spreading her legs wide apart.

Terence: “I will give it to you so well like you have never had, mama” he kissed her.

He got to work and began to lick and suck her; soon she was moaning and groaning. He mounted her and entered her after wearing protection. She lost control and began to scream with pleasure a as he pounded her, gently and quickly as dictated by her response. After few minutes, they climaxed and he fell off her.

Funmi: “Gosh, you are so sweet” she said savouring the great sex she just had.

Terence: “I am not done yet”, he said and mounted her again.

Soon their bodies were rubbing against each other as erotic moans escaped from their lips.

Mr Fabian’s driver who had been called off from his two days leave by Mr Fabian after he got into the country drove him into t he compound. Mr Fabian had decided to keep mute about his return to the country so that he could give his wife a pleasant surprise since she had been calling to tell him that she was missing him and couldn’t wait for him to return. He entered his living room quietly and made for the bedroom. He could not wait to see the pleasant surprise on his wife’s face when she saw him.

In the bedroom, Funmi and Terence were busy banging each other so much that they didn’t hear the approaching footsteps.

Question: Finally their cup is full! It is not a small pleasant surprise o, What do you think Mr Fabian will do to them?

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  1. Evening ALC&Fs,

    We all must have our share of the test, even Funmi is not left out…

    Ur man may be down today but be up
    tomorrow……he won’t be dancing with then surely…..Chiomaaaaaa


  2. Ha,Mr Fabian, you caught her red handed..
    Terence, your cup is full..
    Kachi,welcome back,don’t worry your Uncles wife will help you to get back to your feet,because she will surely apologize & send for you..I only pity Chioma,I hope she will changed her mind after seeing you….

  3. Omo see Gbege original Gbege wey go soon born Gbese… he was saying kachi sleeps with women abroad just to make ends meet while he was the one that’s into it. I just want Mr Fabian to break his LEG and make him cripple.


  4. Funmi & Terence OMG Mr Fabian will kill someone ooo
    As for Kachi I just hope Chioma will returm his money
    Honestly he was a fool for sending all his money to her
    Shey he no get family member ni

  5. Lol, hmmmm let me com and b going cos am very sure dat somebody will b arrested today oh,serves Terence right tho. I sympathies wit kachi joor somtyms we r faster dan our Shadow

  6. Waooo dis suspense is killing me ooo. Hmmmm Funmi and Terrence game is up. U can imagine what Mr Fabian will do to them. Terrence ur own don finish. Collect 500k make I see u na

  7. That Terence of a boy needs to be taught a lesson that he’ll not forget in a hurry. Chioma’s eyes will open with this.

  8. It’s sure gonna b a pleasant surprise 4 Funmi Lolz! But wait oh shei Cadiac arrest nor go hold Mr Fabian oh?

  9. Funmi must b stupid..her sexcapade outside wasn’t enough 4 her,she has the guts 2 bring it 2 her home(well glad her cup don full)Mr Fabian shud deal wit dem

  10. Ow good will it be if they are caught red handed. I jus hope mr fabian health will be stable after seeing wot d two are engaged into. Also I think he will get terrance arrested n most likely killed funmi by carring out his friend’s suggeston cus of d betrayal frm his wife.

  11. Mr Fabian should just carry out his friend advise by killing her silently & deal so well with Terrence by incarcerating him or cripple him. Chiomaaa!!! See how stupid u are to throw ur true love away. Next episode plsss

  12. Mr Fabian will do nothing not to jeopardise his political career, let him suffer in silence, afterall he was told. Thank God for the confirmation and the surprise his wife planned for him.

  13. Truly ninety nine days are for the thief while one day is for the owner. The two sexmate,their cups are over full. It’s left for Choima to choose whom to be with. As for Kachi luck will shine on him for being faithful.

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