(Episode 17) The Dreams Of My Mother… Cry Of A Dying Soul

After leaving khadijat’s mother’s house, Dayo had gone back to the market to continue his Alabaru job. When night fell, he went to an uncompleted building where he usually slept, just a few distances from the market. He had slept deeply and was already dreaming of his mother, it was his favourite dream. He always made sure that he thought of his mother alone, as he laid his head on the hard floor of the uncompleted building and stared at the starry night sky.

On this night, after devouring the agidi jollof he bought from the market, he laid to sleep, and as usual was dreaming of his mother when he was startled awake by thud of feet. He got up to a sitting position and tried to see through the darkness, the people intruding his sleeping place. When he could not see anything, he stood up and tiptoed towards the sound of voices, and listened. He heard the voices of men and from their conversation, he could gather that they were planning to rob a house.

Oh my God, they are armed robbers! If they see me here, they might kill me” he thought as he squatted behind the wall. But he did not squat for long when he tried to adjust and hit a tin lying by the side. The noise of the rolling tin pierced the still night, and the voices stopped. Then Dayo heard someone say that, they were not alone.

“Come out now and I might spare you, remain hidden and when I find you, I shall kill you” he heard a coarse voice say. Dayo was not ready to take chances with his life, so he jumped out and prostrated in front of the gang of thieves.

Dayo: “Please spare my life, I am an orphan” he cried. He was asked to stand up and he stared into the scariest eyes he had ever seen in his eleven years of living. The leader of the robbery gang was called Stone, and this was because no matter how many shots was fired into him, it didn’t penetrate.

Stone: “What did you hear?” he asked, looking at the boy who had disturbed their timeline. They were supposed to be across the street in the lemon painted house where the head of women in the market lived.

Dayo: “I did not hear anything, please spare my life I am an orphan, I have no one in this world, I have nothing other than my mother’s dream. Please don’t kill me, I fled from death in Lagos to Oshogbo, please don’t kill me” he cried.

Stone: “Pitiful. If we don’t kill you, we must take you with us, and to earn your keep, you have to prove your usefulness”

Dayo: “I will do anything you want” he said anxiously, shivering in the plastic boot he scavenged from the dustbin.

Stone: “You see that lemon house” he said pointing to the dimly lit house across the street, “You will go there and bang on the gate until someone comes to the gate. Oya, move” he said and pushed Dayo out of the uncompleted building. They went with him and hid in the shrubs around the house, while Dayo walked with shaky legs to the front gate. He knew what he was about to do was wrong, but he was faced with no other choice. He couldn’t risk that the guns in their hands were filled with bullets.


Tania stayed in the hospital because the doctor said she was over stressing herself and needed to be on bed rest for a week.  She had Skyby at her beck and call, but unknown to her, Skyby had recorded the encounter between Bella and Tania, where she confessed to trying to kill Dayo, and wanting to kill Bella. So, she was still on the hospital bed, trying to call her husband, Damilola when policemen walked into her hospital room.

Tania: “Officers, how can I help you?” she asked, her voice shook to register her fear. She quickly hung up on her husband, whom she was about to call.

Police man: “You are under arrest for intentionally endangering the life of a minor, with the intention to kill and the attempted murder of Bella” the police said and read her rights to her.

Tania: “I don’t understand a word you are saying. Did Bella tell you all these, you must know that she is a pathological liar and has been jealous of me for a long while” she said, thinking words would get her out of the conundrum she has found herself.

Police man: “Whatever you have to say, you will say it at the police station. Now quietly follow us or we will be forced to apply force” he replied.

Then it dawned on Tania that she was done for, if her husband heard any of this, he would have doubts and no matter how hard she tried to clear her name, he would always have doubts.

Tania: “Please, how much do you want. I just found out that I am expecting a baby, my husband will be overjoyed, and this is just going to ruin the news. Please, any amount I will pay” she pled as she was led out of the hospital, with the doctors and patients gawking at her being handcuffed and taken away.

Police man: “You are wasting your time, and even compounding your crimes. As we speak, your husband is being informed as we found that the boy in question is his son” the police man replied her brashly.

Tania: “This is Bella’s handiwork, no doubt. Are you going to listen to that bitch?” she exclaimed, but the policemen did not reply her anymore.


Damilola was confused and distraught. He had been happy when he found out that Dayo was his son. It meant he still had a chance to redeem his past mistakes, but having waited for a week without Dayo showing his face, he was convinced that something had happened to the boy. It hurt him to find out that Dayo did ‘alabaru’ when his father had plenty.

Damilola: “Forgive me Lord, I was foolish. Forgive me Khadijat, I didn’t know better. My friends had their girlfriends abort babies, I didn’t understand why you were adamant about doing same, I thought it was the norm. Please forgive me” he sat and cried in a corner of his mother’s apartment. He felt a hand on his shoulder and when he looked up, it was his mother.

