(Episode 20) The Dreams Of My Mother… Cry Of A Dying Soul

Skyby flew back to Lagos for his meeting with Tania as scheduled. He chose a quiet bar tucked in the coastal shores of Ikoyi, there was no chance of running into someone he knew here. He sat closest to the waterfront terrace of Ember creek, and ordered a glass of cocktail. It was not long after he was settled, Tania strutted in, wearing a fitted denim trousers with an Ankara kimono over it. Skyby wondered how a woman so beautiful as Tania, could be so deadly. He imagined that somewhere in the recesses of her mind, she felt she was doing the right thing because she was doing it for love and her marriage.

Skyby: “Leave the boy alone, he is not going to hurt you because he doesn’t plan to come back to Lagos” he said the moment Tania sat down.

Tania: “What is this, did you suddenly have an epiphany?” she asked sarcastically.

Skyby: “You have done enough harm to the boy, Dayo is now a member of a notorious gang which we have known for a long time, people think they are armed robbers, but actually they are assassins. It is only a matter of time before Dayo meets his death, don’t make it faster” he said emphatically.

Tania: “Really, you thought you could just call me and start telling me what to do. Are you forgetting I hold the chips?”

Skyby: “No, I hold the chips because I have the original copy of the video where you confessed to Bella and almost killed her. I also know you have no record of our debauchery, and even if you do, you cherish your marriage, that is the reason you want Dayo dead. So, yes Tania, I had an epiphany” he said with a sly grin, and brought out a disc plate. Tania made to grab for it, but he took it out of her reach.

Tania: “So what exactly is the deal you want to make?” she asked, with desperation in her eyes.

Skyby: “I will give you this disc, in exchange, you will leave Dayo alone, and you will never call me to do any of your dirty works. I am a police officer, not your henchman” he said emphatically.

Tania looked at him for a short while, then she nodded her head and agreed to the deal. But when Skyby handed the disc to her, she smiled wickedly.

Tania: “And now that I have this in my hand, what would make me keep to my end of the bargain?” she asked, with a devious glint in her eyes.

Skyby: “You will keep to your end of the bargain because, your word is your bond, but most importantly because, there is more where that came from.” He replied and walked away from the bar. Tania looked after him with anger in her eyes.

Unknown to Tania however, Bella had turned into a private investigator overnight, and had decided to find evidence to nail Tania. She felt that the only way she could really be safe was with Tania behind bars. So, she followed Tania everywhere. She had seen Tania meet with Skyby and had remembered Skyby from the warehouse, he was the one who had lied to her that he had secrets about Tania.

They are working together, what are they planning now?” she mused, as she watched them. Then, she saw Skyby give a disc to Tania, and she determined in her heart to get the disc and find out if it was evidence to nail Tania. She took another route out of Ikoyi, straight to Lekki phase 1 where Tania resided with her husband. The gate man allowed her inside because she was a friend of the family. When she was escorted into the large living room, she was served juice by the housekeeper. Not long after, Tania came in, she was shocked seeing Bella. When she saw the car outside, she thought it was Gberan that had come to visit, it never occurred to her that Bella would have the guts to come to her house. What did she have up her sleeves, she wondered.

Tania: “What the hell do you want in my house?” she asked angrily.

Bella: “I am really sorry, I agree I used you, that Dayo was a thorn in my flesh, and I wanted him out. But I didn’t have the guts you have, so I devised a means to get you involved. Please, ore mi atata, forgive me” she said and knelt down. Tania considered her eyes and she saw tears shimmering in it, she believed her and stretched her hand out to raise her up.

Tania: “I forgive you. I understand, more than anyone, what we do for the ones we love” she said with a hint of regret in her tone.

Bella: “Thank you for understanding me” she rushed and hugged her.

Tania: “It is alright, I am glad we are friends again, even though you still carry fake Hermes Birkin bags” she teased and the two women burst into laughter.

Bella: “I miss your dodorishi , you never got around to teaching me how you make it” she quipped. Tania had totally forgotten about the disc, in her conversation with Bella. She rushed to the kitchen to instruct the cook on making a quick dodorishi. Immediately she left, Bella’s smile wiped off her face and she looked towards Tania’s bag lying on the couch. She saw the tip of the disc envelope peeking out of Tania’s bag. She walked to it, looking left and right, and quickly slipped the disc into her bag. When Tania came out again, she saw Bella standing with her bag, ready to leave.

Bella: “Sorry dear, ken just called, he needs me. One would think with Dayo gone, Ken would begin to act like a boy, not a wimpy child tied to his mother’s clothes” she said trying to gain sympathy from Tania.

Tania: “Oh dear, I understand perfectly. But give him time, he will come around” she said and kissed the air behind Bella’s ears.

Tania was too excited over having Bella on her side and one less person to get rid of, that she did not notice the haste with which Bella jumped into her car and zoomed off. Even if she noticed, she probably thought it was usual with having a needy child such as Ken.

Bella drove straight home, and went to her bedroom; since Dayo disappeared, she stopped sharing a bedroom with Gberan because all he did was complain when they were together. He blamed Bella for everything that happened even before she confessed to him. Now that he knew her part in it all, he stopped eating her food and cooked his food by himself. She locked the door and slotted the disc in her DVD player. The scene where Tania had confessed to her while pointing a gun at her played on the television screen.

