(Final Episode 24) A Trip To Paradise… Expect The Unexpected!

The Police came around and arrested uncle Izu and took him away while some remained to pack up the corpse. The little girl who was watching with horror at the unfolding event kept screaming that it was her daddy who killed her mummy. The police also took her away and sealed the house as crime scene so that no one tampers with anything that could affect the thorough investigation that they intended to carry out in the house.


Mr Fabian returned back to the house and opened the door, he was shocked to find his wife stuck in bed with another man. Although he knew that she was cheating on him and considering the fact that he caused their getting stuck together, he was surprised that she could condescend that low as to sleeping with a young man like Terence.

Funmi began to plead with him immediately he came in to help them.

Funmi: “Oh, honey, I am so sorry, thank God you are here. Can you help me out of this situation please?”

Mr Fabian: “Funmi! Oh my God, so this true? You should be ashamed of yourself. What are you doing with this lad on our matrimonial bed? For God’s sakes, do you have to condescend this low?” he asked embittered.

Funmi: “I am sorry, sweetheart. It is the work of the devil, it will never repeat itself again, just get him off me and I promise to be the most obedient and faithful wife in the world”

Mr Fabian: “You break my heart, Funmi. I was hoping that all the rumours that I heard about you would turn out false but alas, they are all true”

Funmi: “It is the work of the devil, my husband” she pleaded.

“Leave the devil out of this, Funmi”, he screamed.

Mr Fabian: “What exactly did the devil do? Was he the one who asked you to flirt around as a married woman? Do you know the sort of embarrassment you have caused me? Every day I receive anonymous calls from people who tell me they saw you in one hotel or the other with young men. What is it that I have not done for you? What does a husband do for a wife that I don’t do for you? No tell me, I am listening”

Terence was scared out of his skin as he lay naked on top Funmi. When the door opened and Mr Fabian walked in, he had begun to pray for the ground to open up and swallow him. When it didn’t happen, he began to say his last prayer.

Terence: “we are very sorry, sir. Just help us out of this mess and it would never repeat itself again”, he heard himself say.

Mr Fabian: “will you just shut up your gutter of a mouth there? How dare you even talk in my presence? Who are you that you will eat from the same plate as me? You, a common boy from a very poor background, basking in the euphoria of my wealth which my wife out of her adulterous magnanimity bestows freely on you and your likes? Not only do you sleep with my wife, you also have the guts to come to my house and climb my bed. Do you know how much I bought this bed? If I sell you and all your family members including the next generation to come, the money I will make will not even be enough to pay for the sheets on the bed talk more of buying the bed. No my boy, you have walked into the den of the lion and you will pay with your life. You shall be used as a sacrificial lamb and your blood will fuel my political ambition, I assure you” he threatened.

Terence: “Sir, please temper justice with mercy, I will never have anything to do with your wife again, it is a promise” he was afraid and wished he could jerk himself out of Funmi.

Mr Fabian got up in anger. “Of course it will never repeat itself again because you will die today” he charged at Terence but stopped few meters away from them.

Mr Fabian: “Yay! My chest, my heart, I can’t breathe. Somebody help me, he screamed.

Funmi: “What is it, Fabian? She asked with alarm in her voice.

Mr Fabian tried to reach out to his phone to call for help but he slumped and fell down with a thud on his face.

Funmi realising that her husband may be in great danger began to scream for help, she didn’t care about her situation or the embarrassment of people coming to see her in that state, all she wanted was her husband without whom she was a nobody. Terence too began to scream for  help at the top of his voice, he didn’t care about the shame attached with his situation, all he wanted was to get as far away from the Fabian’s mansion as possible before Mr Fabian woke up to make good his threat of using him as a sacrificial lamb.

Mr Fabian’s driver was cleaning the car when he heard people screaming from inside the house. He ran in and was shocked to see his boss lying on the floor. His face took on a look of horror when he saw his madam and a young man stuck in bed. He moved from one to the other not knowing who to help. At last he made up his mind and decided to help his boss to the hospital. He called the attention of other domestic staff from the boys’ quarters who came and began to attempt to separate the two lovers, they had no choice than to scream out to the neighbours for help.