Damilola’s mother: “How long are you going to beat yourself up about this. I think no matter the lives that was lost because of the decision you and Khadijat, bless her soul, made, it is time to forgive yourself and move on. Thank God, your son is still alive, pick yourself up and go look for your son” she admonished. When she was done talking, she told him that his phone was ringing, it was the reason she came. He thanked her and checked his phone, he had a missed call from his wife and another strange number. He thought that perhaps Tania wanted to nag about him abandoning his life and searching for Dayo, if Gberan could do it, why couldn’t he? He didn’t understand why Tania was nonchalant about Dayo’s plight, didn’t she love him? If she didn’t why did she take him out? His doubts about the accident arose again, but he pushed them aside and called back the strange number. The first words he heard shattered his world.

Damilola: “Hello, Damilola here, who am I speaking with?” he asked.

Police man: “Your attention is needed urgently, your wife has been arrested for a number of charges, among which is the deliberate ploy to harm a minor by name, Dayo” the policeman on the other side of the phone said. Damilola was stunned, he allowed the phone drop from his hand and shatter on the ground.

Damilola’s mother: “What is it, omo mi” She held his hand, but Damilola did not say a word, tear drops just fell from his eyes like dominoes. The mother’s shouts brought Gberan from the other room, and he joined in asking Damilola, what had happened.

Damilola: “My own wife tried to kill my son” he said, with glazed eyes that stared into space.

Gberan: “I don’t understand you, what do you mean?” he asked.

Damilola: “What don’t you understand, don’t you understand or do you shy away from the possibility? Tania my wife tried to kill Dayo! The accident was a deliberate incidence. The police just called, she has already been arrested” he said hysterically.

Gberan: “I can’t believe this” he said, but he felt relieved, because he had thought that Bella had something to do with the accident. It was no news that Bella didn’t like Dayo.

Damilola: “This must be God’s way of punishing me” he said and began to cry. Gberan felt piteous towards him, he had never seen a man look so broken.

In prison, Tania was allowed only one phone call, it was expected that she would call her husband or her lawyer, but she called none of them. She called Skyby.

Saying get well soon to a die-hard Adelove fan, AngelSteve22, happy recovery.

Question: What would Tania tell Skyby, would it save her from the present predicament? Also, will Dayo be able to escape from the gang of robbers?

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  1. Dayo will escape while as for Tania she will definitely face her consequences.
    Thanks Adelove crew you guys are great

  2. Dayo will escape with God on his side.. . Tania is just getting issue more complicated by calling skyby….. skyby LEDs her to WHR she is.. ..Get well soon @Angelsteve22

  3. (tears)… thanks ADELOVE-CREW…. And my fellow ADELOVE FANS for your prayers and well wishes am grateful. SEEKER you are a friend indeed.


  4. Dayo will escape this ugly situation he found himself.
    As for Tania she can go to hell as far as she far from hurting Dayo.

  5. #Angelsteve22 wishing you fast recovery…better recover fast ooo cos you’re missing a lot.
    She calling Skyby is adding more fuel into the fire. Dayo will escape by God’s grace.
    Good morning all.

  6. Tina is putting her sef in2 more problems cos I blive skyboy is responsible 4 her arrest, n I blive dayo will escape @ wish u d fastest recovering angelsteven22

  7. Adelove crew I doff my hat for u guys…Well done…I will like to bring to Ur notice that a particular blog stole a story of urs…I do read other blogs cos I love stories a lot…So I have been following them for a while…But something caught my attention… A story of urs was taken but d story title was changed…The characters remain d same…Let me know how I can be of help as I can let u know how to track Ur stolen story…I see u guys dedication and consistence and I feel it’s unfair that Ur stories be replicated…Thanks…

  8. Morning ADF

    Guess Tania is going to ask Skyby to execute Bella or frame her up.
    I’m sure Dayo will escape from the robbers.

    @ Angelsteven22 wish you God’s speed recovery n stable health in Jesus Name.

  9. I knw Tania doesn’t knw abt skyby bt she shud have tot of koln her lawyer mchewww…. Dayo is in trouble again

  10. Tania can never escape cos she is even prolonging her sentence by calling Skyby who is the one who brought her there…..Dayo will escape from those robbers

  11. Hmmmm, I think Tania will tell skyby to find a way to free her,even if he isn’t d 1 @ it. Dayo should b able to find a way out frm d robbers. Wish u speed recovery Angelsteve22.

  12. Dayo will survive the robbers. But I presume he was shot and survived because in episode 1 it was said someone was shot I have a feeling it was Dayo twenty years ago.

    As for Tania she is just adding more salt to her injury for calling skyby. And as a crafty person she might put the pregnancy on him so as to help her get out of there so his child will not be born in jail.

    Angelsteve22 get well soon.

  13. Reli felt fr Dayo wat a fate he has! As fr dami, he Shuld suffr half of wat kadi experience. Pregnancy no be moi moi

  14. I know It will b difficult for dayo but he will scale through it. As for Tania she is done for, she is still calling skyp unknown to her he is d same person who put her behind bars. D child she is expecting will b d final blow off for her and her husband.

  15. Dayo will excape Somehow. Unfortunate,, Skyby cannot help Tania in this situation because the joker of her life is Skyby.. …

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