(Episode 15) Olowo Gbogboro…Battle To Finish! #olowogbogboro

(Episode 15) Olowo Gbogboro...Battle To Finish!

Biodun entered Lagos as if in a state of dream. Lagos felt different, he felt different. He felt happy to finally be back home after the weird journey he had made. The experiences of the past one month seemed like a dream. He could barely believe the adventures he had been involved in and the people he had met. “Nigeria is big o. look at Warri with different cultures, different people speaking different languages. God…This country is blessed.” He thought to himself as he walked slowly from the bus stop. “Will father believe my tale? Or will he suspect me of truancy? Will he forgive me for past mistakes?” he asked himself, his head bowed in thought.

He entered his father’s compound, went to the door and knocked. No one answered. He went to a neighbour asked for his father. The neighbour told him that his father had a heart attack and had been rushed to the hospital. Biodun immediately started running to the hospital, not even waiting for the man to finish his words or tell the man thanks for the information.

He entered the hospital just as a gurney was being rolled into the entrance of the hospital. He ran passed without looking and went to the reception, where he was given directions to his father’s ward. As he turned to leave, the gurney got to where he was and he looked at the person on it.

Biodun: “little one. What happened to her?” he asked, shock written on his face.

Orderly: “she had an accident. Do you know her?” he asked as he stopped and the other men rolled the gurney away.

Biodun: “kind off. We were classmates.” He replied, his eyes following the gurney.  “Wow, I wonder how Tope will handle this. Well I need to see my father.” He thought as he rushed off in another direction.


Mr Nzeribe and his wife sat with Gladys,chatting before the bed of Mr Okunola, when Biodun rushed in breathlessly. Gladys gasped in shock as Mr Nzeribe turned; a surprised look on his face. Mrs Nzeribe just smiled, “God is great. So he is alive.” She thought.

Gladys: “you are alive…” She whispered, her eyes wide with shock.

Biodun: “yes I am alive. Did anyone say that I died?” He asked, looking at Gladys oddly as he walked to his father’s bedside.

Mr Okunola looked at him as tears slowly slid from his eyes to the pillow. He just smiled and stared at his son.

Biodun: “why is he not talking?” he asked, holding his father’s hand.

Gladys: “he talks but his words are slurred. Doctor says he should not strain himself much. We were told you died. They even came with some of your items; pictures of your mother and letters in a box.” She replied.

Biodun looked at her then at his father. He turned back to Mr Nzeribe, noticing him for the first time.

Biodun: “sir, your daughter is in the hospital o. she was involved in an accident. I saw her being rushed I as I was entering.” He said.

Mrs Nzeribe: “Blood of Jesus! Not my Chichi. Where is she?” she yelled, jumping up in a hurry, her husband, a step behind her as they rushed out of the ward.

Gladys: “Chai…Chineke! This is serious o. accident…I hope she makes it o. those people are very nice people o. they bring food and they visit. Good people.” She said

Biodun sat on the bed with his father and told him everything that had happened from the moment he was captured by smugglers until he got back to Lagos. He kept out the part about Preye. He wasn’t sure of how to share that with his father.


Mr Nzeribe and his wife rushed into the emergency ward, where they were told to wait. Chidinma had been rushed into the theatre. Mr Nzeribe paced the hallway, his body tensed, and worry had created new wrinkles on his face. His wife sat on a nearby chair crying and counting her rosary beads, her lips moving in silent prayer. Every time the door opened, Mr Nzeribe squared his shoulder and moved to intercept whoever came out, but no one had any news on how the operation was going.

After several hours, a young doctor came out of the theatre. Mr Nzeribe quickly accosted him with his wife in tow.

Mr Nzeribe: “Oga doctor, how is my daughter?” he asked, his face a palpable mask of fear.

Doctor: “are you her parents?” Mr Nzeribe nodded, the doctor continued, “It was touch and go for a moment there. She broke her ribs and right leg was cracked also. She also had a cut on her face that has been stitched but it will leave a scar. She is resting now. We have to watch her so the bones knit properly. Don’t worry she will be fine.” The doctor said.

Mr Nzeribe breathed a sigh of relief. Mrs Nzeribe wanted to see her daughter but the doctor told them that she had been sedated because of the pain. The parents nodded their thanks and held each other in their pain and worry.

Tope turned back and walked away. “Broken ribs and leg, scar on her face? God…my beautiful Chidinma is gone. I can’t present such a girl to my father. She is Ibo that is one, and then she is deformed too. No o…God why…?” he thought as he walked out of the hospital.

He had been told by a friend who had seen them at the cinema earlier in the day that Chidinma had an accident and had been rushed to the hospital. He had rushed down, hoping to meet her and console her and spend time with her and her parents in order to assure them of his undying love for her but this was not what he had expected.


Biodun watched the bowed figure of Tope rush out of the hospital in curiosity. “Why didn’t he stay to see the little one or he came here for a different reason and is not aware that she had an accident?” he thought as he turned away and walked towards Chidinma’s parents. He had left his father being fed by Gladys. He felt really tired and drained of all emotion.

