(Episode 18) The Dreams Of My Mother… Cry Of A Dying Soul

Tania had thought that Bella was responsible for her present predicament because Bella was the one she confessed to at the point where she was about to kill her. But then she had fainted and in the excitement over the pregnancy news, she had forgotten that Bella was still among the living and had the ammunitions to send her to jail. So, she had thought she would call a lawyer and it would be her word against hers. But then she had overheard the conversation between two police officers just outside the door of the interrogation room. They were in a confused state, like they were waiting for something or someone. They had been whispering but she had heard every word.

One of the police officer was telling the other that their hands were tied until Skyby brought the incriminating evidence. This information had stunned her and had hurt her, not because Skyby had used her for his personal reasons, but because she had been gullible and careless. Therefore, when it was time for her to make the call she was entitled to, she called no one else but Skyby.

Skyby was also thinking about Tania, he realized that he had put himself in a delicate position when he slept with Tania. He had been given an important assignment of nailing Tania, he had done that but his extracurricular activity was going to jeopardize their case. If Tania found out that he was responsible for her arrest, there was no telling what she would do. He had barely finished the thought when his phone rang. He thought it was his supervisor and rushed to receive the call, but the voice he heard on the other end chilled him to the bones.

Tania: “Did you really think I would not find out?” she asked in a cold and calm voice, that was devoid of any emotions.

Skyby: “I don’t know what you are talking about” he replied.

Tania: “You created this problem for me, so fix it because if I do, I will do it with you disgraced and ruined. I can tell the world you slept with me, I can even say that you are responsible for my pregnancy, I can spin any tale I want. Fix this now!” she ordered.

Skyby: “Would you really jeopardize your marriage?” he asked playing any card to get him off the hook.

Tania: “I would do anything to get out of this, my marriage is over anyways. If my husband finds out about this, he would never trust me, so Skyby, I have nothing to lose. Fix this or else you would have yourself to blame” she retorted and hung up.

Skyby flung his phone at the wall. He hated himself for shooting himself in the leg. If only she had not been so irresistible and daring, more than any woman he had met, perhaps he would have managed to zip up his pants. Now there was only one thing to do, he had to fix the problem before it fixed him for good.

When Tania dropped the telephone, she beckoned to the officer standing guard outside and asked to speak with the officer in charge.

Tania: “You guys have got to charge me now or else I would sue your asses. Show me what you have got against me or let me go” she shouted.

The guard hurried to call the detective in charge, he was the same man who had designed the plan, which involved Skyby, to entrap Tania. He came in after trying to call Skyby. He had barely spoken when Skyby walked in with an envelope in his hand. Tania looked at him wide eyed, with mouth agape. She realized that he had called off her bluff and went ahead to submit the evidence. The detective snatched the envelope and smiled wickedly at Tania, who still had unbelief written all over her face. But when the detective slotted the DVD into a player, his face contorted into fury. The file had been corrupted and was showing green and blue lines. He looked up at Skyby and asked for an explanation.

Skyby: “I cannot understand this sir, the file has obviously been corrupted” he said, and caught Tania’s smirk just before it disappeared from her face. He looked towards the window and saw the reason her smirk had disappeared, her husband, Damilola had come.

Damilola: “Tania, what did you do? Did you try to kill my son?” he asked, staring wildly at her.

Tania: “What are you even yapping about, Dayo is your son?” she asked, feigning ignorance.

Damilola: “You didn’t know” he said incredulously like he didn’t believe she didn’t know. Actually, he thought she found out, that was the reason she wanted to get rid of Dayo, “if you didn’t know, then why did you try to kill him?” he asked puzzled.

Tania: “I should be asking you. I have no reason to hurt Dayo, that boy loved me, he is the reason I wanted us to try for children again, and guess what, it paid off” she said, holding on to him desperately.

Damilola: “What do you mean?” he quizzed.

Tania: “We are pregnant, and these policemen don’t know what they are saying because they seem not to have any evidence to prove their allegations” she retorted, “Why would anyone think I would deliberately jeopardize my life and that of a little boy, for what?” she emphasized.

Damilola held his head wearily, the news was met with mixed feelings. He didn’t know what to think, the police couldn’t have arrested Tania unless they were sure they had something concrete to nail her.

Detective: “In absence of evidence, you are free of all charges” he said grudgingly.

Tania: “And make sure this doesn’t repeat itself or I will not be so lenient” she said and walked out of the interrogation room, with Damilola on her heels. She was walking so fast because she was afraid to face Damilola, but he held her and spun her around.

Damilola: “What just happened here? Why do they think you tried to kill my son?” he demanded.

Tania: “I was the one driving the car, they probably think the accident was deliberate. We should be talking about our baby”

Damilola: “I am taking a leave from work, I am going to Oshogbo to stay with my mother for a little while” he said, walking away. It was Tania’s turn to run after him.

Tania: “Did you understand when I said I am pregnant? What are you even going to Oshogbo to do, did your mother send for you, isn’t that where you are coming from?” she asked, holding on to him desperately.

Damilola: “So many questions Tania, I can’t deal with this right now. Dayo was last seen in Oshogbo, I need to look for him before something bad happens to him”

Tania: “You are so worried about Dayo, what about your unborn child, do you even care what happens to him or her?”

