See Different Engagement Ring Cuts and their Meanings.

This post is for the guys in the house, and perhaps some bold, liberated ladies who can propose marriage to their man. Yes, I saw an Instagram big girl proposing to bae, she went all the nine yards, so it is definetely possible for the lady to to the proposing. For everyone who wants to propose, you cannot just go get any ring, you have to put some thoughts into it because, rings pass a message to your intended and to all those who see it. It tells her you thought about her personality before choosing the ring.

emerald cut engagement ring

Find out what engagement ring cut suits your personality below;

  • Oval Cut Engagement Ring

This cut of ring first appeared in the sixties, and it is for those who want to give the illusion of long fingers. So, if bae is someone that care about how her body parts look, you should get her an oval cut engagement as it would elongate her hand.


  • Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This is for the traditional bride who loves the old more than the modern. She is the type that would have an antique collection in her house, or is more comfortable with blasts from the past. It is square shaped with cut edges, sparkling and radiant.

princess cut engagement ringRelated image

  • Emerald cut Engagement Ring

The emerald cut was originally developed for the emerald gem. It is rectangular with cropped corners and long, stair-step-like facets. Emerald-cut lovers are all about quiet luxury that is not in your face, and are drawn to things that are modern, glamorous and elegant, but not over-the-top. If bae loves classy things that are expensive but not loud, this is the choice engagement ring for her.

emerald cut engagement ringImage result for celebrities with princess cut engagement rings

  • Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

This has a softer edge and larger facets for extra sparkle. It exudes a soft allure, and is even more romantic than the engagement. This style has a distinctive vintage charm, but put it in a sleek setting and it feels instantly updated. If bae is romantic with an eye for modern things, get her this kind of engagement as it best suits her personality.

cushion cut engagement ring

  • Heart Cut Engagement Ring

This modified round brilliant cut stone is all about symmetry–ensuring that both sides of the shape are perfectly even. An undeniable symbol of love, this cut is possibly the hardest to wear well. If it doesn’t perfectly suit the personality of the bride, it stands to look a bit tacky. It is for the whimsical bride, with a flair for the theatrical. This is my favorite.

heart cut diamond ring

  • Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Developed in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers in Holland, the Asscher cut is often called a “square emerald cut” for it’s cropped corners and square shape. One of the most famous Asscher cut diamonds is the 33.19-carat Krupp Diamond, given to Elizabeth Taylor by her husband Richard Burton in 1968. If your intended is the kind of woman who appreciates history and has an Old World elegance and sophistication, then this is the right engagement ring for her.

asscher cut engagement ring





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