In a twinkle of an eye, media men and women from different media houses gathered with their cameras and soon enough the online media went wild with the news of the wife of a top politician who got stuck with her boyfriend on her matrimonial bed. Mr Fabian was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, he had died of cardiac arrest.

Funmi and Terence were taken to a shrine by one of her aunties, at the shrine; some sacrifices worth millions of naira were performed for them at a graveyard in the middle of the night after which the two of them were able to disengage from each other. Terence went back to Chioma who was oblivious of all that had happened to her husband because she had no electricity to charge her phone. As soon as Terence got to the house, he collected the android phone he bought for her under the pretence that he wanted to get her a bigger phone the next day, he gave her a small phone that could not access the internet. He did that because he was afraid that if he left the phone with her, she would see the image and videos of him and Funmi together and that could make her change her mind about the wedding. The next morning, Funmi went back home to find that her things had been thrown out by her husband’s family who pronounced her unfit to mourn him because she had caused his death by her promiscuity.


On the day of their Church wedding, Chioma woke up very early so that her makeup artist could have enough time to do justice to her face. The makeup artist was almost rounding up when Vicky entered the room. Chioma was surprised because ever since the incidence at the girls hostel years back, she had lost every form of contact with Vicky who graduated before her.

Chioma: “Wow! What a pleasant surprise? I never in my imagination thought that you would attend my wedding. I am so happy to see you”’, she said sweetly.

Vicky: “Cut the pretence Chioma, you and I know that you would rather have it that I didn’t even know about the wedding. You snatched my man Chioma, is that fair?” she asked while the other girls were staring at her suspiciously.

Chioma: “I am very sorry, Vicky. You know love can take us to places we never dreamt of and besides you told me with your mouth when I got admission that you had already broken up with Terence. I didn’t know that you were still interested in him”, she said tilting her head towards her.

Vicky: “I see, anyway, so you still want to marry Terence after the embarrassment he caused himself and his generation?”

Chioma: “Which embarrassment?”She asked suddenly sitting up with her heart beating fast.

Vicky: “His philandering with his sugar mummy, Funmi. In fact, can you tell the makeup artist and your maids to excuse us so that we can talk properly?” she asked casting a glance at the girls who were talking among themselves.

Chioma: “Vicky please, I am almost late for Church. Say whatever you want to say here and free me. I don’t know why you had to wait till my wedding day before coming up with this your tale. And that name Funmi sounds very familiar, I can’t remember where I heard the name”

Vicky: “Fine, this will do the talking then”, she brought out her phone and showed Chioma who nodded in disbelief and horror at the pictures and videos of Terence and Funmi when they were stuck together.

Chioma: “No, this is not true. No, I am dreaming, nooo!” she screamed attracting the attention of her mother and relations in the other room.

Vicky: “That is it o, all that your husband has was given to him by this woman whom he ditched. As if that is not enough, the woman lost her husband when he came and caught her with Terence on his bed, the man placed a curse on Terence and died of heart attack there and then. It is not too late to retrace your steps o, you can still call the whole thing off before saying ‘I do’. If you refused to marry Kachi who gave you his life simply because he did a legitimate job as a mortuary attendant just to sponsor your education, then you should even kill Terence for deceiving you all these while and for wanting to marry you despite the fact that he is cursed. I have said my own. Bye bye” she walked away, leaving Chioma shivering. She grabbed her phone with shaky hands and dialled Terence who picked the call immediately.

Terence: “My bride, my woman, I am on my way to the Church, I can’t wait to exchange marital vows with you and…”

Chioma: “Who is Funmi to you”, she interrupted him.

Terence: “What…Fu what?” he was already scanning his brain for a lie to tell her.

Chioma: “You heard me right. If you don’t tell me all that I need to know about her, I am calling this marriage off right away”, she said sternly.

Terence: “I can explain. Can we talk about this tonight after the wedding stress” his heart was beating widely against his ribs.

Chioma: “Now!” she screamed.

