This Embarrassing Thing Happens to My Husband’s P*nis During S*x- Woman Laments

This Embarrassing Thing Happens to My Husband's P*nis During S*x- Woman Laments

A young wife who married a man who is twice her age is currently complaining about the lack of spark in the ‘other room’ on the part of her husband. 

Having all the funds and showing a woman all the love is not complete if a man is performing below par in bed. This accounts for the troubles of this young lady who is tempted to dump her elderly husband.

According to her story published by a relationship blogger – Joro Olumofin, that man’s p*nis suddenly becomes flaccid during s*x romp. She is currently seeking advice online.

 Read the story below:



  1. sorry to say.i guess u actually married him cos of his money in d first place.for someone to be twice ur age tends to give birth to u n refuse to listen when people where warning u against marrying dear it’s ur cross carry it.don’t mess around with other men in ur’s dangerous n don’t divorce ur hubby.#MY OPINION

  2. u have d yearnings so it’s best u tell him how u love it,sex in marriage shud b a mutual enjoyment .so express ursef in d act den B4 next round u tell him how good he was n how better he cud be,surely next round n consequent sex wud make u forget about other men.

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