(Episode 21) A Trip To Paradise… Expect The Unexpected!

Mr Fabian tried to open his bedroom door but it was locked from within.

Mr Fabian: “Hello, sweetheart I am home!” he said excitedly.

There was no response.

Mr Fabian: “Hello, anybody home? Where are all the domestic staff?” he asked rhetorically.

Funmi was moaning and groaning when she heard her husband’s voice. She jerked up from under Terence, overthrowing him on the bed.

Terence: ‘’What was that for, do you want to break my dick?” he asked.

Funmi: “shhhh…keep quiet and allow me think” she said quickly.

Terence: “what is the matter?” he asked suddenly sitting up when he heard the knock on the door. “I thought you said all your domestic workers have gone home? Who is knocking?” he asked her.

Funmi: “Just keep shut, that is my husband knocking” she whispered.

Terence: “Ewo!” he shouted and began to wear his boxers. “What do I do now? I am finished today, I know how wicked politicians can be. See where N500, 000 has landed me o” he was shivering.

Funmi: “Just shut up”, she whispered. “Now put on all your clothes and come with me” she dragged him into the enormous glass wardrobe that contained she and her husband’s personal belonging. She pushed him in, dumped a bale of dirty clothes on him, locked the wardrobe door and threw the key into her bra. She went back to the bed, straightened it, sprayed air freshener in the room and cleaned her face with water. All these she did in a few minutes, the speed which surprised her.

She opened the door and saw her husband. She ran into his arms feigning pleasant surprise.

Funmi: “Welcome, darling. I didn’t know that you would return today” she held on to him as he made his way into the room looking at her suspiciously.

Fabian: “It took you so long to open the door that I thought you were not in the room” he remarked.

Funmi: “oh, I was fast asleep. When I heard you knock the first time, I actually thought that I was dreaming because I wasn’t expecting anyone to knock since there are no domestic staff at home” she lied.

Fabian: “Where are they? This place is as quiet as a graveyard” he said sitting down.

Funmi: “I gave them the day off. I wanted to have a quiet day to myself without their interruption” she was beginning to get irritated with his persistent questions.

Fabian: “And I thought I heard voices in this room before you opened the door. Who were you with?” he asked looking around to Funmi’s disdain.

Funmi: “How can I be here with anyone? You of all people know that we don’t allow domestic staff into our bedroom and our children are not in the country so who do you think I will be here with? Anyway, the sound you heard must have been from the television” she replied quickly.

Fabian: “my wife that I know will not leave her television on when she is sleeping. Probably my ears were playing pranks on me or something. Anyway, I returned today just to surprise you”

Funmi: “Oh, it is a pleasant one, honey. Hope you bought many things for me?” she asked while helping him to undress.

Fabian: “Oh yes I did, trust me” he said, perceiving some odour that he couldn’t really place oozing out of his wife.

Funmi: “so, you just go in and shower and then I will get you something to eat. After that, we can discuss all about your trip” she couldn’t wait for him to go into the bathroom so that she could sneak Terence out of the house.

Fabian: “Oh yeah, but until then I need to check out a shirt I kept in this wardrobe” he pointed at the glass wardrobe where Terence was hiding.

He got up and made for the wardrobe but she stood up and intercepted him.

Funmi: “This wardrobe? You want to carry something from here?” she asked.

Fabian: “Yes, what is wrong with that?” he asked, surprise written all over his face.

Funmi: “You can’t pick anything out of the wardrobe, I mean you can cannot open the wardrobe” she stuttered.

Fabian: “and why can’t I?” He asked.

Funmi: “erm, the key, I mean the lock of the door is locked, it has refused to open” she answered anxiously.

Fabian: “oh really? Anyway, where is the key? Let me try and open it myself”

Funmi: “Ah…erm..the key is misising, yes, I don’t know where I kept the key” she stammered.

Fabian: “What are you saying, Funmi? Since when did we start removing the key from the lock? Anyway, I am calling the carpenter to come and fix it right away” he made to pick his phone but she stopped him.

Fabian: “What is it again?” he snarled at her.

Funmi: “I already informed the carpenter and he said he is on his way already. You don’t have to waste your airtime to call him again” she smiled sheepishly.

Fabian: “Hmmn, Funmi! Since when did using airtime become a problem in this house? Last I checked, you could spend hours making international calls without giving a damn about airtime”

In the wardrobe, Terence was suffocating and panting for breath for it was quite stuffy in there.

As soon as she heard her husband running the shower over his body, she opened the door of the wardrobe and quietly led him out of the compound without her husband smelling a rat, so she thought.


Chioma refused to see Kachi despite all the calls and pleas from him. when he sent Martins account number, she sent all his money to him and told him never to call her again because she was engaged to another man. He nursed his pains for weeks, by locking up himself and refusing to eat. Martins his friend, was getting irritated by the attitude.

Martins: “what is it now guy? Do you want to kill yourself because of a woman? Thank God she has returned your money, I think it is right about time you pick up the pieces of your life” he advised his friend.

Kachi: “Where do I start from? Chioma was my motivation. Because of her I strived to attain excellence, I feel so lost right now” he lamented.

Martins: “do you want to go the village and report her to her mother?” he asked with concern.

Kachi: “No, I cannot go to the village in this state.  I am sure that most of them have heard that I was deported. Chioma’s mother also told my people that I was washing corpse in America and that is why her daughter cannot marry me again. Where will I hide my face for shame? No, I will only go back to the village when I have made it big, that way my mockers will be put to shame. I just need a little time to sort myself out and go into a lucrative business with the money I have with you” he said thoughtfully.