Terence: “Okay, Funmi was my boss’ wife, she threatened to set me up and accuse me of rape if I didn’t sleep with her. I refused and then she said she was going to kill you if I don’t, I had to go to her house and plead with her and explain to her how much I love you. She gave me a drink she had drugged, next thing I woke up and found us in bed stuck together. Her husband caught us and she confessed to him that she had drugged my drink, that was how we separated after she confessed” he lied.

Chioma: “I…I..don’t know what to believe”,  she was weeping and the makeup artist was afraid of her ruining her makeup.

Terence: “You have to believe me, I didn’t tell you because  I have great respect for your feelings, whoever told you this is jealous of you, trust me. If you want, I can get Funmi to call and explain everything to you herself. She even gave me a big gift for you just to show her remorse for what she has done. It will be a surprise, in fact, it is the gift of a car, I wanted to make it a honeymoon surprise” he lied again.

Chioma: “Vicky just came in here and and…” she trailed off, tears choking her voice.

Terence: Oh Vicky! that slut that has been begging me to call off the wedding and marry her. She just called now to tell me that you have a sugar daddy that you have been sleeping with. Don’t listen to her, she is just jealous” he lied again.

Chioma: “Are you sure about this? Are you telling me the truth?”

Terence: “Have I ever lied to you? I said I was gonna marry you, isn’t that what I am doing? I said I will take care of your family, I have been doing that. So, just relax and trust me”

Chioma: “Okay, baby. See you in Church”

Terence: “Okay bae, I love you so much. Muah!”

“Phew! That was close”, Terence said suddenly realising that he was sweating inside the air conditioned car that was driving him to Church.


“Now it is time for the latest couple in town to cut their beautiful cake, please let us stand up and clap our hands as Mr and Mrs Terence make their way to the cake stand”, the Master of the Ceremony said during the reception.

Terence and Chioma, holding hands made their way to the cake stand to the admiration of their guests.

“Hold it there!” Someone in the crowd shouted and brought out a gun causing pandemonium in the hall.

Funmi: “You are surprised to see me right? Oh, you thought I would allow you go after ruining my life? So, after all that happened, you have the guts to go ahead with your wedding? After you made me a widow? Because of my affairs with you, my husband who had already changed his will, stripping me of all his wealth and properties died of heart attack, my in-laws sent me out of my house without allowing me to take a pin, my children have disowned me and have sworn never to have anything to do with me again and you are here dancing and making merry”

Terence: “Funmi please, drop the gun, we can talk about this like two mature adults” he pleaded.

Chioma: “Sweetheart, who is she?” she asked her husband.

Funmi: “Shhh, keep quiet you little rat. You ladies of nowadays can be so gullible. Okay, you want to know who I am, I will tell you. I am your husband’s sugar mummy. He has been sleeping with me for money for more than five years now. His car and all the properties in his house were bought with my money. Few months back, we got stuck while having sex and my husband died as a result of that. to crown it all, this bastard that you just married has been stealing from  me and he has refused to return all my properties with him even though he knows that my husband died and left me empty handed” she said as the guest were murmuring amongst themselves.

Chioma: “So, why are you saying all these now? Why didn’t you speak up before now? Why did you have to wait for us to get married before spoiling my joy?” she was already weeping and shivering.

Funmi: “hahaha, you wanna know why? It is because I want to strike when it will hurt most. Yes, I was there in the Church as you exchanged marital vows, I was there when the Pastor asked if anyone had any reason why you two should not be wedded in the Church, I didn’t speak up because I want to kill you in your prime and make Terence a widower on his wedding day. He made me a widow, I will make him a widower, that makes the two of us” she threatened.

The guests began to shiver, some were hiding under the chairs while some were praying and calling on God to save them from the mad woman with a gun.

Terence: “Funmi, please don’t do this”, he said when he saw her cork her gun. Funmi aimed the gun at Chioma who was too dazed to understand what was happening. Terence stood before Chioma and tried to protect her but Funmi pulled the trigger and in a flash, they heard Terence scream and fall down with blood oozing from his forehead.

Funmi: “No, I didn’t mean to kill him, I wanted to kill her so that he would understand the pain of losing a loved one” she said as the gun fell off her hand. She was overpowered by the guests and soon enough the police came and arrested her. Terence was rushed to the hospital in their wedding car that brought him to the reception venue with his wife, he was pronounced dead on arrival.