He met with the Nzeribes and the father told him haltingly what the doctor had said. He sighed wearily and stared into space. Mrs Nzeribe was still weeping quietly. “Sometimes tragedy comes unexpectedly and changes the way we see the world.” He thought as he watched Chidinma’s parents.


Tope got home and informed his parents that they should hurry up the introduction. He wanted to be in Kaduna before the end of the week. Mr Adepoju thought Tope’s eagerness was a good thing and he agreed before he changed his mind. He quickly placed a call to Seyi’s father concerning the date. As he spoke to Mr Adetola on the telephone, they suddenly heard the sound of gunshots in the air and people screaming.

Tope rushed to the window and peered out. He could see people running. His father ordered him away from the window. Tope dropped the curtain and joined his father, who was already sprawled on the ground.

Mr Adepoju: “where is your mother?” he asked.

Tope: “how will i know? Maybe she is in her room. What do you think is happening? Robbers or what?” he asked, his eyes glittering with excitement.

Mr Adepoju ignored his son. “This city is turning into something else. Lives and properties are not safe anymore. What is this world turning into.” He thought to himself.

The shooting died down then they started hearing people shouting outside. Tope crawled to the window and gingerly shifted aside the curtain; people were outside shouting ‘Coup!’ Tope turned to his father as he got up and put on the radio.

“…My dear countrymen, you will hear, and probably see a lot being done by certain bodies charged by the Supreme Council with the duties of national integration, supreme justice, general security and property recovery. As an interim measure, all permanent secretaries, corporation chairmen and senior heads of departments are allowed to make decisions until the new organs are functioning, so long as such decisions are not contrary to the aims and wishes of the Supreme Council. No Minister or Parliamentary Secretary possesses administrative or other forms of control over any Ministry, even if they are not considered too dangerous to be arrested. This is not a time for long speech-making and so let me acquaint you with ten proclamations in the Extraordinary Orders of the Day which the Supreme Council has promulgated. These will be modified as the situation improves. You are hereby warned that looting, arson, homosexuality, rape, embezzlement, bribery or corruption, obstruction of the revolution, sabotage, subversion, false alarms and assistance to foreign invaders, are all offences punishable by death sentence. Demonstrations and unauthorised assembly, non-cooperation with revolutionary troops are punishable in grave manner up to death. Refusal or neglect to perform normal duties or any task that may of necessity be ordered by local military commanders in support of the change will be punishable by a sentence imposed by the local military commander. Spying, harmful or injurious publications, and broadcasts of troop movements or actions, will be punished by any suitable sentence deemed fit by the local military commander. Shouting of slogans, loitering and rowdy behaviour will be rectified by any sentence of incarceration, or any more severe punishment deemed fit by the local military commander. Doubtful loyalty will be penalised by imprisonment or any more severe sentence. Illegal possession or carrying of firearms, smuggling or trying to escape with documents, valuables, including money or other assets vital to the running of any establishment will be punished by death sentence. Wavering or sitting on the fence and failing to declare open loyalty with the revolution will be regarded as an act of hostility punishable by any sentence deemed suitable by the local military commander. Tearing down an order of the day or proclamation or other authorised notices will be penalised by death. This is the end of the Extraordinary Order of the Day which you will soon begin  to see displayed in public. My dear countrymen …”

The Adepojus listened in shocked silence as the world as they knew it changed in a flash.


Peterson joined in the on-going fasting and prayers with Margaret at the church. He started praying in his mind for forgiveness of sins that very day. Margaret, as promised, came by and dropped a Bible for him to ginger the spirit and the soul.

Margaret: “How’s it going Brother Peterson?” she asked.

Peterson: “It’s been so challenging o. I don’t joke with my breakfast o. But i have no choice than to do this. Inside me, i can feel that i have been far away from God.” he replied, smiling.

Margaret: “It is well. God is your strength.” She replied, laughing at how weak Peterson sounded when he replied. It was obvious to her that Peterson is not a good prayer warrior neither is he someone that fasts much.

Margaret: “Let me quickly share some words of God with you before i dash out quickly.” She continued. “According to how the spirit led me now… It asked me to talk about “KNOW YOURSELF” she said.

Peterson listened eagerly.  He had been looking for a woman like this for a long time; a woman he can pray with… that prays better than him.

Margaret: “Do you know you are a very important person?” she asked him.

Peterson: “Not again? Why this topic all the time? Hold on Margaret, i hope it’s not what i’m thinking? Why is this topic following me everywhere i go?” he asked, wearily.

Margaret: “Well Bro Peterson, i guess i’m not the one speaking at the moment. It might be that am being used as a vessel to pass the message across to you. Sometimes, God uses dream as a medium to pass message across too. Do you know God is mindful of you? Man may not be mindful of you. You might be known in your city o, but God is mindful of you. God also visits your regularly but you may not know. Like now, i can feel His presence and He could be the one speaking to you now through me. Just imagine how important you are to God. . Imagine if the President visits you, everybody in your street will know you are important. You will feel important yourself.” She replied.