So that man was videotaping it all. Wonderful” she mused. She had planned to find evidence to put Tania in prison, but now that she had the disc in her hand, she was thinking of many ways to blackmail Tania, and gain power over her.

While she was locked in her room, her husband Gberan had called Damilola, who was faraway in Oshogbo.

Gberan: “Ore mi, there is fire on the mountain. I have been thinking of how best to tell you this.” He said and paused.

Damilola: “Tell me, what is going on, is it about Dayo?” he demanded.

Gberan: “Yes, Bella told me that your wife deliberately tried to harm Dayo, and she even tried to kill her. But she became dizzy and fell. It was also Bella’s fault, she made Tania believe that you knew about Dayo long ago, and kept him secret from her. The police vindicated for reasons best known to them, but she really did it”

Damilola: “I don’t believe what you are saying” he said. Where he was, he was grabbing his head. It was like his brain could not process what his ears were hearing. He had suspected but when the police didn’t have evidence, Tania had convinced him that there was nothing. Now, finding out that there was something, was throwing him into a state of confusion.

Gberan: “I wouldn’t lie to you, and Bella wouldn’t lie because she was implicated in it, I saw fear in her eyes when she talked. I am contemplating divorce, but I am thinking of my son, we have only just begun to bond. I don’t know what a divorce would do to him” he was saying but Damilola was no longer listening, the phone had fallen from his hand.

Gberan: “Are you there, Dami” he called into the phone, but the call had been disconnected.


Back in Oshogbo, Damilola’s mother was just coming back from the market when she saw the phone fall out of Damilola’s hand, she dumped the sack bag on the floor and rushed to her son.

Damilola’s mother: “omo mi, what is going on? I know Dayo will come back to us, don’t give up yet”

Damilola: “My wife, Tania, was the reason Dayo ran away. She tried to kill him in that accident” he said flatly, his eyes were deep, black bulbs, that stared listlessly. He didn’t mind the shock on his mother’s face, he picked up his phone and dialled Tania.


Tania had just remembered the disc in her bag, so she hurried from her bedroom upstairs to the living room below. But before she could go to her bag, her phone began to read, she saw it was her husband and hurriedly picked it up.

Tania: “Hello, honey. How is mother and Oshogbo?” she asked with glee.

Damilola: “You murderer, what did that little boy ever do to you?” he said in a guttural voice.

Tania: “Hello, this must be a wrong number” she said, not believing that those words had come from Damilola.

Damilola: “Shut up you wicked woman. I am giving you twenty-four hours to surrender to the police, this is my final gift to you as a wife. I will have my lawyer contact you to sign the divorce papers. Mind you, I am not giving you a penny” he said, wishing he could hurt her with his words because what he really felt like doing was squeezing the life out of her, with his bare hands.

Tania dropped the phone on the glass table in the centre and sank into a couch. She held her head in her hands and cried.

Tania: “I am finished. Mo ku oh” she cried.

Question: Will Tania obey her husband and confess to the police or would she find a way out, like kill her husband?

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  1. Bella caused all this.Tania will lose her husband and there’s likely before been caught she will kill Bella and be ready to face the music.

  2. Skyby’s ‘extracurricular activity’ has put him in a hot soup. What he has been running away from has located him when list expected. For obstructing justice, not only will he lose his job and reputation but also go to jail.
    What will uncontrolled conji not cause sombori?

    No peace for the wicked.

  3. Bella and Tania just used their own hand and jealousy to kill themselves all for what

    Where’s my Dayo tho

    Hope he’s safe

  4. She confes she wll get divorce she did not confess she will get divorce. So she wll not confess n she will run away.

  5. tania of all people, she will always find a way to escape from saying the truth, she must never think of killing her hunsband if she does dat is d end of her……

  6. She won’t obey her husband, rather she’ll try to Find a way out of her delima. If/when Bella decides to go to the police with the disc, Skyby is also in trouble.

  7. She better obey her hubby cos if she try to kill him I will arrest her! Lolz jst hope she does after getting threats 4rm Bella.

  8. Tiana is so unpredictable,bt one thing for sure is dat she wont confess to d police,she will want to use d pregnancy to manipulate her husband

  9. Hmmmm with d circumstances surrounding Tania one cannot tell what she might do next. For Tania to surrender will b really difficult and if care is not taken Bella might not survive Tania runt again bcos she is playing with fire. D ideal of blackmailing Tania will put her in danger. She is d route of all d problems Tania is facing now bcos of jealousy.

  10. Tania is wicked, yes, she made a mistake of not confronting her husband when she got the info and instead allowed too much hatred and jelousy overwhelm her…if she had told her husband from the initial stage, all would have been well…but Bella is d real Devil here, she manipulated Tonia and imagine Her son Ken,at that age having so much hatred for a young boy like him(because he learnt that from his mother). .She is a devil, a useless mother and a wife.

  11. surrender Ke! not something tania can bring herself to do. am sure she wud cunningly find a way out fr her ‘not so sorry ass’. and for bella, shez yet to learn to b wise.

  12. Morning ADC$F’s
    I think Tania will like to preserve her marriage by obeying her husband than killing him. But she can be unpredictable

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