Uncle Izu was discharged and acquitted after the CCTV in the house and autopsy carried out on Uriel’s body showed that he did not have a hand in her death. During the course of the investigation, the secret camera also showed where Uriel framed Kachi up with rape and threw him out of the house. Uncle Izu returned to Nigeria and apologised to his nephew for all that his ex wife did to him.

Kacchi on the other hand had fallen in love with the daughter of his boss whose mother was a citizen of Canada. With her help, they had been able to secure him a Canadian visa and after some months he relocated to Canada where he got a lucrative job with the help of his mother in law.

It was while in Canada that he saw a Facebook message from Chioma apologising to him for all that she did to him and asking that they come back together and get married after she gives birth.

Kachi: “Chioma must be kidding me. What was she thinking? That she can eat her cake and have it? Never! This girl almost killed me, she made me contemplate suicide until God showed me mercy. So, she even has the guts to tell me to marry her after she gives birth, no Chioma, there are certain things that once we lose them in life, we can never get them back. I have found another woman and she is all I had ever wanted in you”, he thought.

He picked his phone and typed a message to her in her Facebook inbox thus:

“I am sorry, Chioma but you and I are past tense now. We can never be together again. The foundation of all that I have today is still the mortuary money you ran away from so I guess nothing should change. You are a pregnant widow and I suggest that you concentrate on mourning your husband instead of trying to get me back. It is true that you were my first love and they say first love never dies, but I tell you what, even though first love never dies, true love can bury it alive. I am far away in Canada with my true love who accepted me for who I am and not for what I have done. The best I can do is to help in sponsoring your child’s education the way I helped you with yours, that is if you will allow your child go to school with my mortuary job money. Accept my condolences on the death of your husband. Bye forever”

He sent the text and blocked her from his Facebook contact list.

Chioma read his reply with hot tears streaming down her cheeks. “Oh God, I am finished. Kachi has blocked me out of his life forever, I became a Mrs and a widow on the same day and to make it worst, I am pregnant, indeed one cannot eat his cake and have it” she said.

Chioma lived the rest of her life in great agony, regretting and wishing that she could turn back the hands of time.


Thank you for staying with us all through this story. Kindly drop your comments on lessons learnt below, we are more than eager to hear from you. Do have a pleasant night rest, we love you loads!

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  1. Evening ALC&Fs,

    Big lesson….are journey to destiny is a straight path but circumstances and people often closest to us Evening ALC&Fs,

    Big lesson….are journey to destiny is a straight path but circumstances and people closest to us often make us either go the roundabout or absolutely wrong way….
    Let’s always trust that everyone’s time comes around – patience, trust , hope, sincerity,contentment, understanding,faithful prayers can go a long way to help realise our different quests fast.

    Outstanding ALC!


    • hmmmmm what a story.lessons learnt so far….be who u are….neva let what u re facing overcome u(in kachj’s case).greediness,lies n fornication is bad(terence).madam funmi adulterous life threw her to zero.love,contentment n prayer makes way.ADELOVE N CREW,U’RE D BEST.looking forward for tomoro’s bombshell story.good nite peeps

    • Hmmmm is not how far but how well, anything with a beggining must surely have end, what goes up will definitely come down. Adelove thumb up!!!!!!!. Good night fellows

  2. Karma is really a bitch but I love it so much. Kachi am so happy for you, d sky is just ur starting point, chioma in ur next life, learn to be grateful for what you have. Adelove n crew kudos to u guys.

  3. Woooow what a great lessons… ADELOVE you are truly and simply the best and I know that as long as am with you I will never stop learning.


  4. Wow! What a story. Indeed not all that glitters are gold. It’s always good to look before leaping and not otherwise. Beautiful story line. Fantastic ending. Kudos Adelovelies. Good night all.

