Would You allow Your Bridesmaids Wear White on Your Wedding Day?

Most of us, since we were little, we began to fantasize about how perfect we would look on our wedding day. We envisioned ourselves in that white fluffy gown with all its thrills and frills, and imagined the guests looking at us rapturously as we walk down the aisle to meet our Knight in shining Armour. We probably didn’t envision anyone wearing white with us, it is our day and we want to be the only eye catching person on earth.

But the trend of having bridesmaid wear white is beginning to gain traction. It came to light with celebrity weddings like that of Solange Knowles and Kim Kardashian in her marriage to Humphries. 



White symbolizes purity of the bride (the bed undefiled), and most brides opt for white on their wedding day, even though purity of the bride is in question. It is often unethical to wear white to a wedding, except you have a score to settle with the bride.


There is a lore that bridesmaids are meant to divert the attention of evil spirits from the bride, so I guess the brides who opt for their bridesmaids to appear in white, are trying to confuse the evil spirits (lol). However we have seen a whole lot of cases where the bridesmaids are in white.

See pictures below;




Would you allow your bridesmaids or even your guests to wear white on your wedding day? Share your thoughts on this trend.


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