Damilola: “That child is safe in your womb, he or she has got you, but Dayo has no one, he is probably in danger as we speak. I have to go look for him, this is my redemption” he replied as they entered his car.

Throughout the drive home, Tania kept thinking of all Damilola had said, it was obvious to her that Dayo would always be Damilola’s favourite child. Since he found out about Dayo, he didn’t even care about having a child, and now that she was pregnant, Damilola didn’t care because he had a son already.

Perhaps, I should finish what I started. It is the only way to ensure my child’s place in Damilola’s heart” She pondered. She brought out her phone and typed a text which she sent to Skyby.


Skyby fought his conscience over what he did. He allowed a bad woman go scot free of the law just because he wanted to save his reputation and career. He was still thinking of his guilt when a text message buzzed in his phone. He read it and he felt a chill creep up his body. The text was from Tania and she said;

“I need your services in Oshogbo, find Dayo and finish what I started. You cannot refuse me, if you do or announce my plans to anyone, I will deny it and I will make sure you lose everything you hold dear. I have proof of our escapades” Her text read.


Dayo had banged on the door of the lemon painted house as he was told, and when the security man asked who it was, Dayo responded in a frail voice asking for help. He had to infuse emotion into his voice because his life depended on the gate man opening the door, if he didn’t, the robbers would just kill him. Luck was on his side because the gate man was a compassionate person. When he heard the voice, he knew it was that of a young boy, and it sounded like the boy needed help. He quickly opened the gate and began to ask Dayo what was wrong with him. He was too engrossed in asking Dayo questions to which the boy responded with nods and shakes of his head, that he did not see the robbers crouching in the semi- darkness. Before he realized that he was in trouble, a gun was pointing in his face.

He looked at the boy and saw guilt in his eyes, and then he realized that the boy was part of them. One after the other, the boys trooped into the compound, the leader, Stone had one hand on the trigger and the other hand held Dayo by his shirt neck. They used the gateman and entered the main house where they assassinated the woman of the house and carted away millions of naira stashed in the house, and jewelleries.

Dayo: “Did you have to kill her, you took away her valuables, why take his life too” he cried, hitting the leader of the gang.

Stone: “Look here boy, we are assassins under the guise of robbers, we get contracts to kill people and we cart away their valuables to make it look like a robbery gone bad. You helped us get into that house, you are as guilty as we are” he said holding his gaze.

Dayo: “You forced me, you were going to kill me” he cried

Stone: “Stop this tantrum, you are not a baby. When I was your age, I was already on the streets making money”

Dayo: “I am already making money, I like what I do, it is honest and does not offend God” he replied, wiping tears from his eyes. He could see that tears were not going to solve anything, these were hardened criminals, who were not moved by tears.

Stone: “How much do you make in a day? With us, you can make so much money and do whatever you want to do with it. I heard you talking to that gateman, you sounded so real, you have got talent that we can use. Join us and make good money” he said and stretched forth his hand.

Dayo: “Why can’t you just let me go, I won’t cause you any trouble” he begged, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Stone: “Letting you go is not an option, it is either you join us, or we kill you. We cannot risk you exposing us” he said, this time with more menace.

Dayo stared at him in confusion, with tears beaming in his eyes. He wished he could turn back the hands of time, so that he would avoid sleeping in that uncompleted building, then he wouldn’t have come across these destiny destroyers. He wanted to be a doctor, not an armed robber or an assassin.

Question: What choice would Dayo make, to be killed or to join them? Will Tania ever pay for her crimes?

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  1. Tania will definitely pay for her crime dats for sure. God please save dayo he has gone through a lot as a little boy

  2. Tania must pay; skyby well done u left ur work2 screw a woman abi may GOD save ur head. Bella 4rm now on u go respect urself abi hahahahaha

  3. Tania will surely pay for her crimes and she will b punished. Dayo is in a big mess,I pray he makes d right choice.surely he will b vindicated.

  4. dats quite an unlucky situation for dayo,bt i tink he shud walk with dem till he sees an escape or break into a run.. dey wudnt wanto risk gettin caught in d middle of d nyt, wud dey? tania’s secret wud b blown soon bcos conscience wud not let skyby be. weldone guys

  5. Dayo will agree to join them only for him not to be killed, but he will look for a means of escape. Tania will surly meet-up with her evil deeds…. because the wicked never go unpunished, and since she don’t want to repent, shame and disgrace Will be what she will Get at last.


  6. Ooooh, poor Dayo, he will be saved and I know he would join them fulling, Dayo will leave them after been saved from Tina’s boyfriend. But as for Tine, she say already committed herself.

  7. Dayo will join in order not to be killed but later on will find a way escape..
    Tiana will pay for her crimes…

  8. If dayo joins dem he’ll b on d safer side makin tania’s evil deeds punished cox if skyby comes to get him stone will repay dayo by killin or makin skyby a hostage and evidence for tania’s evil deed

  9. I think there is going to be a twist in the story. The assasins that will be contacted to kill Dayo is the same he will be staying with. Justice will prevail.

  10. O course Tania will not go unpurnished. At the moment, Dayo has no choice but to accept to join them but he’ll excape from them soon. He will be thier doom

  11. Tania will definitely pay for her crime and as for Dayo .••••• itz a tough decision buh d Lord will see him through.

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