  5. Thanks @ Adelove..Wonderful story so far….Shame unto Chioma and her likes..Am not surprised that Terence died,because he is doomed for destruction..father of lies like him..I know that he must be in hell…Shame to Funmi too…They all deserve what they received…Thanks to God for restoring Kachi and giving his life a meaning..His friends are angels too…

  6. Wow! Terence deserve wat he got and as 4 Chioma she deserves worse y wud u allow someone u barely knw destroy a relationship dat was so divine. Well 4 Funmi and Terence it’s gud riddance 2 bad rubber. Adelove crew u’re the best.

  7. one doesn’t know the value of wat he/she have until it has been lost den dey now know d worth of it.it’s always good to look before u leap. Chioma deserve wat happened to her. gud nite adl crews looking forward for another interesting story.

  8. Wow…. I enjoyed every bit of it.. Chioma made fast decisions dat caused her her happiness u CNt eat ur cake and av it… Good for her

  9. I learnt a lot,a patient dog eats the fattest bone.before going into marriage make research about your partner. if chioma have calm down her life won’t be this miserable.Hmmmn

  10. Mr. Fabian wat u refused2 correct took ur lyf; funmi wetin da sweet da kill as well; terence proffessional liar u indeed became a sacrificial lamb4 ur wify chioma; chioma d oxford dictionary dat knows it all mortuary money n sugar mummy money which one is beta dat one u need2 anwser am oh; uriel d unsatisfied woman u re gone wit ur wickedness+liar+drunkard+ nd kachi d VIP OF D STORY WELL DONE ND UNCLE IZU WELL DONE.

  11. nice one Adelove….you guys killed it again,thanks a lot.it shows that indeed all that glitters is not gold,sugar mummy/daddy and sugar candy game always gat repercussions so pls young people,let’s stay out of it.*more blessings to you adelove.

  12. Hmmmmmm, interesting story, congrats Kachi, uncle Izu welcome back to Nigeria, my condolence Chioma, wish you safe delivery, happy prison stay madam Funmi, rest in peace Mr Fabian. There is room for divorce if the going is no more good, instead of going diabolic. Weldone guys, thumb up.

  13. Terence, Funmi & chioma got served well.
    I am really happy for kachi,patience is a virtue.
    Adelove crew,more grace to your elbow.

  14. Hmmm what a ending. Yes one cannot eat his or her cake and have it. Am really very happy for Kachi and uncle Izun, after everything they have been through. As for madam Funmi what d husband did to her, she deserve it even more than, and terrence also got what he deserved. He lie until his last breath. There is really a lot of lessons learnt in dis story, patients, contentment, never to give up on ur dreams no matter d circumstances surrounding u. tanx Adelove for dis beautiful epic

  15. Chioma mother never really forced her to marry terrence bcos she herself already has feeling for terrence before she told her mum. She made d choice herself, d mum only supported her.

  16. wow! Adelove, you are wonderful. what an interesting story and a big lesson for everyone that think they can eat their cake and still have it. God bless this group real good…

  17. Serves chioma rit….U CNT eat ur cake n av it!…Kachi ended well, so happy for him…all day for d their n one day for d owner in d case of madam dunno n Terrence….Bravo Adelove crew, More money into ur account! Amin

  18. Hmmmmn! Adelove I’ve learnt so much from this story, Chioma is the most annoying of all the characters, after all Kachi did for her. God bless you and your crew Adelove for this interesting story

  19. It pays to be honest no matter the situation one is faced with in life. Don’t be in haste to make decisions especially when angry, that was what landed Chioma where she is.
    Thanks to adelove crews I have learnt so much from this blog.

  20. the adage that says the devil you know before is better than the angel you just met,no lie at all, good for chioma and her mum

  21. Kachi, U r d best man in dis story bcos of ur faithfulness 2 chioma,u ended well.. chioma, u start well but u eventually fuck up bcos of a litu threat & d assistant dat terence renders 2 u..o dun mi gan oo! madam funmi, enjoy ursef in prison.. tanx 2 ADL&C, I dey gbadun u

  22. wow,your stories are lit and on point,save for some little errors. however, the messages were clearly relayed.Interesting indeed.Keep it up.


  23. Hmm I so much love the ending of this story indeed the world is turning around who ever God has destined for u to marry no mater what u must get to that person I knew it that kachi was a destiny child he must make t with CHIOMA or without her Kudos! Adelove

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