Peterson: “Really? Wow. I must be a special one o?” he replied, surprised.

Margaret: “Yes, Bro Peterson. God visits you every morning. He comes to wake you up. Any morning that God does not visit you, that means you are dead. The first thing that any creature should do when he or she wakes up is to say “Good morning Lord” Do you say that?” She asked

Peterson: “Yea… sometimes… But not every time.” He replied, embarrassed.

Margaret: “Everyone including Adelove fans reading this should say “Good morning Lord, I welcome you into my life, come and have pre-eminence in all that i should do today” Amen. That’s what we call ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, your gratitude to Him for waking you up every morning.” She replied.

Peterson: “Good day Lord, I welcome you into my Life, come and have pre-eminence in all that i should do today, Amen.” He said as instructed

Margaret: “Let me come and be going Bro Peterson. Meanwhile, before doing that…let’s have some short prayers.”

They prayed together, a prayer for the forgiveness of sins and also welcoming God into their lives.

All of a sudden, in the high spirit, Margaret shouted,

Margaret: “JESUS!!! Eeewooo! What’s this?” she shouted

Question: Will the coup affect Biodun and Tope’s decisions to join the military? Why did Margaret shouted? Is everything alright?Do you think Chidinma will still retain Tope’s love, now she is disfigured?

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  1. Hello ALC&Fs,

    Interesting….it nay not change the decisions.
    Margaret discovered something bizarre.
    I doubt Tope can cope…he has always lusted after her physical beauty.


  2. This is interesting. Chidimma will be heart broken when she recovers. Tope is about to make the biggest mistake of his life.
    The coup no funny ooooo.

  3. Retain Tope’s love?he has already left her.That boy is foolish. Maybe Margret saw the snake..river goddess.

  4. Tope lust after Chidinma physical beauty, but I pray he will be able to love her again…
    It won’t distop them,it will help them to find solution to the problem of their country…
    Margaret & Peterson spirit wife…Olowogbogboro…at work…deliverance on the way..

  5. Chidinma woulf b so devastated Tope would so so regret his actions, Magaret saw something Evil…( My Guess is Biodun wil later end up with chidinma and also Tope is not responsible for seyi’s pregnancy )..

  6. I have always known from the onset of this story that Biodun is the one for Chidimma…… He will come to love and adore her….. Forget the bullies and hatred he has on her now… Some love stories starts that way and that kind of luv is usually the unending one……. As for Tope, he is cruel at heart…… He will marry seyi and that will be their undoing….. His father will even be better than him

  7. The coup will affect Tope and Biodun decision to join military, think Margaret saw Peterson’s spiritual wife, Tope’s lust for Chidinma has expired, quick recovery Chichi.

  8. The new situation of Govt would av impact on tope’s and biodun’s Decision;Negatively/Positively though.
    Margaret must’ve seen something evil ;d goddess or something close.
    Tope’s love for chidinma has always been physical, and i am beginning to see a beast in d making!
    weldone Alc&f.

  9. Margaret saw the evil goddess wile dey were praying. Tope will surely regret his actions, so he was just after physical beauty, hmmmmm. Love of physical tins don’t last. d coup might affect biodun entering the military.

  10. Tope never really loved Chidinma in the real sense of it but lust after her physical beauty and now that the beauty has been altered he lost interest. The coup cannot disturb them from joining the military. I think Margaret through the spirit saw something scary in Peterson.

  11. the heart of men is so wicked,imagine after all the I love you anuofia,tope will regret this for the rest of his life

  12. I don’t think Biodun n Tope will be able to join the army due to the change in power
    #SIGH# Chidinma is in for the shock of her life, Tope could not even stand for her, I just pray she does not get pregnant.
    Margaret is seeing the devilish life of Peterson

  13. I guess that will motivate them to join.
    Tope is showing his true colour.
    Margaret is being attacked in the spirit realm or a revelation of what Peterson had been doing

  14. Chi’s true love is Biodun and the scare has really chased him away. Imagine the idiot now wanting to use her being an Igbo as an excuse for leaving her.
    Margaret is about to be attacked

  15. i think d coup will not disturb them frm joining d military…. it was very obvious tope will not want chidinma since he wan to be engage to seyi quickly…. “Praise be to the lord” i know God is about to deliver peterson through d revelation..

  16. Tope is wicked so he can’t present Chidinma as wife again because of her predicament it’s well, Margaret shouted because she must have had a revelations about Peterson

  17. So tope was never really in love with chidima, he only made himself to believe so.byvgettibg married to seyi he is making d biggest mistake of his life. Margaret saw d devilish snake dat Peterston as been sleeping with.

  18. Tope is a fool for loving someone cos of her beauty not the person. Margaret must have seen the marine spirit.

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  20. Hmmmm, I think Tope n Biodun will still go 4 d military. I think Margaret saw Peterson in d Goodness realm. I hope Tope won’t fuck up o n still love chichi.

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