Martins: “Okay, you are welcome to stay here as long as you want. Now, I am going to get you something to eat and don’t tell me that you are not hungry else, we will fight o” he teased his friend.

Kachi smiled and thanked Martins, he was wondering what he would have done without such a good friend as Martins.


More than a year later, Chioma and Terence with his parents went to her village for wine carrying and to pay her bride price. To keep the ceremony from madam Funmi, he had rented another house in a different part of the town and had moved his things in there. The occasion in the village was well attended by friends and well wishers who had more than enough to eat and drink and take home. Mama Chioma seemed to be the happiest as she danced and smiled all through the time that the ceremony lasted. Chioma who was now in her final year moved in to live with her husband since it was permitted in their culture for a lady to move in with her suitor after he had paid her bride price. They were busy preparing for their white wedding which was to hold immediately after Chioma’s final exams.


Vicky was in her place of primary assignment when a friend who had travelled to the village returned to inform her that chioma and Terence had gotten married traditionally over the weekend.

Vicky: “Wait o, so what you are telling me is that my friend and my boyfriend did introduction in the village and I didn’t know?” she asked with surprise clearly written all over her face.

Nkiru: “How will you know when the wine carrying happened far away in the East and you are here in the north serving your fatherland?”

Vicky: “That white wedding that they are planning will not hold o, ah, rara o, kole werk! If Chioma thinks that I will allow her snatch my man just like that then she must be dreaming. Look at that little thing that I accommodated and fed when she came for her post UTME exams o. Those people are trying me o, heeen!” she fumed.

Nkiru: “What will you do to stop the wedding?” she asked sitting up on the plastic chair she was sitting on.

Vicky: “What will I do? Hahaaha, you underestimate my abilities. You just wait and see. She brought out her Samsung galaxy and dialled a number and waited for the owner to pick up.

Question: What sort of a slow man is this Mr Fabian, seff?  Who do you think Vicky is calling? Will she succeed in stopping the wedding?

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  1. I tink mr fabian knws bt hes jst actin d fool…..as for chioma and terence,nemesis is on d way…wish kachi d very best,gudmornin pple

  2. She’s calling Funmi and she will succeed.
    Thank God Chioma returned all the money…Kachi…Oga climb to the next higher level.

  3. Mr Fabian is swegbe, woman wrapper. Vicky is calling the boys that will do the dirty job for her.

  4. Chioma, you are such a good girl,thank you very much for sending back Kachi money but I can tell you,you are the biggest fool on earth, somebody committed his life in your hand&,you smarsh it on the floor,ha,I can only pity you,you are such a dunce…
    Mr Fabian knows what is happening, he is only taking his time…
    Funmi,you are doom already… Your end is around the corner
    Terence, you can’t eat your cake&have it..
    Chioma, I pity you.

  5. Infact chioma dnt deserve kachi, Mr fabain is too slow, n I tink Vicky is trying 2 call funmi 2 inform her abt d wedding terence is planning 2 do behind her bck

  6. If she succeed I will be very happy bcoz chioma don’t deserve happiness after making another person cry. Mr Fabian is taking his time I think. Vicky just let go because karma itself will do d fighting

  7. Vicky will inform Funmi and she will succeed,Funmi ur cup is full,Chioma I pity u,Kachi ride on,Terrence ur doom is near,Mr Fabian knows whats going on he is just taking his time.Kudos Adelove

  8. Mr Fabian is not slow, he’s taking his time to catch his wife at the act. I think Vicky is getting in touch with either Mr Fabian or a tug to disorganise the wedding.

  9. Mr Fabian is not slow he kW wat happend in dat room and he has his proves. I said dat cos a man as influncial as he is sud hv secret camera planted in his house so dat before his wife wll take 2steps forward he has taking 10steps faster than her. She has jst exposed herslf

  10. I think mr fabian caught funmi o bt jus let her be pending d time he will act. Vicky is calling some gang or funmi that is if she knw her somehow to stop d wedding. I dnt think d wedding will hold o, wit madame funmi being aware.

  11. I pity Kachi for the BETRAYAL because I have been on that road before…I remembered with tears my last words to her….I remembered how I used to cry each time because.
    I never thought that she will ever do that, everything we had is gone.
    She said she love me, said she will never leave me, may-be I just heard her wrong. Cuz am damaged am damaged don’t know what to do baby am damaged so so damaged because of you…. but when I found true love it all became a history
    Kachi should take heart it’s true that… FIRST LOVE NEVER DIE, BUT TRUE LOVE CAN BURY IT ALIVE.


  12. Mr. Fabian is not a fool, he has a plan but waiting for d right time to strike. Vicky is calling Funmi so together they can deal with Terrence and Chioma.

  13. Mr Fabian is really slow indeed. Vicky will b d one to expose terrence. like she said, she will stop d wedding and I believe she will involve madam Funmi. Chioma will definitely regret leaving Kachi. I pray that Kachi will succeed in becoming successful.

  14. but come to think of it, many marriages that bride price has been paid move on even without white wedding, so vicky shud berra go and rest one place and allow karma visit terry.the most important thing has been done already which is the wine carrying

  15. Mr Fabian loves her wife, he is not slow, he is calculating, think Vicky is calling madam Funmi, the wedding may not hold to the glory of God.

  16. I think Mr Fabian saw his wife and Terrence, but he pretended not to and Vicky is calling madam Funmi.

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